How effective is pineapple for weight loss

Such an exotic fruit as pineapple has long beennobody surprises. Its taste is liked by many, it is eaten raw, and also used for cooking a variety of dishes. However, very few people know how useful a pineapple for weight loss.

There is even a special diet, the main ingredient of which is pineapple. What are the properties of this fruit?

First, it contains bromelin (asvariant, bromelain), a substance that promotes the best splitting of proteins in the body. At one time it was believed that this enzyme burns fats, but this theory was not justified, although it is worth mentioning about its beneficial effect on the digestive process.

Secondly, pineapple contains vitamin B1, essential for weight loss, and a large amount of water, as well as potassium salts, so that excess fluid is eliminated from the body.

Pineapple for weight loss is irreplaceablefruit, because it dulls the feeling of hunger. Eaten in the evening a piece of this fruit will not go to the refrigerator once more, looking for a snack. This product is low-calorie and does not contain fat, which allows you to calmly take it for food to people who want to lose weight.

A diet based on this amazingfruit, differs from other fairly diverse menu. Here, meat is used in moderate quantities, and dairy products, and cereals, however, in the center of this all will be pineapple. He must be present at every meal. Also very useful is fresh from this fruit, which should be drunk immediately after preparation (like all freshly squeezed juices, it is not subject to long storage).

Dreaming of a slender figure, you need to know thatyou can use pineapple with vodka for weight loss. To do this, one medium-sized fruit is crushed with the peel and added to vodka, which is enough to take half a liter. The received drink is put in a cool place or a refrigerator for several days, after which it is ready for consumption. Take a ready tincture is recommended for fifteen minutes before meals and at night for one tablespoon. This tincture of pineapple for weight loss will reduce weight to five kilograms per month.

If we use the proportions indicated above, thenThe drink should last for two to three weeks, after which a new one is made. The secret of this tincture is that vodka contributes to dehydration of the body, which reduces the likelihood of edema, and pineapple has a good effect on digestion. True, it is not necessary to abuse the use of tincture, since the alcohol contained in it can also have a negative effect on the body. After a month's course, it is recommended to take a break for several months, then, if desired or necessary, repeat.

If you sit on a pineapple diet, there is no desireor opportunity, then at least occasionally you can arrange for unloading days, in which the main dish will be pineapple. Strangely enough, but despite the sweet taste, it is used not only in the preparation of desserts, but also in combination with meat, as well as for salads (and not only fruit ones). Such an additive will reduce the overall calorie content of the dish, without worsening its taste. All this suggests that pineapple for weight loss can and should be used. Even in the case when the weight does not decrease, despite the use of this fruit, its beneficial effect on the body is felt almost immediately.

However, do not think that taking such vodkaor if there is a pineapple for weight loss enough. You can not simultaneously eat flour and high-calorie dishes, otherwise kilograms will not only not go away, but even vice versa. We should not forget about sports activities, use useful and natural products for food, and then the result can be even better than originally intended.

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