Fashion hats fall-winter 2018-2019

If you do not plan with the arrival of cold weather to become disheartened and hiding until April under a warm blanket, then it is time to update your wardrobe. Tastefully selected fashionable hats fall-winter 2018-2019 not only save your head from the cold, and hair from the detrimental effect of gusty wind, but also "deepen" the concept of the image, giving it completeness.


Women's hats: the main fashion trends

The rhythm of life of modern women is firmly tied to convenience. And more often chosen casual, sporty or calm business style. However, it is possible to emphasize femininity without bohemian fancy headdresses. Models offered by prudent designers can be described as urban chic. They are able to make you more vulnerable and romantic, to give sophistication even if you dress in the usual jeans and jacket.

Fashion hats fall-winter 2018-2019

Pay attention to the primary colors of the Year of the Pig 2019:

  • red (scarlet, burgundy);
  • Mint, mustard, blue, orange, tender lilac, yellow, amber, light chocolate;
  • smooth transitions of these shades - gradient technique.

This autumn and winter they return to us:

  1. Visors;
  2. Volumetric products;
  3. Snoods with a geometry pattern;
  4. Brooches and art buttons made of plastic, wood, glass;
  5. Pompons, fur, pearl beads as decoration.

Fashionable knitted hats 2018-2019

Fashion hats fall-winter 2018-2019Caps of large knitting - perhaps deserve the title of the most current models of the winter season. They are versatile and fit almost everything from a pilot jacket and an unpretentious down jacket to a coat of any length.

The variety of patterns of knitted hats, leads to the fact that a great many patterns are invented - this is the main decoration.

  1. Diamonds and "bumps" make headwear catchy.
  2. "English gum" gives relief.
  3. For everyday walks - shawl knitting.
  4. Braids are made in various techniques and are suitable for both simple styles and elegant, especially if there are additional decorations.
  5. "Asian spikelet" - a novelty that attracts the opportunity to create a good volume.
  6. Jacquard patterns, which are obtained when weaving yarn of different shades, have regained their popularity recently.

Of the trends, which will be fashionable ladies, dominate:

  1. Beanie caps of yarn of different thickness and with almost no decor, elongated, with transverse or longitudinal knitting.
  2. While you do not want to part with ears sticking up on the caps. This "bestial disguise" is very much to the face of young girls, and certain models give a certain piquant touch to the image of self-sufficient stylish ladies.
  3. Caps with a visor like a cap. They are usually referred to sports style. However, with high boots, they look good. It all depends on the specific type of accessory.
  4. Cap-hood for those who like hoods more than caps. The hairstyle is not so worn under it, and it protects the neck from the wind well.
  5. Turban gives the wearer some exoticism, even though we’ve got used to it a bit over the past season. If desired, complemented by a brooch, or remains as a democratic option for urban walks.
  6. A beret can also be knitted or have a drape. Volumetric models give the impression of a certain bohemian and are suitable for women of different ages.

You can decorate a hat yourself, having it embroidered with beads or glass beads in any order.

Men's hats 2018-2019

Fashion hats fall-winter 2018-2019. Trends and TrendsMen's fashion has long stepped over such a thing as "too."The latest collections of “men's arsenal” hats feature a variegated variety of materials, styles and finishes. Among the classics and frankly outrageous gizmos, you can choose something that is suitable for age and status, and that is easy to put together with a down jacket, coat or leather jacket.

The most popular in the offseason and winter will be:

  1. Knitted bini - unisex, youth version, complemented by interesting stripes. Bini has a volume at the back of the head and sometimes adjustable cuffs.
  2. Thin knit fitted caps are usually chosen by those who do not want to stand out. Or athletes, for example, for jogging in the park.
  3. Ushanka with fur inside reminds of the harsh polar winters somewhere in Lapland. Usually unchanged attribute, steaming with such a model, are coarse high shoes. Fashionable “peep” - knitted products with elongated ears and braided ties.
  4. Models with buboes and pom-poms look childishly fervently. Fur "lumps" are made of fox, raccoon, and arctic fox fur. Fur can be dyed or keep natural color.
  5. The style with a lapel of various widths is usually suitable for any type of face, and gives double protection around the circumference of the head. The popularity of these hats is unlikely to come to naught soon.
Mass market is an affordable fashion for everyone: Ostin, Mango, Blend, Mexx, Oggi, Canoe, Zara, H @ M
Italian brand things: Dolce @ Gabbana, Miu Miu, Giorgio Armani, United Color of Benetton, Roberto Cavalli.

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