How do I remove a stain?

Almost every person in his life, at leastseveral times faced with such an unpleasant phenomenon as stains on clothing. Very often because of them, the favorite thing becomes unsuitable for socks and with it one has to say goodbye. Together with this, you should not rush to throw out the product: you just need to find a way how to remove stains from clothes. For the desired result, it is necessary to know exactly the origin of the spot, and also which method of its removal is suitable for a particular kind of tissue. In the opposite case, your favorite clothes can be damaged even more and it will be impossible to save.

How to remove a stain on white

White fabric, as a rule, is more exposedall kinds of dirt and stains, rather than fabrics of other shades. But at the same time, removing stains from white clothes is often easier, because in this case there is almost no danger of damaging the colors with the help of various bleaching agents. The main thing is not to overdo it with their quantity, and also to know how to remove stains from clothes of white color with the help of bleach.

Many tools are not recommended to be applieddirectly on the stain, since it is possible to form yellow stains after washing: too strong bleaches like burn the fabric. It is better to dissolve a certain amount of the product in hot water and soak the clothes in it for a couple of hours.

Fresh stains from fruit or coffee on white do not require special efforts: it is enough to immediately spread the thing in warm water with a dishwashing liquid or shampoo.

However, for stubborn stains on white clothingother means should be used. For example, you need to know that blemishes on white need to be washed only in cold water (preferably with the help of hydrogen peroxide), otherwise the appearance of yellow traces is inevitable, which then can not be eliminated.

Lipstick with white clothes is often removed with lotion formakeup remover or alcohol. But since it's better not to experiment with white things, in case of hard-to-remove spots it makes sense to go to a specialized dry-cleaner.

How to Remove Yellow Spots

Before thinking how to remove yellow spots fromclothes, it is necessary to understand their origin. Most often, these spots are formed from sweat, some deodorants and old things that have been in the closet for a long time and have not been erased. The latter case refers primarily to white things and linen.

So, you should know that the stains from sweat andantiperspirants in any case can not be washed with chlorine bleaches. The proteins that are contained in the sweat, and chlorine will cause a chemical reaction that will make the yellow spots even darker and more noticeable.

If the fabric of clothes is natural, you can trydry things light shades under the sun's rays. After such a procedure, yellow spots may disappear. Together with this, the sun can damage various polyester fabrics.

Helps get rid of yellow spotsbaking soda. For its preparation, dilute 4 tablespoons of soda in 30 ml of water. The resulting mixture must be applied to the stains and, after rubbing them with a brush, leave for a few hours. Then you should wash your clothes in warm water.

If you do not know how to remove an old stainyellow color, then hydrogen peroxide is an excellent remedy. Spot or the whole thing should be soaked in a solution of water with peroxide for half an hour. After that you can start the usual washing. However, before carrying out the procedure it is desirable to try the action of hydrogen peroxide on some inconspicuous part of the clothing. How else to remove stains from sweat and deodorant can be read here and here.

How to remove an oil stain

It is believed that to eliminate oily stains oneof the best means is the usual salt, as it draws in fat well. However, this method is effective if the spot is fresh. Then you just need to rub salt into the fat area and leave for a while. After washing, as a rule, the stains pass. In such situations, you can also use baby powder or starch instead of salt.

But how to remove the oil stain if you noticeits not right away? Perfectly copes with greasy stains dishwashing detergent, which can be applied in small quantities on the stain or dilute it in warm water and soak clothes in it. It is desirable that the product be colorless and free of a pungent odor.

If the fat is difficult to wash off, you can rubstain with a toothbrush on both sides of the product. After that, wash clothes in warm water with a detergent. It is also not recommended to dry it in a hot mechanical dryer, since after it, greasy stains can remain on clothes forever.

Another effective method of removing oilstains from clothing is gas for lighters. But before proceeding to cleaning in this way, it is advisable to conduct a test on a small, inconspicuous part of the thing. To carry out the procedure, a small amount of gas should be sprayed onto the grease spots and leave the product for 15-20 minutes. After this, it should be washed in warm water with powder, but separately from other things. Other means of getting rid of greasy spots can be found here.

How to remove a stain from paint

Stains from paint are extracted in various ways, independing on the type of paint. For example, water-soluble paints are removed quite easily (watercolor, gouache). The clothes have to be turned inside out and put the stains under the stream of cool water. After the bulk of the paint has been washed away, the clothes are simply washed in warm water with powder.

Aniline dye is removed from clothing with denatured alcohol, then the stain is wiped with a solution of potassium permanganate, and after a couple of minutes - with a solution of oxalic acid.

Stains from acrylic paint are removed by cold washing in a washing machine with detergent. If the stains are not removed, you should apply the product directly to it and rub the area with a toothbrush.

Nevertheless, before you learn how to remove a stain, you need to find out its origin and make sure that the selected stain removal method does not damage the fabric of the product.

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