Guessing in the name of a person

How much does the name in human life mean, after allit is not just a word called a person, in order to distinguish it from others, but a whole magic, the magic of which is vested in the newborn. After all, along with the name, a person who has come into this world, gets all the features of character that will be inherent to him throughout his life. That is why from a long time people were very careful about this ritual and very carefully selected names for their children and grandchildren. It is believed that along with the name of the person is also endowed with an angel guardian, so the Old Believers very often called their children in honor of the saint, who is honored on the birthday of the child.

They believed that the saint, in whose honora child is named, he will protect, store and patronize his whole life. Unfortunately, in our time people are not so serious about the choice of names for their children, and sometimes forget about the instructions of the older generation. After all, few of the younger generation know, or know and disregard, that in no case should your children be named after their recently deceased relatives. Such a gesture has a very bad effect on the energy of the baby and basically such children do not survive. So treat such an uneasy business very seriously and anxiously. In general, the name of a person can be spoken for infinitely long, because each name can be characterized from different sides.

You can also arrange a fortune-telling to a name. Yes, it is exactly to tell fortunes and versions of such fortune-telling pond prudi. But practically from all fortune-telling, we will be able to learn one thing - these are the characteristics that a person with this or that name is endowed with. Do not believe it, want to try and see for yourself. Then I dare to offer you one, but very interesting fortune-telling in a name that will perfectly show your character traits. So, this fortune-telling was created very, very long ago at the time of the Babylonian priests and consists in the fact that each letter of your name and surname has its own digital equivalent. And to determine the characteristics of a name, you simply need to calculate the missing digit. For example: Vera Digma - there are no digits 2, 7, 8 in the name. Calculations must be made according to the correspondence table of letters and figures, which is not so difficult to find on the Internet. After the calculation, you just need to read the characteristics of missing digits.

If not1- You need to believe in yourself more and be more independent and determined person.

2- You always like to be in the spotlight, but you are a very restless and impatient person.

3 -You are very fond of calm and sometimes it is even more important than your success in life. In this case, guessing in the name of a suitor can turn out to be very plausible.

4 -You are very indifferent to the trouble, but it would be desirable to change your behavior with people.

5 -Do not be afraid to strive for a new and seek adventure, and then so boring and life will pass.

6- Capriciousness and captiousness will serve you not the best service. It is very difficult for you to communicate with people not like you. Guessing a name in this case is simply obliged to alert you.

7-You are very modest and easily vulnerable. Try to change a bit and become more proactive.

8 -Your love of money crosses all boundaries. Happiness is not in the money understand this.

9 -Love is a bright feeling, and not a heavy duty and the sooner you understand it, the faster you will become happy.

Here is an interesting and rather simple guessing in the name.

Very interesting and exciting fortune-telling,which will be liked, almost any woman has always been and will be divination to the name of her future husband. To do this, on the festive evening of the 6th or 7th of January, you need to go out into the street in the evening and ask his first name in the first passer-by. Depending on the answer, you will know the name of your future husband. And another way to verify the name of the future husband. Take pieces of paper and write various male names on them, then in the evening in the same numbers as the previous task, put all these pieces of paper under your pillow. In the morning, without looking, shove your hand under the pillow and get out any piece of paper with a name.

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