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Weather conditions have a negative impact on the building in which you will live. Ground moisture can cause irreparable damage to the building structure, if at the beginning of the construction of the house were not taken the necessary work on waterproofing the foundation.
Waterproofing - a set of measures aimed at the protection of building structures. It provides protection from the harmful effects of moisture penetration into the structure.

The type of foundation determines how to organize waterproofing. If the foundation of a brick or stone foundation is to be laid at a height of no more than 25 cm from the ground. If beams are used, below the beams, a maximum of 15 cm. If the building has a basement, a two-level waterproofing is performed (above the blind area and below the base). At the same time additional waterproofing should be done for the basement itself.

Key types

The key types of waterproofing include the following types:

1. Painting

The composition of such waterproofing includes bitumen mastic, plastic and resin. When using this type, waterproofing should be applied in several layers (2 or 3).It is recommended to apply to dry soil. As the basis should be taken polymer.

2. Adhesive

The basis of such waterproofing - flexible materials (sheets or rolls). These may include polyethylene, roofing felt, fiberglass and Brizol. Use a waterproofing on all sections of the walls (external and internal) by multi-layer gluing.

3. Sheet

Treats the most expensive types as it is distinguished by high reliability and labor input of production. The basis of such waterproofing is made up of large sheets (in composition: metal or plastic).

4. Cast

When performing work involves heated mastic or asphalt. One of these elements is poured on the surface, which requires insulation, and leveled. At the same time, it is important to ensure that the layer is laid flat, that no cracks or other defects appear. Layer thickness should be approximately 4 cm.

5. Plastering

Subdivided into subtypes according to the principles of manufacturing:

1. Cement sand base.
2. Insulation is carried out in a multi-layer manner using liquid concrete, which includes sealing type additives. Layer thickness should not be made more than 3 cm.
3Asphalt base.
4. The key to the insulation process is molten asphalt.

All types of waterproofing have their own advantages and disadvantages, so you should carefully consider which one is right for you and whether the complexity of work with this type of waterproofing will suit you.
In addition to these, there are other types of waterproofing, which differ in the processing of specialized composition. The compositions of these types are listed below.

The compositions

Specialized formulations can be divided as follows:

1. Internal action. Getting inside, such a composition successfully provides concrete with protection against the negative effects of moisture. This composition is introduced into the walls by the injection method, in which it is filled with cracks and crystallizes.
2. For foundation joints.
3. Hardening. Such compositions fill holes in the walls and are characterized by the properties with the help of which the rapid hardening of the composition takes place.

Performance enhancement

The use of these compounds in a concrete solution improves a number of characteristics of concrete, in particular, such as strength, frost resistance and water resistance.Due to this, concrete under the influence of external environments more slowly becomes useless. If you want to carry out work on the waterproofing of the foundation, you should contact the company "Roofing Height", which has extensive experience and qualified personnel. Also on the site you can familiarize yourself with other types of work and find out the price of roofing work.

Before you apply these formulations, you should carefully read the instructions. Violation of the rules of this manual may lead to negative consequences and damage to the building. In order to avoid such consequences, be extremely careful and attentive when performing waterproofing works.

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