How does God look and see who it is?

To find out what God looks like, you have to decidewith what is it? Everyone has his own concept and definition. It is known that the meanings of all terms and words that we use can not be precisely defined. It is for this reason that it is impossible with the help of rational thinking to come to the concept of absolute truth. This, of course, is an epistemological approach to the definition of God.

what does God look like

However, he has the right to exist. But no one will deny that this concept is absolute. And if so, then, before discussing what God looks like, let's first "eliminate" all the idols and idols, which from the Christian point of view are fallen angels.

The fact that all the spirits of shamans or spellcasters Voodooare demons, a true Christian does not doubt. About Allah will be a little harder to explain, but the difficulty is not that there is little data. It's very difficult to enter into a dialogue with radical Muslims. But there is no doubt about the Holy Trinity: they often believe that this is He. There are objective evidences that give a positive answer to the question "is there a God". Let's talk about them below.

scientists about God

Now that we have decided on who isGod, it would be nice to know, but did anyone see it? It is important. After all, only from the descriptions can you find out what God looks like. In the Bible, you can read about this in the Book of Numbers. But already the evangelist John observes that it was not God, but the image of God's Glory. And what about Jesus?

Christ is a separate topic. In his image, the two natures of nature - the Divine and the human - merged. But this process was arch-most interesting. According to the teachings of the Council of 451, held in Chalcedon, the confluence was "inconclusive, unchangeable, inseparable, inseparable." But, however that may be, Christ himself responded to the apostles' requests to show them God, answered that the one who had seen Me saw the Father (from John chapter 14, verses 8-11).

So to find out what God looks like, you need tolook at the icon "The Savior who is not made with hands". It should be noted that this is a very unstable understanding of such a profound issue. Agree that it is impossible to describe metaphysical concepts with ordinary material terms. How, for example, can you explain to a man who has no sense of smell from birth, what flavor does a blossoming apple-tree have? No way! You just need to smell it.

Is there a God

So, in order to understand what God looks like,you just need to see it. It's easy, there are even proven ways. The very first was described in the Gospel of Matthew: "The pure in heart will see the Lord God."

But this is a statement of theological truths, and thatscientists say about God? Is He or not? "Real" scholars say that it is impossible to prove the absence of God. However, the whole world around us indicates its existence. It is so finely and meticulously arranged that the slightest deviation of any fundamental component would make the emergence of our planet and the whole universe impossible. Among those scientists that have world renown and openly acknowledge that there are God, there are the following: Copernicus, Pascal, Newton, Galvani, Lomonosov, Mendeleev, Pavlov, Amper, Volta, Mendel, Kovalevskaya, Filatov, Schroedinger, Broil, Townes.

By the way, do not think that everything thatexists, can be seen. Want an example? Here, let's say, the mind of the one who reads it. Have you watched it? Do not tell yourself, you have not seen him. But this does not mean that there is no mind. Indirect evidence is often more convincing than immediate evidence.

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How does God look and see who it is How does God look and see who it is How does God look and see who it is How does God look and see who it is How does God look and see who it is How does God look and see who it is