Holiday Greetings on the Day of Geek

Congratulations in verses with the Day of Geek cool

Happy holiday, our genius!
In all the nice updates,
Valuable contracts, offers,
More joyful moments!

So as not to crack someone password
For your happiness and love!
Buy you a license
For all the endless eternal!

And health to you, as well as success,
Anti-enemies to drive everyone.
That and the computer, but he did not hang,
From destiny get a great prize!

Let programs not hang,
Let the computer does not slow down
Brains let not sour
And the virus is not saucy.

Let pours into your window
The flow of heat and light
Let go on a little bit
Let Nat's web.

Mily let there be people
Brilliant all things
And let the vision be
Sharper than the eagle.

They know everything in our century
Without admin - nowhere.
Only he will fix the server
And connect the wires.

I wish you a lot
The most interesting tasks
Comp regularly to work
Life flowed without failures.

To grow and develop
Your mighty intellect.
On Computer Day again
I send my heartfelt greetings!

On the day of the programmer everyone
I wish without problems
To work your friend,
So that the cooler doesn’t die,
So that the mouse does not hang,
So that Klava does not creak,
To have enough memory
Even if the brain is small.
And also to your PC
Do not distract you from the beer!

Computer scientists, geniuses, experts!
You are not workers, you are just great!
You have dignity, you have patience!

And if we fix the computer
We can not, can not see
Then we urgently start calling you,
And you came - it's not so insulting!

Without you we can not live a day
So God give you health and luck,
Let's raise a toast to the geniuses, friends!
And we wish heartily fun!

When the computer is not fine,
Or "Windows" covered with a basin
And knowledge, in general, the lack of
We run to the geek immediately.

He with a clever look will conjure,
And earn all the "prog"
And again everything will be fine
In your work you are like gods.

For you guys clink of wine glasses,
And honestly, without embellishment,
There can be no barriers for you
For you, computer aces!

SMS congratulations on the Day of the Geek in verses

Who knows by heart the computer system?
Who will understand the wilds of the chip?
Who will write antivirus software?
Whose services demand has grown immeasurably?

So who is it? Geek of course
Today we will congratulate him all warmly,
From a computer guy we read a poem in the afternoon,
To fix the computer he helped!

It is a computer geek day -
The smartest of people!
In the age of the STR all people
Mastered the computer!
We now have such a life
What can not do without it!
But sometimes the technique
It turns out - oh! - out of service,
And who will call for help,
By that the geek comes,
With the computer, everything will be "ok",
A computer programmer - a poem!

You with your toys
I forgot so long ago.
I think your girlfriend
And I send congratulations to everyone in spite.

In your career - success
Dreams come true.
So that money slowly,
But it is true flowed.

Geek my.
I hug you.
You are the most dear.

Enough for you to print,
Are you tired yet?
I really want to cry here
How hot it is here!

Congratulations, you accept
Nice our geek.
Only you do not judge us,
We give you just chic!

Today is a nice poem
I send to all who are behind the monitor,
Those who are ignorant of programs,
He considers it a shame.

The computer is like their child
Known by him entirely,
And if anything goes wrong,
Understand that "flew."

Work, rest and comfort
Around the LCD screen -
Geek habitual circle
His life is consoling.

Touching congratulations on the Day of Geek in verses

About computer a word
We are always ready to say
Because we respect
We consider ingenious.

Who will write the program to us
Who will hear our cries
Who will come to help us
And it will be hammered, like a bird:

I already asked you,
I told you forty times
Do not press everything,
And do not play toys! ”

Well, you forgive us, my friend,
Get your rhyme!

Happy Computer Day
We wish you happiness and good luck at this hour,
Let fate bring you joy,
Saves let you out of adversity.

In your work let him always lucky
Not necessary that there was no hassle
Take our heartfelt poem,
On your holiday and joyful day.

You know what a byte and bit are.
Already from quite a long time.
Html is not forgotten by you,
In computers you are advanced, clever.

Today is your holiday, geek day!
My congratulations to you so hurry.
I wish you happiness without betrayal
And only those near you who treasure you!

Cause you delight
After all, a computer geek
Take the same poem
And sit down to work bravely.
On holiday this is yours now
We wish good luck
Wishes from all of us
After all, now it is impossible otherwise.

Funny congratulations on the Day of the Geek in verses

Everyone has now
According to the computer in the apartment,
But problems every day
Occur and henceforth.

You, who “fumble” in Windows,
Gently "hosts" cleansing,
Celebrate the whole day
Dreaming your holiday.

And wishes come true
Let it be like two or two.
To fight the virus -
You patience, friends.

You are the people of information technology,
With computers completely on "you",
And you feel that we do not see -
Its special in computers "beauty."
Congratulate you and make a compliment
The hunt on this important day,
Let it be easier for you to put all the programs
And such inherent laziness will disappear.

We run to you every time:
The computer again hung up with us!
What to do?! How do we continue to live? "
You will say: "Reload!"

You know everything about computers
You understand their diseases
You will find viruses in the program,
And kill them immediately.

You are the king and god for us, my friend,
Take our gentle poem!

On the day of the computer of happiness
Wish you want
Defeat trojan virus
There will be a guru on the shoulder.

Listen to let it properly
You complicated mechanism
I wish prosperity
To live without troubles and cataclysm.

I am all computer scientists
Today, congratulations,
Life I now without you
I can not imagine myself.

Stop work
Life will become dull
Without our computers, we
No longer able to live.

I wish you success
And the newest programs,
Glory to you, like Bill Gates,
And no less money.

Congratulations on the Day of Geek in prose

That day came geek geek! Congratulations to all the craftsmen and experts on the holiday! I wish you a quiet work of the fan, obedient systemists, a supply of twisted pair, the necessary programs and the proper scientific and technical base for the implementation of any ideas! Be healthy, assiduous, let's rest your eyes and move your limbs. Neither a virus nor an error in the system!

Congratulations on the Day of the computer man, on the holiday of high intelligence and creativity in ideas. I wish to be with any computer machine on “you”, constantly striving for lofty goals and my ideals, successfully correct any problem and personally create something new and useful for the computer world.

Dear our computer ace, congratulations on your professional holiday! We wish you a reliable technology that never fails, new technologies, thanks to which your life will become even more interesting, and, of course, grateful users that you help every day!

On this holiday, congratulations to all computer scientists. We wish you happiness, prosperity at work, love and respect of loved ones. Forgive us - I will give, for misunderstanding, for calls with requests to “fix this little thing.” Thank you for your patience and care. Stay as smart, smart, resourceful.

Congratulations on the Day of the programmer and I want to always want to get on with the machines, constantly make new discoveries in this area, never come to a standstill, develop a high rate of success in my work and leave a steady rhythm of happiness in my life.

Short congratulations on the Day of Geek

Those with a computer on you,
All system administrators, programmers
We congratulate this day,
Let their internet be fast,
Let them work
Only for peaceful purposes, for our benefit,
May happiness be in their lives,
Let there be no weak ones among them!

We couldn't fix it like this
How are you, our shaman and hero.
Geek my friend thank you
Fix any bug you have.

On the day of the programmer everyone
I wish without problems
To work your friend,
So that the cooler doesn’t die,
So that the mouse does not hang,
So that Klava does not creak,
To have enough memory
Even if the brain is small.
And also to your PC
Do not distract you from the beer!

My dear, I will say straight.
I will throw out your computer.
Many words would have said
But I will not, my dear.
Congratulations, I'll send better
Yet this holiday is yours.
And I wish the computer more abruptly,
So that you can do everything on it.

Behind the computer persistently
You sit without a rest,
Algorithms and Settings
Chips you make!
I wish ingeniously
Resolve any question
To professional
You grew up in your career!

Beautiful poems for Geek Day

Monitors are burning day and night
For those who are friends with the computer on "you."
Serious negotiations are underway.
With mom computer mega country.

Life is full of bats, scripts,
Files, modules, upgrade cars.
Men and women, forgotten in the virtual,
We wish you real tops.

Life more abruptly than in 3D format,
Chatting with friends at the table.
And let the provider lower tariffs,
You let a holiday into your little house.

You always sit at the PC
Checking the board.
In the office - you are a god, a star,
King and frequenter!

You are on duty at the post
Days and nights
To restore by morning,
Broken by us.

And hang-shut up
Without you, the hard drive ...
Congratulations from the heart -
Be happy and honest!

We all honor you -
We treat with strong tea!

You can always see you in front of the monitor,
Professionalism is not just you argued in deed, in short,
You sit on the Internet day and night,
And you are ready to help everyone with a computer, laptop.
Geek, IT-specialist, we congratulate you,
We value your mind, respect dexterity,
We wish that your work is always just rewarded well,
So that you have never stopped.

You just spit our computer fix,
You obedient bend and iron,
Computer of the details at once folded
You can accurately, clearly and ironically!
On your holiday we wish wings
So that the waves of success carried
And so real mixed with bylyu,
Brought wealth, happiness and love!

I'll be a speaker,
I’ll go down in history:
Hurray administrators
System which!
Computer geniuses,
Welcome yourself to your day -
But do not overdo it!

Unofficial modest celebration,
Very few people know about him.
Days of geek and lovers
Country simultaneously notes.
Oh you're not only a god of love, besides
You're with any computer on "you."
I wish you a sea of ​​joy,
Let your dreams come true!

The genius of the server, software,
Happy holiday congratulate you,
We wish victories in life unreal,
Enemies worthy, only virtual,
More clicks from friends and loved ones
And rest in the vastness of the picturesque,
Happiness on the flash drive to save more.
And megabits love, love, love!

Klava - best friend,
Monitor your faithful friend.
The mouse is like a toy,
and the processor as native.
With them you are a requiem
Today, tomorrow and yesterday,
From dawn to dusk,
From dusk till morning!
You are a computer geek from God
Master, the one that search,
Let the program be successful,
Neither add nor take away!

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