Floor slabs

The highest quality and affordable plates of reinforced concrete. They are not subject to rotting, do an excellent job with additional loads, while not distinguished by high cost. Reinforced concrete slabs are large, which allows you to quickly close the necessary objects. The company "Postavka48" provides services for the delivery of building materials from the factory of concrete products in Lipetsk. Clicking on the link http://postavka48.ru you have the opportunity to order the delivery of not only floor slabs but also other concrete products to the construction site. All plates are divided into types.
The choice of the type of plates must be approached responsibly, because each type has its own characteristics, which should be used as much as possible.
Basically, reinforced concrete slabs are used in the construction of multi-storey buildings, shopping centers, etc.
Floor slabs have many advantages such as: good noise and heat insulation, resistance to low temperatures, high water resistance.
Reinforced concrete slabs meet the requirements of GOST, so you can be confident in the strength of the building. The labeling of the product is quite simple and informative, so you can understand it yourself without any special difficulties.
Building a foundation of floor slabs can be on unstable ground. Since the weight of the building will be distributed evenly over the entire foundation.

Reinforced concrete slabs are not expensive, so when you use them you save a lot. And this saving does not affect the quality. Also in the plates there are voids through which it is convenient to carry out communications.
The disadvantages of reinforced concrete slabs can be attributed to their considerable weight. Therefore, during installation, you must use the services of a special lifting equipment. Plates are interconnected by welding fittings. The voids on the end of the slab must be covered with mineral wool and coated with a mortar.

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