Horoscope for 2019 for Scorpions

What has prepared the coming year for Scorpios, will tell the horoscope for 2019 for the Scorpions from Vasilisa Volodina, Tamara and Pavel Globa.


Vasilisa Volodina

Horoscope for 2019 for ScorpionsLove: In the first third of the year, clean up your relationship with your loved one. Take the initiative in your own hands! If during this period you do not put all the dots on “i”, then you will get confused even more, and in April, your life will begin to change as much as possible, which will not happen before. A chance to rectify the situation Vasilisa Volodina promises you in the summer. But if it is no longer relevant, do not try to start a new relationship at the beginning of the second half of the year. Take time out in love.

Health: Experiencing in 2019 is not the easiest stage of your life, you can be calm for your health, and you can safely rely on it - it will not let you down. But only you and do not forget about him in those periods when your nervous system will be in relative peace. Arrange yourself a good rest, strengthen your immune system and eat well.

Career: The beginning of the year will be successful for Scorpio entrepreneurs.In the first three months, new directions will develop well and will be easily retrofitted, which have become obsolete. Careerists are also lucky enough to prepare the ground or even climb up the corporate ladder. If you do not be lazy - in the spring you will not learn the business sphere of your life.

Finance: In the first half of the year will have to tighten the belt more tightly. But not because there will be no money, but because now they must not only feed you, but also develop them. You have to invest a lot - in yourself, in projects and prospects. The risk will be! But you can afford it without much concern. Win in any hand!

Pavel Globa

Horoscope for 2019 for ScorpionsLove: A love horoscope does not promise you an ocean of love, but you will receive a sea of ​​feelings because of it for sure. Where the living water element - always excitement. You will have to worry at the beginning of the year. Your relationship has gone somewhere wrong, and until you begin to influence them, through awareness of your contribution to love, harmony with your loved one will not work. Without your participation, this uncertainty can last until the very next year.

Health: You will be filled with strength, energy and vigor.There are no serious health problems in 2019, and you may not notice small ones in the twists and turns of the year. If you are young, the body will endure and self-restore, but if your years are nearing the old age, do not test your health for strength. Its resources are not the greatest. In the summer, actively replenish the body with vitamins, and follow safety rules. Household injuries are possible.

Career: Feel yourself the master of your own destiny in the first third of the year. Business, own business and even work “for an uncle” will be successfully worked themselves. It may seem to you that some kind of force leads you, sweeping away all obstacles on the way to the goal. But in May, you can feel not only a boost in business, but also the envy of competitors. Pavel Globa warns about luck, staying until the autumn on their side. Hold on!

Finance: To bring your material state to a decent level, the planets will not disturb you, but they will not help you if you put all the responsibility on them. With the same force you can have both unprecedented financial success, and failure in all monetary matters. Let everything take its course, and your luck will be picked up by those who do not take their eyes off your success, and wait for you to stumble a little.

Tamara Globa

Horoscope for 2019 for ScorpionsLove: Something greedy planets you cloudless, happy love. But you will not lose. Suffering, conquered, deserved love will be even stronger, sweeter and more desirable. Everything will happen if you work on yourself and your relationship with your loved one in the first months of the year. In the fall, they may not work out with you, not only with passion, but also with friends. Diplomacy is not your thing!

Health: Your health in 2019 will depend entirely on yourself: immunity, energy, age. If you know that these resources are not enough for you - fill and strengthen. How? Today, it does not know unless illiterate and lazy. But if your health was not a serious disease, injury or stress, you don’t even remember about it.

Career: In professional activities you will find the main interest of the coming year. How will your career, now depends entirely on you. If you want dizzying heights, recognition of business abilities, international level - all get. Just do not pay attention to the envious. Some of your "friends" may seem that you do not deserve such success.With the resources and conscience they will not be considered.

Finance: Activation of ill-wishers can significantly undermine your financial situation. As soon as you believe that they have any influence on you, all your work and efforts will begin to fall like a house of cards. Profitable projects will leave, incomes will decrease, work will stop. Don't be impressed! Bankruptcy does not threaten you, even though the situation will be close to the financial crisis. All in your hands! You have enough strength to show who is the master of the situation.

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