How Long Is Pregnancy

It's unclear why people say that pregnancylasts 9 months, and in fact - 40 weeks. If it lasted a little less, it should be considered premature. Of course, it is impossible to determine with certainty the exact date of birth. Of course, it is possible to calculate the exact date of birth accurately, but not the fact that it will be true. Virtually no one, not even doctors, can tell with certainty how many days the pregnancy of your organism lasts, and what number the delivery will be. There is no single answer to the question of how many weeks pregnant women, because this period depends on a huge number of factors. Even if you know exactly when the conception occurred, you will not be able to find out how fast the sperm turned out, how long it was implanted in the egg, how long it had traveled through the fallopian tubes, how long the fetus would develop in the womb. All this depends on the individual characteristics of the body. However, there is still a small pattern of how long the pregnancy lasts most often, and when the child is ready to be born. These calculations can only be based, but do not expect 100%. Certain calculations have shown that the pregnancy ends at 37-42 a week. In the event that the week is 43 weeks, the birth is caused artificially, so that there are no problems with the placenta and the breathing of the child.

So, how long does the pregnancy lastcalculation of obstetricians? In most cases, women from the time of fertilization to the onset of labor take 38 weeks, which in terms of days is 266. However, most women do not know the exact moment of fertilization. But, most likely, perfectly remember the date of the last monthly. It is her that is taken for the basis of calculation. Gynecologists say that on average, 280 days pass from the first day of menstruation to delivery. Most likely, the real term of pregnancy is two weeks less than the so-called menstrual period.

If you count the number of days, you canTo see that the time is exactly nine months, as people are used to saying. The average cycle lasts about 28 days, it is standard for most women. That is why the term of 40 weeks is calculated mainly for a cycle of 28 days.

How much pregnancy lasts will beinfluence many other factors: first of all, the health of the future mother will have an important influence. Depending on what kind of lifestyle a woman led, the speed of fetal development, its condition, psychological background will depend. Sometimes it happened when a woman gave birth on a personal day, for example, to a holiday, or to a husband's return from a long trip. However, the psychological mood is not always decisive. A huge influence on how long a pregnancy lasts is provided by such a factor as heredity. If your mother gave birth to you before the deadline, the chances are that you will have the same. Virtually all calculations are conditional, and trying to conceive a child in order to give birth to the New Year, are impossible. If at the end of the term you have some doubts as to whether you have tolerated a child, it is worth paying attention to your own well-being and the behavior of the baby.

In any case, the doctors carefully monitorfor pregnancy and you need to follow all the recommendations. It is difficult not to agree with the fact that no matter how long or hard the pregnancy was, this period is truly magical! You do not have to worry about trifles, you just have to enjoy your fortune, because it will soon be over.

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