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April 13, 2010
A private house

frame partitionsNon-bearing partitions in old and new frame houses can be made in the form of light walls that do not affect the condition of the bearing elements of the room. Frame partitions are usually used in the arrangement of mansards and attic rooms, they can be easily attached to the sloping wall of the attic and divide the space into separate rooms.

As a base for lightweight metal-framed partitions, a smooth black floor is ideal, covered with wood-based panels or planks. Such walls can be mounted both directly on the subfloor, and on the base over the subfloor or on the screed applied to it. Sound insulation will depend on the choice of the method of building partitions - in the first case it will be better between the attic rooms, in the second - between the floors.

By their construction, light partitions are a frame filled with mineral wool mats or fibreboard for insulation, and on top it is sewn up with gypsum plasterboard or wood boards.Such walls, unlike concrete and brick, immediately after installation can be painted or pasted over with wallpaper. Frameworks are usually constructed from metal profiles or wooden bars. In this article we will focus on the metal frame of a profile with a width of 64 mm, filling - mineral wool mats, plating - plasterboard sheets.

Frame options

Profiles with sealing tape are attached to the walls, ceiling and floor of the room. Then build a frame of the racks and fix the plasterboard sheets horizontally. It is possible that when the frame is made of struts and crossbars, then the skin is placed horizontally. The choice of the frame option is determined by the number of openings in the partition, the dimensions of the cladding sheets, the shape of the wall, etc.

For the walls in the lower profile of the frame, a cutout is made, and an additional jumper is made from above, and then the sheeting will add rigidity to the frame.

For the installation of electrical wiring and pipes there are also several options. It is possible to sheathe the frame with sheeting sheets on one side, lay all necessary communications and sheathe the other side. And you can first pave all communications, and then sheathe the frame on both sides.In the framework of partitions can be laid pipe with a diameter of 2 ″. For sockets and switches in the plating sheets, pre-cut holes.

The process of installation of light partitions on a frame basis as a whole does not require significant efforts and a lot of experience, but you need to stock up on a special tool - cutting pliers and scissors for metal.

After fixing the cladding elements, the seams are puttied, then the walls are primed and they are ready for painting or wallpapering.

As for loads, it is possible to fasten shelves and light wall cabinets to such walls, using fasteners for hollow walls. To accommodate heavier objects in the frame it is necessary to fasten the bearing tires or girders.

Frame partitions provide sufficient sound and heat insulation, but their main advantage is the ease of redevelopment of premises.

Master Class

  1. On the back side of the profiles fasten sound insulation tape.
  2. We mark the position of the metal profiles on the walls, control the process with the building level.

    frame sheath partitions

  3. We drill holes in the profiles for fasteners with a step of 70 cm and attach the frame to the floor.
  4. Insert out of the profile we cut out with scissors for metal.
  5. Having fastened the insert on the floor, insert the wall profile into the floor profile and connect them in the corner with the help of die-cut mites.
  6. Align the wall profile, it is attached to the wall and connected to the top profile.

    frame partition device

  7. Having collected the frame, carry out the necessary communications.
  8. Install in the frame rack "back to back" and fasten them with bolts.
  9. On racks mark the position of the transverse bolts.
  10. We mount bolts on marks.
  11. They drill holes for the sockets in the cladding sheets and assemble the cladding.
  12. We sheathe one of the sides of the partition, leaving a gap of a few millimeters below.

    interior partition walls

  13. We fill the partition frame with insulating materials.
  14. We sheathe the wall on the other hand, fixing the sheets of drywall with screws every 25 cm.
  15. We close the seams between the partition and the bearing wall.
  16. We also seal the seams between the ceiling and the partition.
  17. Spaty seams between sheets of drywall.
  18. We ground the surface of the frame partition and paint it or paste over it with wallpaper.

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