How to brick a house

July 18, 2011
A private house

How to brick a houseIt often happens that after the construction of the house is finished, the owners notice that their dwelling is not warm enough, and then the question arises how to impose bricks on the house. Lack of comfort in the home can be caused by the use of poor quality materials or due to improper installation of wall blocks. The solution to the problem can be not only heat insulation, but also the construction of brickwork.

Brick lining has a positive effect on the ability of the house to keep warm and makes it comfortable and durable. When lining the house, you must adhere to some rules and then the result is sure to please.

How to brick a house

  • First you need to calculate the number of bricks for lining a particular house. At first, the areas of the walls are considered, and already on the basis of them, the need for a brick is calculated. Approximate consumption of bricks per square meter of a wall is 50 pcs.
  • Then choose the type of brick. It can be differentbut when choosing a brick, you must choose products of uniform color. Another brick should make a ringing sound when struck. Usually use a corpulent silicate type of brick. The color of clay does not affect the quality of the brick, and therefore it is possible to use both white and red bricks.
  • Now you can proceed directly to the facing of bricks. It fits the same way as when building an ordinary brick wall, but in those places where the distance from the existing wall is more than 6 cm, it is necessary to arrange connections. Long nails of about 10 cm are well suited for this purpose. A large length of nails is impractical.
  • how to brick a old house

  • Knead the solution in the proportions of 1 part of cement and 4 parts of sand; water must be taken so that the solution is similar in consistency to thick yogurt and not too flowing. It should be remembered that the silicate brick is a poor absorbent, so it is worth considering the issue of the preservation of masonry on the first day after completion of the work, the masonry collapse due to the effect of water on the still not frozen solution should not be allowed.
  • The seams are made no more than 1-1.5 cm, and above the openings of windows and doors, usually ready-made reinforced concrete lintels are used or they are poured directly on the construction site, using formwork from boards.

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