Face lifting at home

The laws of gravity have not been canceled yet. Therefore, sooner or later, each woman begins to notice that the skin of her face becomes less attractive, fades, loses its tone and elasticity. Of course, the lady has a desire to hide all these shortcomings.

What to do?

Of course, you can ask for help in the salon, butif you can not afford it, you should try lifting the face at home. This is a procedure aimed at rejuvenating the skin, smoothing wrinkles, tightening the contours of the face, reducing pigmentation and getting rid of small scars, acne. The technique of non-surgical lifting at home, helps to improve the appearance of the skin without time and money. Another important plus of this method is that there is no risk of possible complications, as when visiting a surgical room.

Where to begin?

First of all, ladies who decided to holdfacial lifting at home, must decide on the procedures that they will do. In any case, to carry out this process at home, you need to have special means for superficial and for deep face lifting.

Means: what are and how different?

Surface-directed struggle with very smallwrinkles and a tightening of the contours. The funds for this type of lifting, as a rule, act quickly. Noticeable results can be seen in a couple of procedures. However, if these actions are discontinued, the facial skin will quickly lose its elasticity, so it must be carried out constantly. Means for this type of lifting are available in the form of creams, masks, serums.

In addition to ingredients that promotesmoothing of wrinkles, such means contain also those that tighten the skin. As part of cosmetic preparations, the following are necessarily in order: seaweed and collagen, all sorts of complexes - author's development of manufacturers.

Means that are aimed at a deep face lifting inhome conditions, act deeper, help to improve the production of collagen and glucosaminoglycans. But they do not give quick results. These include: various masks, self-massage and lifting exercises for the face. By means of masks blood circulation improves, metabolism is adjusted and the skin starts to "breathe".


This procedure will help to save the elasticity and elasticity of the facial muscles, promotes the intake of more useful substances in the skin. This massage is a great way to get rid of edema on the face.

This process is based on the lungsstroking movements, improving blood flow to tissues and lymph drainage, as well as helping to strengthen the muscles of the face. With your fingertips for 3 minutes, stroke your forehead in the direction from the bottom up, and then towards the temples, stroke your cheeks. The best way to do about 20 procedures of such a massage at a time, while they need to be held at least 3 times a week. Before this, it is necessary to clean the skin of the hands and face.

Also lifting the face at home sometimesincludes a special, contrast self-massage, directed against the double chin. It is done with a towel and water. Folded four times the fabric should be soaked in salted cold water. Next, take hold of its ends and gently pat them on the chin a minimum of 10 times. Then moisten the towel in warm water and repeat the procedure.


With the help of lifting exercises for the face of his musclestrain, and contours acquire more precise contours. Improves blood circulation, cells are supplied with nutrients and oxygen. This is important for the youth and beauty of the skin, because the facial muscles become stronger, more elastic, the skin color improves.

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