How to assemble an AGT facade

What equipment is needed for the manufacture of AGT facades, you already know. On this page we will look at how to prepare and assemble the facade in detail. If you need to replace kitchen fronts, we recommend ordering on the website

To do this, you naturally need something from which you will collect it: a profile and an insert. In addition, you also need a special glue (for gluing MDF) and locks for more rigid attachment of the profile to each other.


We will assemble a facade with a size of 150-150mm. You need to start with profile cutting. The main thing is that the parallel profile of the facade were the same size. In order to achieve this, I recommend that you first slaughter one corner of each profile, and only then, using an emphasis set to the size you need, trim the second corner of the profiles.

Cutting the profile, proceed to the next operation - milling grooves under the locks. First one and then the other side.

That's what you should get.

Then proceed to the assembly (gluing). Glue consists of two components. Adhesive paste and hardener spray. This process is not complicated. You have two surfaces to glue.Glue is applied on one of them, hardener on the other, and is pressed against each other for a few seconds. You need to glue the two corners together to make a “P” where you will insert a pre-prepared insert from MDF or glass.


Paste the insert into the grooves of the profiles, paste the remaining profile.

Turn the face upside down and drive locks into the slots. All your facade is ready.

If you want to insert glass into the façade instead of MDF inserts, then you will need a special glass sealing.

It is simply pressed from the back side of the facade into the groove of the profile where the glass is inserted.

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