How many degrees in vodka? Turns, degrees and GOST

Vodka is one of the strong alcohol drinks. How many degrees in vodka? This product is obtained by processing a solution consisting of alcohol (40-56%) and water with further filtration.

What are the ingredients of vodka?

One of the most important components is thealcohol, which is obtained by processing wheat grains or other cereals, as well as potatoes. The ground mixture of raw materials is boiled, after which yeast is put, which promote fermentation. Then all this mass is placed in a special apparatus for further processing. Thus, the purified alcohol is obtained. But a 100% solution of alcohol is very difficult to obtain, but rather, impossible, since impurities will still be present (albeit in small amounts). Further, a certain amount of water is added to the resulting substance and re-purified with activated carbon. To make the vodka fragrant and more pleasant to taste, also add a small amount of citric acid, glucose, honey, orange peel, lemon and other fruits, milk powder and much more, depending on the recipe.

how many degrees in vodka

Different manufacturers have their own technology, includingnumber and the choice of water will be for everyone different. You can use distilled or boiled, but in them alcohol is poorly soluble. The tap water may contain a large number of salts, as a result of which the vodka will not be transparent, but whitish.

To achieve the softness of water, it is pumped through filters with sand, allowed to be treated with cationite and other plants. It is forbidden to use turbid water, with foreign smell and taste.

How many degrees of alcohol in vodka

As you know, alcohol is one of the necessarycomponents contained in a given alcoholic beverage. When buying vodka, we often pay attention to the degrees, which are indicated on the label in the form of a number and with a small circle near (top). How many degrees in vodka? Traditional vodka has a strength of 40 ° -45 °. This is the best option from those that were previously proposed. A 40-degree alcoholic beverage does not burn the stomach.

Some manufacturers began to designate instrength ratio of alcoholic beverage. Therefore, calculating the weight in percent, indicate the number of degrees (for example, 40 °), and calculating the volume - the percentage ratio (for example, "fortress 16-18% vol." Or "alcohol 18% vol.").

rice vodka how many degrees

How to get 40-degree vodka? To do this, mix 90-degree alcohol in an amount of 100 ml with 130 ml of water. The result is the following: 1 part alcohol to 1.3 water. Optional ingredients, such as glucose, have almost no effect on the strength of the beverage.

What alcohol is used for making vodka

Alcohol is a liquid that has combustibleproperties. In 100% of the total volume, ethanol is 96.6%, which is why they call it ethyl. The rectified (which was re-run to clean the alcohol of impurities), ethyl alcohol is mixed with water to prepare this product.

The quality of ethanol depends on how purified it is: first grade - 96%, higher purification - 96.2%, luxury - 96.3%, and extra 96.5%. There is also a medical alcohol.

how many degrees in rice vodka sake

Quality standards (GOST)

How many degrees in vodka? The standards stipulate the production of vodka using five types of purified (rectified) alcohol: "Higher purification", "Lux", "Extra", "Alpha" and "Super". The last two of the above are the highest quality alcohols. Their production is established not so long ago, but has already found its application in the manufacture of elite vodka drinks ("Premium" class). "Lux", "Alpha" and "Super" are made exclusively from grains. When making alcohols such as "Extra" and "Higher purification" it is possible to use other raw materials, for example, potatoes or sugar from beets. Some enterprises related to the field of medicine can use medical alcohol. The finished vodka product should not contain furfural.

Storage of alcohol by the terms is not limited. But you must always observe the conditions. Vodka drinks must be made strictly according to the requirements of standards, instructions, in accordance with sanitary norms. How many degrees in vodka? The strength of the drink should be at least 37.5%. The amount of toxic substances and radionuclides should not exceed the permissible level. Alcohol can only be used purified.

royal vodka how many degrees

Application of vodka drinks

You do not need to drink such a drink, if you do not wantspoil the taste. But if this option does not suit you, you can take a glass of plain water. In no event can you drink vodka from plastic (disposable) cups, because when making dishes for one-time use substances that are harmful to health, but contribute to the strength of this object. An alcoholic drink filled with a drink emits poisons that will accumulate and adversely affect your body.

Rice vodka (sake): degrees

Rice vodka - how many degrees in this unusualdrink? Rice vodka, or "sake", is called Japanese vodka. The rice is used when making large, containing a large amount of starch. But it is not entirely appropriate to call this drink vodka, since the process of distillation is not available during preparation, and in fact it must necessarily be in the preparation of such a product. That's why it is also called rice wine, the technology of which is based on fermentation, not fermentation. Also equate sake to beer, rum, liquor and even compared with weak brew.

How many degrees in sake - rice vodka? Sake is distinguished by its lightness and low alcohol content in comparison with other types of vodka drinks. Its strength ranges from 14.5% to 20%, sometimes reaches 25% (depending on the type of sake and its aging). If the rice vodka is only cooked, then its strength will be no more than 15%. Exposure enhances the strength of up to 20% or more, but in the birthplace of the sake of Japan - they often dilute it to get degrees no more than 16. This is how the vodka / sake ratio looks: 40 ° to 16 °, which is why this drink can not be called vodka .

how many degrees of alcohol in vodka

Degrees of royal vodka

Royal vodka - how many degrees in this drink? And is she "royal"? The pathos name of this substance does not mean at all that only aristocrats can afford it. This liquid is intended for other purposes.

Royal vodka is a mixture of hydrochloric acidacid and nitrogen (ratio of volume to 1). It has a yellowish color, a pronounced smell of chlorine and nitrogen. Such a substance is one of the most powerful oxidants, can dissolve any metals, including gold and platinum. But such properties of royal vodka are lost if the substance has not been closed for a long time (chlorine is weathered at the same time).

how many degrees in American vodka

How many degrees in American vodka

Ingredients in this product will be the same asin similar production of different countries. Most American manufacturers of alcoholic beverages in the production of vodka achieve softness of water due to boiling and distillation.

How many degrees of alcohol in vodka you drinkAmericans? America's strong alcoholic beverages, including vodka, are famous for their diversity and high quality. The fortress of American vodka is quite high. Especially popular are such brands: "44 ° North Latitude", "Smirnoff" (50 °), "Wolfschmidt", "Black Eagle" and many others.

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