Holidays in Jordan

The pearl of the Arab world can be called a prude- Jordan, which is located between Israel, Palestine, Syria, Iraq and Saudi Arabia. Among tourists, rest in Jordan is not widely claimed because of its strict rules of conduct even for guests. It is a Muslim country where old customs are honored. Local women can not appear on the street with bare hair, arms and legs. Tourists are also not recommended to appear naked in public places, and to take sun baths for women topless and is completely prohibited.

Nevertheless, rest in Jordan is beautiful and makesits such a pure Dead Sea, white beaches, a huge number of monuments and simply beautiful places, and the high moral values ​​of the Jordanians provide a safe pastime for families with children. Observing the simple rules of this people, you can have a great vacation in an amazing corner of the world with an ancient history. Especially beautiful is Jordan in the spring, when everything is dissolved, and it is buried in bloom. The holiday season lasts from March to November, but in principle it can be all year round, as the temperature here does not drop below 23 C. Jordanians are very hospitable people. For them, it is a common practice to invite to their own dinner an unfamiliar person they like. At the same time, such an invitation is not a formality that is not mandatory for execution. If the guest has ignored the host's home dinner, he will be very offended, as he will indeed wait for him with his whole family and a richly laid table. It is impossible to imagine a holiday in Jordan without tasting Arabic cuisine. It is very sophisticated, the Arabs are very responsible for preparing dishes. For them, this is a special ritual. Usually for a snack in this country are served meze - thin cakes, sweets with syrup, as well as pistachios and other delicacies. This is a very hearty snack and it is quite possible to eat. The classical main Jordanian dish is mansaf. It is made from lamb with rice and yoghurt sauce. It is simply impossible to remain hungry in this country.

For those who do not think their holiday in Jordan withoutsightseeing of local attractions, you need to visit castles in the desert. The sandy desert abounds in grottos, forts, caravanserais. Especially the castle Kuusar Amra, built in the 8th century, stands out. It is listed in the UNESCO Cultural Heritage List. The castle inside is completely lined with colorful murals. Fort is also attracted by the fort built during the Roman Empire Fort Azraq. Its walls are made of black basalt. The main function of the fort is to protect against external expansion into the country.

If the tourist has purchased last-minute trips to Jordan,in Amman, then he should visit the Citadel. This is the oldest building of the reign of the Byzantine Empire. She talks about the times of the birth of Islam in the world. In the same city is the most interesting Jordanian Archaeological Museum, which displays expositions that tell about the development of the country until the 15th century. It is located on the Citadel. In Amman is the Roman Amphitheater, the date of creation of which, according to an approximate calculation of scientists, refers to 151 BC. For so many years he has undergone changes, but to this day, there are mass events here, because the amphitheater can accommodate up to 6,000 people at a time. Regardless of whether the tourist bought burning tours to Jordan or not, but his vacation can be considered not to have taken place, if he has never visited Souk - a local market that has been several centuries old. Here you can not just buy all kinds of things for every taste, but also get acquainted with the history of the country, its culture. The bough is really an unusual open-air museum. Jordan differs from other Arab countries in its chastity and lack of a large number of tourists, but that is what attracts it.

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