Holidays in January 2018

For many Russians, January turned into another vacation. At this time, you can not only perfectly celebrate the New Year and Christmas holidays, but also make a fascinating journey to warm countries or on the territory of your beloved country. I wonder what days are holidays in January 2018, and whether the Russians will be able to count on more days off on their winter vacation.


Weekend in January 2018

Next year, the New Year holidays will start somewhat earlier. This is due to the fact that December 30 is on Saturday, and December 31 - on Sunday. Thus, the Russians will have two full days off before the New Year. During this time, you can do a lot:

  • make New Year purchases;
  • clean in your home;
  • prepare delicious meals for the holiday table;
  • to pretend to go to the beauty parlor and hairdresser, etc.

Holidays in January 2018

Russian women rarely have a chance to prepare for the holiday without haste and nerves. Future January will be a real gift for all Russians because the Old New Year is also a day off:

  • January 13 - Saturday;
  • January 14 - Sunday.

The first day of the coming year, our citizens are accustomed to celebrate with their families, resting from a night celebration. January 2 begins a long weekend, which is officially called the New Year holidays. They last until January 8, 188, including another official holiday - the Nativity of Christ. True, before him on January 6, 188, all Orthodox in Russia celebrate the religious holiday Christmas Eve. The result is the following picture:

Number of calendar days in January 31
Holidays and weekends 14
Number of working days 17
Number of working hours at 40 hour week 136
The same at 36 hour week 122,4
The number of working hours at 24 hour week 81,6
Shift Saturday 06/01/18 on Friday 09/03/18
Shift Sunday 07/01/18 on Wednesday 02/05/18

And now let's summarize. There are two official public holidays in January:

  • 01/01/18 - New Year;
  • 01/07/18 - Christmas.

01/02/18 - 01/06/18 - New Year holidays. Official holidays: 13,14,20,21,27,28.01.18 - only six days. In general, it turns out that the Russians have 14 free days. If these days add two days off in December: 12/30/17 and 12/31/17, we get sixteen days off from work. What is not a mini vacation? All Russians need to go to work on January 9, 188.

How to relax

In fact, there are a lot of options for rest during the long January holidays. In this case, it all depends on your preferences and material capabilities.

If you earn good money and love history and ancient monuments, then you can go to Western Europe for a few days. There, any city is a real open-air museum. All cities during this period are decorated with festive lights and it seems that you have fallen into a real fairy tale. The most popular destinations in the New Year holidays are:

  • Prague;
  • Venice;
  • Paris;
  • Rome.

Fans of active vacation can visit the ski resorts of Switzerland, Finland, Poland. It has a very developed infrastructure, so you can fully spend your free time.

Some Russians prefer to enjoy the warm sea and the beautiful beaches of Egypt, Bali, Vietnam or Thailand on the New Year holidays. Agree, it is very nice to change our dank weather to the gentle sun and sea waves. True, it is worth noting that for any pleasure you have to pay. The cost of tours to popular destinations on the eve of the New Year holidays traditionally increase.

If you have limited means or prefer to relax in our country, then in the New Year holidays in Russia there are many places where you can have a great time and improve your health. First, you can go to Sochi. There are many sanatoriums and rest homes, where you can inexpensively and efficiently get treatment for many diseases. Fans of skiing holidays also have a place to turn around in the southern resort. Here, for the Winter Olympics, a huge, modern complex was built, where there is almost everything for sports fans.

If you have a small child and you want to give him a real fairy tale, go to Velikiy Ustyug. Here on New Year's holidays a lot of children's events are arranged with a real Russian Santa Claus and Snow Maiden. Your child will see where the fairytale hero lives, how he lives and what he does all year round. He will be able to hand him a letter asking for a gift for the next New Year. Here you can ride a real reindeer sleigh and dance around with a real Grandfather Frost. Your baby will remember this trip for life and will be grateful to you all your life.

Holidays in January 2018. How to relax in Russia

If you work on a special schedule, and you have only a few days off, you can relax in the very center of Russia. You probably know that there is the Golden Ring of Russia, where many historical monuments of Russian culture are concentrated. New Year holidays here will enrich you spiritually. You will learn more about the history of our state, ancient crafts and traditions of our people. Agree that you can become a true patriot of your Fatherland only by learning the ancient sources of our people. This trip will be especially useful for the younger generation.

A great vacation in the New Year holidays can be a trip to one of the capitals of our state: Moscow or St. Petersburg. In the New Year period, a large number of holiday performances, Christmas trees, light shows, ice expositions, etc. are organized here. Cities are literally buried in the festive lights. On the main squares, New Year and Christmas fairs, concerts with the participation of our pop stars, fireworks and other various shows are organized.

How else can you spend the weekend

New Year holidays can be devoted to rest outside the city.In the Moscow and Leningrad region there are many resorts, holiday homes, tourist centers, where you can fully gain strength and relax at your discretion:

  • do ice fishing;
  • walk through the snow-covered woods on skis or on foot;
  • snowboarding or skating;
  • have a picnic in the fresh air;
  • taste the numerous New Year's events with the participation of folk groups and local artists.

Those who want to take a break from the bustle of the city and gain strength for the rest of the winter can rent a mansion not far from the city. Now there are many options with different prices and levels of service. It is good to spend New Year holidays here with the family, with close friends and with the second half. Despite the fact that the mansions are outside the city, there may be satellite television, the Internet, a swimming pool, a sauna, fitness equipment, etc., that is, everything to have a good and complete rest from everyday work.

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