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Potbelly stovefirst appeared in the last century, during the "bourgeois" revolution. So called furnace, having a small size and made of iron. They could warm the room quickly enough, but they were still used as a subject of cooking. It was necessary to use them with the help of firewood. In those days, the stove saved people from cold and hunger. To date, these furnaces are used for heating country houses. After all, such buildings are cold because of infrequent visits, so you need to heat them in a few hours. Earlierpotbelly stoveswere represented by ordinary cast-iron stoves having a cylindrical shape, in our time there is a huge variety of them. Due to the variety of forms, interesting patterned casting, built-in doors, such a furnacepotbelly stove, can become a decoration of the interior. With their help, you can create in the room a pleasant atmosphere and comfort. This ovenpotbelly stoveIt combines an aesthetic fireplace and an object of cooking, as it can be equipped with an oven and hob. In the rapid heating of the building they have no equal.The air is heated by pipes that are built into the body of the furnace. Cool air is sucked into the bottom of the pipe, and the top is already warm. Elementary physical laws provide natural air circulation. Using a smallpotbelly stovesYou can heat the building at a speed of 4 cubic meters in one minute. In addition, modern ovens can burn for 12 hours. At this time, gas is released and firewood is decomposed. This process can be regulated with the help of oxygen, it allows to save fuel costs and increase efficiency. Can use stovesstoveand those homeowners who have basic heating. Those. it can be used as a backup furnace. to installstove, do not need a foundation, as well as complex installation work. It can also be installed for beauty. In the spring and autumn, when the inclusion of the main heating is impractical, and it suddenly became cold outside, this mini-fireplace will be the way.Potbelly stovewill provide warmth and comfort in the house. There is an opportunity to purchase a stove with a water heater register.Nowadays it is made from iron, cast iron, talc chloride. The furnaces are lined with various izretsy and iridescent stainless steel, painted with heat-resistant paints, have a variety of castings.

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