Gidroaviasalon in 2018

Gidroaviasalon is an international event that is held in Gelendzhik and combines an exhibition, a scientific conference and a show program. The event is dedicated to the achievements and prospects of hydroaviation, the possibilities of its use in emergency situations, rescue and search operations and environmental disasters.

The timing of the 12th in a row Gidroaviasalon: from 8 to 11 September 2018, but it is still possible to adjust the exact dates. It will be held on the territory of the test base "TANTK them. Gm Beriev ”, which has a hydrodistrict, and Gelendzhik Airport, the runway of which is equipped to receive virtually any type of aircraft. On an area of ​​more than 130,000 square meters. the exhibition grounds of open type, stationary pavilions and chalets will be placed, zones for conferences, presentations and negotiations will be allocated.

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Event participants

Among the participants Gidroaviasalon leading companies in the aerospace industry of the Russian Federation. Along with the Russians, manufacturers from Belarus, China, Singapore, Switzerland, Germany, the Netherlands, the USA and other countries take part in the international show.The participants have at their disposal static parking lots, hydraulic spans, piers, and viewing platforms, which allow demonstrating existing and innovative models:

  • carrier-based aircraft;
  • fire fighting aircraft;
  • rockets and elements of space-based water-based systems;
  • aircraft engines, equipment and technological materials;
  • ekranoplans and UAVs;
  • small vessels (yachts, catamarans, boats);
  • communications, coast guard and rescue;
  • complexes of underwater and military equipment;
  • amphibians.

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The event is traditionally attended by representatives of the Presidential Administration, federal government structures, industry specialists of Russian companies and military attaches accredited in the Russian Federation.

Within the framework of Gidroaviasalon 2018, in addition to the direct exposition, conferences and round tables are planned, where prospects of using hydro-aviation for passenger and cargo transportation, fire-fighting and search operations, and other tasks are considered. During the show, presentations and seminars prepared by the heads and representatives of departments and ministries of the aerospace industry, as well as participating organizations that seek to develop hydroaviastronomy, are planned.

Special attention is given to the flight program of the exhibition, which everyone can attend. An air show is held in Gelendzhik Bay, in which the leading aviation crews of the Russian Federation "Swifts", "Golden Eagles", "Russian Knights" and world-famous aerobatic teams take part. They hold demonstrations on domestic seaplanes and demonstrate aerobatics on jet fighters.


Apply for participation in the exhibition, congress or demonstration programs will be available on the official website of the event. Here you can fill in the form and become a sponsor or partner of Gidroaviasalon.

Facts about the exhibition

The International Hydroavia Salon is held in Gelendzhik by order No. 1368-p of the Government of the Russian Federation of 10/09/1995 every even year.

The first exhibition was organized in 1996. Its participants were 82 companies from 15 countries, and more than 100 thousand people visited it.

In 2016, over 140 Russian and 25 foreign companies that are related to the aviation and marine industry took part in the show.

Aerobatics figures

This is the only air show in the world where the capabilities of aircraft on the ground, on the water and in the air are demonstrated.

Participation in Gidroaviasalon provides an opportunity to discuss topical problems of the aerospace industry, share experiences, enter into transactions and find new business partners for long-term cooperation.

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