How to become beautiful in 13 years? Tips and Tricks

How to become beautiful in 13 years? The question of attractiveness is of interest to the fair sex at any age. In each historical time there were their standards of beauty. In the Middle Ages, the high forehead was considered fashionable, in the time of Rubens - lush forms, etc. Today everybody has his own idea of ​​beauty, but we must not forget that you will not be all the people, the main thing is individuality. However, many girls persistently strive for the invented ideal - 90Х60Х90. Looking at attractive faces and perfect figures, maturing young ladies can not hide admiration and desire to look the same. They do not think that a beautiful appearance is not only a gift of nature, but also hard work. Everyday, for many years ... And start to wonder about how to become beautiful at 13 years old for 1 day (yes, there are also such wishes). And I want to say to young girls: remember, external beauty is a reflection of the inner. It is necessary to like yourself, to love yourself, to take care of health, to develop spiritually, and then the outer gloss, which can be artificially imparted, will not fade. How to love yourself, how to differ from others, how to be beautiful at 13 years old? Follow our advice.

how to become beautiful in 13 years

Develop self-confidence

Even the most elegant lady will not produce anyImpressions, if you nervously nail your nails, fidget in the chair and stammer after every word. Nothing will help here: neither the magnificent make-up nor the couture dress. Here to you and self-confidence. This means that you have to accept yourself as you are, to love yourself, then other people will treat you in the same way. There are situations when it's just impossible not to worry, but try to keep yourself in hand, do auto-training.

Hormones are raging - this is normal

Probably every girl at the age of 13 knows the word"Hormones." They turn it from a little girl into an adult girl. How to become beautiful in 13 years, when these hormones get up with the body is that it can not be controlled? The girl often changes her mood, today she hates someone, tomorrow she is bound by a strong friendship with the same person. Remember, this is all normal and will soon pass, but in extreme cases you should not rush (that is, believe that you are not all right with appearance or figure). Again, love yourself, know your own worth - and everything will be fine! Remember the series "Sex and the City", where she played one of the main roles of Sarah Jessica Parker? For many, she is a model of beauty, although if you look closely, she has a large nose, an extended chin, and her eyes are closely planted. Why do not we notice this at first sight? Yes, because she loves herself, her beauty is in self-confidence, in her charm.

how to become beautiful in 13 years at home

And where is your zest?

Each person is individual and unique, and you -not an exception. Someone's gorgeous hair, someone - beautiful lips, someone - a seductive mole. Find your zest, which will give you confidence in your uniqueness, emphasize it whenever possible.

Be feminine and natural

This is another answer to the question of how to become abeautiful in 13 years. We have already mentioned hormones that make you more mature, but they can also give you stupid thoughts. If we talked about individuality and uniqueness, this does not mean that we must run to the hairdresser and shave our head naked or do tattoos all over the body in the salon. These are extremes, which you can later regret (when the hormones calm down). Femininity and naturalness are the main trump cards of a girl who thinks how to become beautiful at the age of 13. Better use light shades of lip gloss, mascara and a drop of perfume. And here it is - a real beauty!

how to become beautiful in 13 years for 1 day

Care for yourself has not been canceled

We believe that this girl about this andTo speak it is not necessary, it is transferred, so to say, with milk of mother. And since we have raised the issue in a comprehensive manner, we will also recall this. Skin, hair, nails - this is what catches everyone's eye first. So, regularly my head, it is desirable to rinse hair with herbal decoctions, use balms, which will give shine and splendor to the curls. The skin needs special care, especially in adolescence. Use if necessary cleansing lotions, scrubs, gels, do not forget to wash off cosmetics before going to bed. Nails should be carefully trimmed, tinted. If you chew them or show off the shabby varnish, then this does not add to you.


how to be beautiful in 13 yearsHow to become beautiful in 13 years at home? The basic rules we described above, but it's also worth mentioning about proper nutrition. Do not forget that your body is now being reconstructed and needs a lot of vitamins, microelements, which answer not only for beauty, but also for health. Include in the menu of porridge, vegetables, fruits, fish, meat, etc. But not so popular now chips, crackers and poison from fast food. If you have already managed to have a bad habit (smoking, for example), immediately discard it. This will not add to your attractiveness in the eyes of others and self-confidence, and health will definitely spoil. Yes, and the appearance too: yellow teeth, stale complexion, smoky fingers, and the smell from the mouth and can not speak ...

And the most important thing is to stay as it is: cute, feminine, attractive, that is, what you yourself created by nature. Love yourself, repeat yourself several times a day, that you are the most charming and attractive. Thoughts are known to be material. Best wishes to you!

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