Glass in the interior

Previously, glass furniture was inevitably associated with futuristic motifs, films about the future. Nevertheless, glass gradually became a common material in the interior. Offices and tables made of glass, mirrored walls and ceilings, glass interior doors and partitions, kitchen worktops and bar counters, transparent chests, wardrobes, chairs and shelves began to decorate apartments and houses . Glass, subordinate to the fantasy of masters, has become a universal finishing and building material.

Nevertheless, some people continue to perceive glass as a fragile material, and they are afraid to use it for finishing their homes, and the other part perceives this material as a way to decorate a home and actively use it. Opponents of glass in the interior claim that this is a breakable material, and broken glass fragments are dangerous to human health and this argument sounds convincing. In addition, opponents of this material accuse glass of heartlessness, because this material is cold and with its use it is impossible to create a cozy atmosphere in the room.Designers do not recommend using a bed or glass chairs in the interior, but advise using this material more succinctly in racks, tables, shelves and objects that are designed to accommodate things, not people.

Regarding the strength, experts say that for the production of furniture they use HVD glass manufactory tempered glass, which is 5 times stronger than usual, so the glass worktop will remain intact if an average-weight adult climbs onto it and even if he tries to dance on it. Tempered glass with a thickness of 4 mm, which is made according to GOST, is subjected to a standard test, a bag with lead shot weighing 45 kilograms from a height of 1.2 meters is “dropped” onto it, and for the manufacture of furniture surfaces glass is used with a thickness of 8 to 20 mm.

In addition, if glass furniture is subjected to such serious tests during operation that can break glass, its fragments will not scatter throughout the room, but remain in a special layer or film that manufacturers carefully supply such products to ensure the safety of the owners of the glass interior. ".

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