Horoscope for 2017 from Vasilisa Volodina

Would you like to look into the future? Thenhoroscope for 2017 from Volodina- This is an ideal option for the most curious. He will tell about all the major events that will occur with representatives of all signs of the zodiac.

Vasilisa Volodina is a wise and experienced astrologer, so she knows for sure how to please compatriots. Let's take a look at the main points of her horoscope right now.


Your measured life has come to an end. In 2017, Aries will be the most busy at work and at home. Some cases will end in failure and, unfortunately, cannot be changed.

horoscope of Vasilis Volodina

Try not to be late for work, not to intervene in work conflicts and not to argue with the authorities. Better show the quality of a leader and then, the employer will understand that you are a valuable shot. Such behavior will allow Aries to find a long-awaited calm by the end of the year.

As for love relationships, they will also be on the verge of collapse. Do not make frivolous acts. More often forgive your soul mate so that the relationship does not break.


Vasilisa horoscope

Waiting for luck, hoping for luck, or just dreaming about pleasant moments in your life? Then in 2017 all your expectations will come true. Year of the Rooster promises to be a significant and memorable for Taurus. All for whatever you took, will receive a positive result. Any of your undertakings will be crowned with success. Even if on the way to victory there are minor troubles, do not pay attention to them, because this is just a husk among the grains of gold.

Lonely Tauruses have every chance to put a golden ring on their finger and to link their fate with a wonderful person.


horoscope volodinoy twins for 2017

Next year will besmirch representatives of this sign with generous gifts. On the wings of luck, you can carry out all the old ideas, and, as easily as possible. In the summer, Gemini may receive a large monetary reward, which must be spent wisely, and not wasted on various trifles.

On the love front, of course, not everything is so smooth. You will get tired of the annoying relationships that are unlikely to be saved, and switch to the search for a new love. Try not to miscalculate in this matter, but to find a worthy couple for life.


horoscope for 2017 cancer from Vasilisa Volodya

To lure Cancers out of the shell of caution and timidity will force luck, which will continually emerge in all undertakings.Enlisting the support of Fortune, these people will become more confident and understand how to act in a given situation.

Loving relationships throughout the year will not crack, on the contrary, they will be strengthened. Lonely Cancers should be extremely careful and not be led to the “empty” compliments of the opposite sex. Take care with gifts and remember that free cheese can only be in a mousetrap.

a lion

horoscope of a lion for 2017 from Vasilisa Volodina

Cash flows will not cease to flow into the hands of Lviv. And they, as it is not strange, will correctly dispose of them. All purchases and spending Lions will spend wisely, thereby surround themselves with comfort and wonderful things. They will not forget about their loved ones, who in different periods of the year will need their support and material assistance.

At work, there may be slight disagreements with colleagues, but they will be able to lead astray Lvivs to the path. Each of them will begin to go confidently to their goal. Of course, such employment cannot but affect love relationships, but representatives of this sign will try to “squeeze” their strength out of themselves in order to devote time to their loved one.


Virgo horoscope for 2017 from Vasilisa Volodina

In 2017, you will find a lot of trouble that can significantly knock down restraint and tranquility.Virgos tend to attract negative things and create problems from scratch, so the owner of the year is unlikely to be favorable to them. To avoid such a fate try to change the situation for the better. Be extremely careful with your health, because it can let you down, especially in the winter.

Lonely Virgos should take a closer look at the people around them. Perhaps somewhere very close your destiny goes.


Vasilisa Volodina free horoscope for 2017

The rooster will generously give the representatives of this sign his attention and gifts. Business Scales will feel the breath of luck with the advent of the new year. Any transaction will end with a positive outcome and bring you a good cash profit. You have a great intuition, so try to squeeze the maximum benefit out of this ability. Relations with colleagues throughout the year will develop the best way: they will cover before the authorities, and will help in a difficult situation.

If you pay attention to family life, then not everything is so smooth. From your second half can come waves of jealousy, which can significantly spoil the love relationship.


horoscope from Vasilisa Volodina on 2017 scorpion

At the beginning of the year Scorpions may have serious financial problems. But despite this, 2017 will be relatively smooth. The sea of ​​positive and pleasant acquaintances is expected by representatives of this sign throughout the entire period under consideration. Spend your energy in the right direction, and then any failure will be nothing to you.

Those Scorpios, who have long been linked by family ties, can break them. All because of misunderstanding on the part of the second half and the explosive nature of the Scorpions.


horoscope Vasilisa Volodina 2017 Archer

You will find a lot of exciting adventures and a mountain of positive emotions. Moreover, this stream of surprises will last throughout the year. Resistance and enterprise Streltsov like Rooster, so he will take to help you in all your endeavors.

From the opposite sex you will receive signs of attention every now and then. Lonely representatives of this sign of the zodiac, finally, will be able to find the ideal partner for life.


horoscope Vasilisa Volodina 2017 Capricorn

The reasons for sadness in 2017, Capricorns, alas, will be. Small troubles can touch you to the depths of the soul and even develop into serious problems closer to autumn.Perhaps the burden of obligations that you have placed on yourself will prove to be an unbearable burden. Use your skills rationally so as not to spoil the whole year.

With regard to family relations, then throughout the period under consideration, no special changes are foreseen here.


horoscope for 2017 Aquarius from Vasilisa Volodina

Thirst for victory will help you to achieve all your plans. Do not be afraid to take risks, because you will be accompanied everywhere by the favor of the Rooster. Your virtuosity, resourcefulness and ingenuity will allow you to get good dividends, so go ahead.

An interesting person may arise on your life journey who will turn the head and make you destroy the already long-established family relationships.


Vasilisa Volodina Horoscope 2017 year of the fish

Lazy Fish is unlikely to reach heights in 2017, if in time they do not take up the mind. Want to receive gifts from the owner of the year - work hard. Work, improve yourself, learn something new, meet new people. Only such a position can achieve good results.

Take care of yourself and your loved ones. Your support is urgently needed. Love will not leave Pisces' hearts, if they constantly support it and encourage it in every possible way.

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