Horror movies of 2017

Probably no modern person can imagine life without watching movies, even once a month. It's so interesting for a while to find yourself in a completely different world, where you can relish your fantasies, empathize with the heroes, completely pass through someone else's story, literally bathing in the enchanting atmosphere of another masterpiece of domestic or foreign cinema, and after watching it, think about your own ending of the film. It is so fascinating that it is extremely difficult to completely abandon going to the cinema.

There are so many genres of films: one likes romantic melodramas, others are not against laughing at a funny comedy, someone cannot live without drama, and it’s good, if only on the screen. And there are those who give their preference films horror. We will talk about this genre in our article. And, more precisely, you will learn what new films, chilling soul and blood, can be seen already in the coming year. So,horrors of 2017in front of you!

"Resident Evil 6"

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter

horrors of the year

  • Movie premiere:World - January 19, 2017, in the Russian Federation - January 26, 2017
  • A country:Germany, France, Australia, Canada
  • Genre:horrors, thriller, thriller, fantastic
  • Producer:Floor. USAnderson
  • Screenwriter:Floor. US Anderson
  • Roles are performed by:Mila Jovovich, Ruby Rose, Alie Larter, Sean Roberts, Ian Glen, Lee Jun Guy, William Levy

The actions of the sixth part of the film "Resident Evil" unfold from the very moment at which the fifth part ended. The end of the world and all of humanity is getting closer and Alice is the only hope for universal salvation. The girl must return to the beginning of everything, to the point of reference - there, to the city of Raccoon City, at the very time when the Umbrella Corporation is about to launch an attack on the survivors.

In the course of events, Alice will unite with both friends and those whom she certainly did not expect to see in the ranks of her allies. Together, they will oppose the whole army of the dead, as well as new creepy mutants. A real threat of losing her abilities looms over Alice; moreover, the attack of the inexorable corporation is about to begin. But even here the troubles will not end - more dangerous difficulties will suddenly arise ...

"Heavenly sharks"

"Sky Sharks"

best horror movies

  • Movie premiere:World - January 9, 2017
  • A country:Germany
  • Genre:horrors, comedy
  • Producer:Mark Feze
  • Screenwriters:HELL. Morel, Mark Feze
  • Roles are performed by:Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa, Naomi Grossman, Amanda Birz, Tony Todd, Dave Sheridan, Robert LaSardo, Diana Prince, Travis Love

During the expedition, a group of geologists accidentally find the secret underground laboratory of the Nazis. Not believing their eyes, people understand that this is a secret, unpowered weapon of the Third Reich - the SS army of sharks, who know how to think something and, moreover, are equipped with rockets.

Sharks controlled by zombies can not only swim, but also fly through the air! Once free, the dreadful machines of death begin their war. They are not afraid of even the Air Force! Horror from the past overtook us here and now. Is mankind facing complete destruction? It's time to pray ...

"People of the tenth hour"

“The Ten O’Clock People”

horror list

  • Movie premiere:2017 year
  • A country:USA
  • Genre:horrors, thriller
  • Producer:Tom holland
  • Screenwriters:Stephen King, Tom Holland, EJ Meyers
  • Roles are performed by:Jay Baruchel, Cathy Bates, Stephen King, Robert Jrn Burke, Chris Sarandon

Brand Pearson is about to quit smoking because of health problems. One fine day, Pearson discovers that all people, in one way or another,Government and law enforcement — from a simple cop to the very vice president of the United States of America — are not really people, but monsters who take on a human appearance.

How is it possible and why only one person sees the truth? It's all about the chemical imbalance that occurred in Brand Pearson's body because he was used to smoking daily at ten o'clock in the morning.

"Double Session"

"Sandra Munt"

awaited horror movies 2017

  • Movie premiere:2017 year
  • A country:Spain
  • Genre:horror, adventure, detective
  • Producer:Ruben Arnais
  • Screenwriters:Howard Phillips Lovecraft, Ruben Arnais
  • Roles are performed by:Emma Caballero, Aransasu Diez, Christian Stamm, Ruben Arnais, Juan Rouenne, Maria Ivanova

The film takes the viewer in 1933. Two women, Sandra and Elsa, go on a difficult and extremely dangerous journey to find a mysterious book mentioned in secret sources. Not having time to really begin their long journey, the heroines meet with violent Nazis. For these people there is nothing sacred. Soon, women will learn about some mysterious society that keeps and protects secrets from prying eyes in every possible way.

Having got involved in this confusing and disgusting story, at the hour when Sandra and Elsa no longer thought that the situation could become even more horrendous, they suddenly faced a man who played a significant role in their past.

"Dark silence"

"Dark Silence"

horror movies 2017 list

  • Movie premiere:World - October 24, 2017
  • A country:USA
  • Genre:horrors
  • Producer:Damir Katic
  • Screenwriters:Damir Katic, Ron Gellner
  • Roles are performed by:Marilyn Burns, Everardo Guzman, Parker Riggs

The main character moves to an abandoned house. It is here that she wants to stand up, revive her race. But it’s not for nothing that they say, "do not wake famously while it is quiet." That evil, which has already spoiled the lives of many people, did not evaporate without a trace, it only hid in order to get stronger again and attack to be surreptitiously.

Having just started to take root in the new house, the woman woke up the true evil with her noise and she would not fail to lose her life. But the brave woman has everything that is needed for survival, including a strong character and a great thirst for life. She is fully ready to meet face to face with the enemy and fight for the title of sovereign of darkness.

“The Amityville Horror: The Lost Records”

Amityville: The Awakening

horror films 2017

  • Movie premiere:World - January 6, 2017
  • A country:USA
  • Genre:horrors, thriller
  • Producer:Frank Halfun
  • Screenwriter:Frank Halfun
  • Roles are performed by:Jennifer Jason Lee, Jennifer Morrison, Bella Thorn, Thomas Mann, Kaperon Monaghan, Taylor Spreylter, McKenna Grace

Mother, independently raising three children, moves with them to a new home. At first, everything is going well, but she does not even suspect about the terrible and bloody history of their new abode.

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