Formula 1 in Sochi in 2018

In the spring of Formula 1 will again arrive in Sochi: in 2018, the date - four May holidays. That's four: the race itself is 53 laps in length and takes place on Sunday But this is only a two-hour culmination of a long and colorful weekend at the Olympic Park circuit in Sochi. The weekend begins on Thursday, and there are enough interesting events both on the track and next to it.

Formula 1

The May Sochi weekend will be truly vivid, fun, and probably the most memorable world-class sporting event in Russia, and here is just some basic information about F1 to confirm these words:

  • 22 strongest race car drivers on the planet;
  • 11 teams with the fastest cars in the world;
  • 4 world champions with 11 titles in total;
  • one of two dozen stages of the Formula 1 championship in 2018;
  • presence of “support races”: championships that are held on the same days.

Formula 1 in Russia: interesting numbers and interesting facts

Formula 1

The Grand Prix in modern auto-sports terminology is the stages of the world championship in Formula 1, which has been held annually since 1950.Grand Prix were held long before this moment, but in 1950 they were combined into a world championship.

The track in the Sochi Olympic Park has been taking stages in Formula 1 since 2014 But the Russian Grand Prix was held twice at the beginning of the 20th century. The first race with the same name was won by George Suvorin (1913), the second - by V. Scholl (1914). Both winners performed on Benz cars. Interestingly, the modern stages of Formula 1 in Russia also won exclusively Mercedes-Benz race cars!

For 2018, the most-won world champion Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes team) won two in Sochi. One victory in the account with his teammates Nico Rosberg and Valtteri Bottas. For the four-time F1 champion Sebastian Vettel, the track in Sochi is one of two active, where he has not yet won even once.

Although the most likely contenders for victory in Sochi are representatives of the top teams of Mercedes, Ferrari and Red Bull, the configuration of the circuit is such that a tough fight takes place at all levels, even among outsiders. Sly turns with a double apex along with long straight lines make the Russian stage one of the most interesting and unpredictable from a sports point of view.

Four days Grand Prix

The 53-lap race itself takes place on Sunday.But this is only the two-hour climax of a long and colorful weekend, which begins on Thursday. On this day, the assembly of motorhomes takes place - huge temporary “offices” for teams and their guests, the boxes are equipped with equipment, and the track is prepared for the next three racing days. The atmosphere is still relaxed, and pilots, managers and team mechanics visit local sights.

Formula 1

On Fridays, there are two workouts of the "major league" weekend: F1 participants recall the smallest features of the circuit and test technical innovations. For the stage in Sochi, the formula teams in 2018 are preparing significant updates to the machines, because this is the start of the European championship phase. It is impossible to prepare in time for the cars at the mobile stages in Australia, China, Bahrain and other routes, remote from the factory bases. Therefore, the first upgrades appear precisely to the Sochi championship stage. Experienced fans know that technical innovations bring a portion of unpredictability to the world of extreme speeds.

Other sporting events on Friday at the Russian Grand Prix as part of the Formula 1 World Cup in 2018 are training and qualification races for support races.Qualification is the most important pre-race event: pilots fight for places on the starting grid. The lap times in qualifying mode are the fastest for the entire weekend: the fuel tanks are almost empty, and the track is free. Each pilot must drive a few laps. The fastest result (pole position) will give the rider first place during the start.

Saturday: race series support (about them below), plus - the qualification in Formula 1.

Sunday is another round of the youth championships, and finally the culmination, for which 22 of the world's strongest pilots arrived in Sochi: the Formula 1 2018. The next page of autosport history will be written on the track of the Olympic Park. It is incredibly exciting to watch this event from the stands or on the TV screen!

Support Racing in Sochi

In the days of the Russian Grand Prix, youth championships are held. Every year, along with F1, various racing series come to the stage in Sochi. Usually this:

  • Formula 2 (in past years was called GP2) - the highest level of European youth motor racing in front of F1;
  • GP3: Russian junior Daniil Kvyat, the winner of the Sochi Grand Prix Valtteri Bottas, and other stars passed from the junior championship directly to Formula 1.
  • Mitjet cars: Russian “bodywork” high-level championship.

Youth championships are not as fast as racers, and their racers are not as star-ridden as their senior colleagues. In the F2 and GP3 series, the cars are inferior to Formula 1 in a matter of seconds from the circle, but their pilots are incredibly motivated for overtaking and wheel-to-wheel battles. By professionalism, they are almost equal to the participants of F1, and their current championships - the final step before the step into the world of the Grand Prix.Formula 1

If the young riders will be able to shine in front of the all-powerful leaders of the teams of Formula 1 in 2018, then the next season they are waiting for a contract to play in the world championship. Therefore, the races of the youth series of support - a vivid sight with a sheaf of sparks, overtaking and accidents.

Arrivals youth championships in Sochi-2018

  • 1-2 Friday workouts;
  • Saturday's own qualification and hour race;
  • short sprint race on sunday.

Each car race taking place in Sochi weekend is a spectacular sight: even in the junior GP3, the turns of the Olympic track iron cars of 350-380 hp, and the F2 class is not at all inferior to the Queen of Motorsports.

What is more interesting about the Russian Grand Prix?

Regardless of the date of the Russian Grand Prix in Sochi’2018, Vladimir Putin is the indispensable actor of the Russian GP.The president did not miss a single race, each time he personally handed the cup to the winner and talked with the three participants of the podium even before the awards ceremony.

Another obligatory guest of Sochi is Formula 1's “gray cardinal” Bernie Ecclestone and her former manager. One of the most successful businessmen in the world tried to organize the Grand Prix of Russia back in 1982. He personally came to the USSR for talks with the highest officials of the Soviet state. These negotiations ended with the conduct of a Formula 1 race in another country of the communist bloc - Hungary, where the Grand Prix has been held since 1986. In Russia, despite the numerous projects for building an F1 autodrome, the first race took place only in 2014, exactly 100 years after the previous GP.

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