Forgiveness Sunday in 2019

Forgiveness Sunday is a very beautiful and noble holiday, which embodies the basic principles of God's love for all its children and the absolution of sins. At this time, people are being urged to cleanse themselves of heavy emotions and pride that prevent the soul from approaching God and being serene and bright. In 2019, the date falls in March, falling at the very beginning of spring.

The clergy claim that the main point of this celebration is not to have time to ask for forgiveness from everyone, but to have time to clear oneself of insults that lurked in the very depths. Insult is a disagreeable belief phenomenon. It is considered a sign that a person does not agree with what is happening in his life, forgetting that only God is able to understand what tests are necessary and useful for everyone. The case of believers is to accept everything that happens in their lives with readiness and gratitude. Forgiveness Sunday reminds Orthodox Christians of this once again.

Prayer to God

What date is it in 2019

As well as most significant Orthodox holidays, Forgiveness Sunday changes its date from year to year. This holiday comes before the onset of the great fast, because it allows you to enter this ascetic period of rethinking your essence without unnecessary worldly emotions.

Forgiveness Sunday time is tied to the Olive Week. In 2019, the Olive Week ends on March 10, after which the Lent begins the next day - the strictest and longest post in Christianity. On the eve of the beginning of the fast, the Forgiveness of Sunday will occur, according to the calendar, the date is March 10, 2019. As the name implies, this holiday always happens on Sunday without exception.

Calendar for March 2019

You can calculate the date yourself for any year, knowing the basic principle. According to the rules of the Christian church, the definition of the date is as follows: from the day of Easter it is necessary to count 49 days in the reverse order (the duration of Lent). Fallen date and will be the day of Forgiveness Sunday.

How did the holiday come about

The tradition of repentance in their sins to others arose in ancient times: even in ancient Greece, the priests had the custom to experience the strength of their spirit and the strength of faith. To do this, they retired in the dry desert or in the rocky mountains, where there were very cruel conditions.Not all the priests who decided on such an event could survive and return to the people. Knowing that they could no longer see those with whom they communicated daily, the priests preferred to “say goodbye” —that is, to earn forgiveness from people, so as not to aggravate a possible transition into a world of earthly sins and sins.

For a long time, this tradition was spread in different cultures and religions and as a result was firmly rooted in Orthodoxy. During the services held in churches, the clergy urge parishioners to show godly qualities and forgive all loved ones and random people who could deliberately or accidentally hurt. It is not necessary to forget the dead in the Forgiveness Sunday: you can visit the cemetery or order a prayer service for the dead.

Parishioners in the church

What to ask for forgiveness

Many believers are interested in the question: who should be asked for forgiveness on this day? Only those before whom you feel guilty for their deeds, or all without exception?

The church gives this answer to this question:

  • First of all, it is necessary to repent to those before whom they sinned, whom they hurt in their own words or omissions. Do not forget about their enemies or ill-wishers.It is important to remember that everyone is equal in the face of the Lord.
  • It is worth asking for forgiveness and in front of all other people, because each person only strives to become infallible, but admits many blunders, like all earthly creatures. It is necessary to understand that all people are a single whole. If one tormented, it means bad and the rest. The first sinners were Adam and Eve, but everyone carries the punishment for it. It is important to remember that the sin of every person falls on all people, and therefore forgiveness must be asked of all. Every believer is guilty for not loving with the sincere love of everyone else, as God calls.

On Forgiveness Sunday, you need to feel all this in your heart and sincerely repent.

How to forgive

Some people think that they are not able to forgive their offenders and enemies, even if they sincerely repent and ask for forgiveness. But the clergy claim that every person is able to forgive, especially if they understand the need and meaning of this act. Letting go of someone else's guilt does not mean forgetting the pain caused, nor does it mean the disappearance of this pain.

The female hand lies on the male

The meaning of this is quite different: not to be angry at the offender and not to wish him retribution, to accept the person along with all his flaws.In the soul on this day something similar must be born to that universal love and acceptance, which God showed people by his example.

Traditions of Forgiveness Sunday

There are no definite canons and rituals for this day, but there are several traditions that the Orthodox people adhere to:

  • it is important to forgive all of your offenders and to feel better without the burden of negative emotions;
  • one must ask forgiveness from everyone with whom you communicate on this day;
  • the eldest (parents, teachers, bosses, etc.) should turn first with repentance, showing their wisdom and readiness to become better.

According to ancient beliefs, even the dead are able on this day to hear the sincere repentance of loved ones, so you can turn to them in your repentance.

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