How to choose an ultrasonic humidifier: what to look at before buying?

The most acceptable way to normalize the microclimate of a closed space is to purchase humidifying equipment. Among the variety of species of particular interest is an ultrasonic humidifier, which differs from its counterparts in high performance, safety and ease of use.

The maximum benefit, the effectiveness of the use of the device is possible with the correct approach to the choice of a humidifier.

Device and principle of operation

Air humidity is one of the determining factors of a healthy and comfortable microclimate. The optimum moisture content in the atmosphere at home - 50-60%. However, with the onset of the heating season, the figure drops to a critical level of 15-25%.

Over-dried air has a negative effect on performance, reduces immune function and increases the risk of complications in infectious diseases."Grandfather's" methods (hanging wet towels on radiators, placing the pelvis with water) are ineffective and not convenient to use.

According to experts and consumer reviews, ultrasound models are recognized as leaders among household humidifiers.

Humidifier device
The device of the simplest piezo emitter: 1 - water tank, 2 - filter cartridge, 3 - fan, 4 - mechanical cleaning filter, 5 - UT-membrane, 6 - vaporization channel, 7 - water suspension sprayer

In ultrasonic units, the property of piezoelectrics to transform electrical vibrations into mechanical ones is realized. Scheme of action:

  1. The tank is filled with water, the liquid is subjected to primary filtration.
  2. A high-voltage voltage is applied to the piezoelectric crystal (ultrasonic plate).
  3. Under the influence of current, the membrane oscillates - in the water layer, waves of low and high pressure appear, alternating with each other.
  4. In the low-pressure zone, the liquid “boils” at a low temperature — cavitation occurs while simultaneously emitting a water aerosol.
  5. The airflow blown by the fan drives the water “dust” to the outlet.

Externally, it seems as if water is boiling inside the humidifier, but the outgoing steam is cold at the same time. Depending on the equipment, the operation of the device may differ slightly - additional stages are added (cleaning, ozonation, aromatization, etc.).

Application features: pros and cons

The popularity of ultrasonic climate systems is constantly growing. The trend is due to a number of positive qualities of piezo emitters.

Humidifier efficiency
The strengths of ultrasonic "aerosols": efficiency, safety of use, quiet operation, efficiency, simplicity of service, interesting design, compactness and mobility

Efficiency.The performance of ultrasonic humidifiers is higher than that of traditional-type units (“cold evaporation”) and somewhat inferior to steam appliances. The power of ultrasound models is enough for room maintenance up to 60 sq.m. An additional plus is the ability to automatically control humidity thanks to the built-in hygrostat.

Along with good performance, piezo-emitters consume two times less electricity than their counterparts, which generate hot steam.In the future, this leads to significant savings.

Security.The water in the container is not heated to high temperatures - there is no risk of getting burned during careless operation.

Noiseless functioning.The design uses a low-power fan, so these humidifiers are recognized as the quietest.

Noiseless operation
The noiseless operation is also determined by the absence of sounds of gurgling and boiling water, as in a steam apparatus. The average noise exposure - 25 dB

Mobility.The devices are compact in size, which allows them to be installed on a windowsill and furniture. With small dimensions, humidifiers produce impressive volumes of cold steam and are considered the best solution for limited space.

Ease of maintenance.The user is required to clean and dry, if the unit was idle for some time - this measure will prevent the formation of mold and pathogens on the internal surfaces of the humidifier.

Disadvantages of ultrasonic "spray" moisture:

  1. High price. Purchase of an ultrasonic device will cost more than a traditional or steam humidifier.However, the overestimated price is justified by the performance, practicality and economical consumption of electricity.
  2. The appearance of white bloom.When refilling the tank with non-distilled and mineralized water, “salt” dust can settle on the furniture.

Options for eliminating the minus: buying a humidifier with an integrated cleaning filter or using distilled water.

Safety of ultrasonic humidifier
There is a myth about the harmfulness of ultrasonic humidifier for children. Of course, the direct effect of strong radiation is dangerous, but in the humidification system we are talking about low power and scattered radiation through water, which is absolutely harmless

Decision Algorithm: Selection Tips

The market of climate units provides a wide range of ultrasound models. In order not to get confused in the variety and choose the right device, it is desirable to adhere to a certain scheme of choice. First, we need to understand which version of the ultrasonic humidifier is preferable. Secondly, to assess the technical capabilities of the aggregates of this segment. Third, pay attention to the secondary functionality. An important selection criterion is the reputation of the brand.

Variability of ultrasound models

The product line of ultrasonic humidifiers can conditionally be classified as follows:

  • typical household unit;
  • humidifier cleaner;
  • channel model;
  • portable mini-device;
  • submersible steam generator.

Typical humidifier.This is a traditional model for humidity control in an area of ​​10-60 sq. M. Functions as described above.

Household humidifier
The choice of household units is wide - from simple and budget products to technically advanced models that read and display current air parameters on the screen.

Moisturizer cleaner.This group is represented by devices with an ionization function — enrichment of the atmosphere with “negative” ions. The device can only work in humidification mode or simultaneously perform two tasks.

The built-in ionizer is able to neutralize cations, converting them into anions - particles that contribute to saturation of the body with oxygen and remove harmful impurities.

Ionizer Humidifier
A popular example of an ultrasonic ionizer humidifier is the VT-1761 (Airo2) from Vitek. Characteristics: power - 40 W, capacity - 400 ml / h and more. The advanced VT-1764 model has an informative display and electronic control.

Channel model.Along with the household there are channel ultrasonic units.The humidifier is mounted in the general ventilation system of the building, providing the supply of prepared air suspension to all rooms. Channel apparatus in demand in medical and industrial institutions.

Duct humidifier
Block diagram of the channel humidifier with an ultrasonic emitter. Designation in the picture: “M” - power and control module

Portable humidifier.An interesting option - a mini sprayer of moist air. Usually, a water tank is not provided in the models, its role is performed by an ordinary plastic bottle of 0.2-0.5 l. For installation of capacity there is a threaded "connector".

Portable humidifier
The power supply of the mini-module is a standard 220 V network or connected via a USB port of a PC. The device provides zone moistening, full room service is impossible.

Submersible steam generator.Significantly differs in design from standard models - there is no case, fan or other elements in the device. In fact, this is a working module of the ultrasonic humidifier.

The steam generator converts water into cold fog. The unit is often used as a decorative element of an interior or an artificial reservoir. To use a fog generator as a humidifier, it is enough to place a piezoelectric plate in a bowl with liquid and install a fan next to it.

Submersible steam generator
Features of the immersion humidifier: the optimal water temperature is 5-45 ° С, the flow rate is about 200-250 ml / h, the duration of uninterrupted work is up to eight hours

Before buying climate technology, you should evaluate the capabilities of the piezo emitter. First of all, pay attention to the relevant technical and operational parameters:

  • service area - the performance of the device;
  • displacement of water tank;
  • sound effect during operation.

The performance of the unit.The indicator determines the amount of water evaporated per unit of time and the maximum service area. The humidifier capacity is selected in accordance with the dimensions of the room where the appliance will be installed.

Humidifier performance
In a room of 15 square meters should not place the device, designed for 60 square meters. Instead of normalized moisture there is a chance to get a room filled with fog. In addition, electricity bills increase unnecessarily.

It is important to understand, despite the high performance, any unit is able to moisten one room of high quality. Even with the doors open, circulation between neighboring rooms is not enough. The device should serve each room in turn.Hence, the key parameter is the area of ​​the most spacious room.

Reference size compliance with the dimensions of the room:

  • 60 square meters - 550-600 ml / h;
  • 50 square meters - 500-550 ml / h;
  • 40 square meters - 450 ml / h;
  • 30 square meters - 380 ml / h;
  • 25 sq.m - 280 ml / h.

Power device depends on its performance and built-in "devices".

Feature Comparison
High-performance models with advanced functionality consume about 100-130 W, ultrasonic humidifiers for 10-25 square meters - from 12-20 W

Container volumeThe capacity of the tank of household appliances is 1-7.5 liters. From the displacement of the tank will depend on the frequency of "filling" the humidifier and the period of continuous operation.

For round-the-clock operation, it is better to choose a model with a volumetric capacity (more than 6 liters), for occasional use a humidifier of 3-5 liters is suitable. Their reserve will be enough for continuous work within 10-12 hours.

Tank volume
Calculation of continuous operation time: container volume / capacity. For example, the reservoir capacity is 6000 ml, the water consumption is 500 ml / h. So one refill is enough for 12 hours.

Noise level.The “sound” of the humidifier can be a serious irritating factor, especially if you plan to use the device at night.Demonstrations with sound of 20-25 dB demonstrate almost silent operation - this is the optimal choice for a nursery and a bedroom.

Are the devices at 30-35 dB less comfortable in acoustic perception? They are suitable for a living room. Modules of 40 dB and above are applicable in public buildings, where the requirements for “noise” are underestimated.

Safety and usability

In order to prevent damage and ensure rational use, manufacturers supply the products with the following elements:

  1. Liquid level sensor.The device is placed in the working chamber and automatically turns off the humidifier at a critical drop in water. The sensor blocks the functioning of the "dry" and the failure of technology.
  2. Autoshutdown when overturning.In modern models, when the equipment falls, a “stop-protection” is activated, which stops the operation of the humidifier.
  3. Hygrostat.The option of tracking humidity in the atmosphere allows you not to turn the room microclimate into the tropics. Excessive moisture causes mold to multiply.

Usability is influenced by: control method, presence of indicators, dimensions and ergonomic design of the case.

Humidifier control
Adjustment of work is performed by mechanical or electronic control. Practical and convenient "device" - remote setting parameters. The presence of the console is especially important if the device is remotely located - on a high shelf, cabinet

Welcome indicators topping up the water and cleaning the module. For owners of ultrasonic steam generators with additional functions, an indication of the current mode of operation will be useful.

In advance, you need to think about a convenient place to install the device. The location depends on the size of the equipment. It is better to give preference to a compact device - it can be put on a cabinet, window sill or table. An additional plus is low weight and mobility.

Humidifier for the nursery
In the interior of the nursery, “cartoon” humidifiers look good. Famous brands in the manufacture of such models do not include phthalates and bisphenol-A in plastic

Availability of additional options

Advanced functionality affects the cost of the humidifier. Optional bonus options include:

  1. Aromacapsule. A cartridge or flask for filling with aromatic oil will allow using the device in aromatherapy.
  2. Timer.The item turns off the humidifier at the specified time.If it takes three hours to achieve optimum humidity, you can set a timer - this approach saves energy and reduces the "refill" of the device with water.
  3. Rotating sprayer.Adjusting the direction of water mist for targeted spraying to the side or upward depends on the installation location of the unit.

Additional option "night mode" provides reduced performance, electricity consumption, as well as disables the light display and indicators.

Built-in lights
Decorative device adds the original glow of the container with water. Built-in lights can replace a night light in the nursery or bedroom

Review of the best ultrasonic humidifiers

The sales leaders are products of foreign companies: Stadler Form (Switzerland), Polaris (China), Redmond (USA), Royal Clima (China), Electrolux (Sweden), Boneco (Switzerland), AIRComfort (Italy), etc. The review presents household models with matching the stated parameters.

Jack J-020 with double water treatment

The development model Stadler Form is made according to European standards. The humidifier is equipped with two cleaning complexes: a bactericidal cleaning cartridge and a demineralization filter.Work control is supported by electric sensors.

On the laconic case provides a simple touch control and visual indication.

Jack J-020 specifications
Additional characteristics: service area - 65 square meters, color - black / white, maximum noise - 29 dB, the presence of night mode and the option "warm steam". Estimated price - 280-320 USD

Disadvantages from the words of consumers: the lack of a remote control, the need to buy expensive cartridges.

Humidifier-ionizer RHF-3303 from Redmond

Despite the affordable cost (about 110 cu), the device has the functionality of expensive models. Main advantages of RHF-3303:

  • Crystal Clear - cleaning cartridge;
  • built-in hygrostat;
  • air ionization;
  • remote control;
  • capacious tank - 6 l.

There are modes "Cold / Warm steam", timer and display.

RHF-3303 from Redmond
Cons RHF-3303: the inability to turn off the sound indicator, reset settings in the absence of power. There is no opening for filling the tank with water from above - it is necessary to open the case

PUH 5206 Di is a popular Polaris model.

Functional humidifier with the option of ionization without unnecessary "consumption". The strengths of PUH 5206 Di:

  • three-level steam supply;
  • stylish design;
  • sleep timer with a range of 1-9 hours;
  • night mode;
  • LED display;
  • water filtration through a carbon cartridge.

An important plus is the competitive price (about $ 100).

Characteristics PUH 5206 Di
Additional characteristics: continuous work - 18 hours, installation - floor. Cons: bulky to carry, no aromacapsules, inconvenience filling the tank

Ruh-S380 - stylish performance and availability

The original ellipse design in three colors (white, lavender and blue) immediately attracts attention. In addition to the sophisticated look, the Ruh-S380 from Royal Clima Sanremo boasts a number of advantages:

  • the choice of the direction of steam - turn the valve 360 ​​°;
  • compactness and light weight - 0.97 kg;
  • smooth adjustment of the evaporation rate;
  • almost silent work;
  • loyal cost - about 30-40 cu

Ruh-S380 can be used for aromatherapy.

Characteristics of the Ruh-S380
The model is effective in a room up to 30 sq. M. The disadvantage is the lack of pre-cleaning fluid. To extend the service life, warn the "white precipitate" to fill the container with distilled water.

Air-O-Swiss U650 - High-Tech Solution

The Swiss brand Boneco is a recognized leader in the production of climate technology. The Air-O-Swiss U650 is a prime example of quality and functionality.

Features and features:

  • automatic regulation of the microclimate due to the temperature sensor and hygrostat;
  • pre-pasteurization of water;
  • durable ultrasound membrane with titaniumnitrit sheath;
  • the possibility of retrofitting with an ionizing rod, dual-jet nebulizer;
  • several modes: Auto / Night, Warm / Cold steam;
  • touch i-touch control;
  • timer for 8 hours.

Despite its high performance, Air-O-Swiss is virtually silent - up to 25 dB.

Air-O-Swiss U650 specifications
Indicators for cleaning the unit and display brightness are provided. The filter cartridge needs to be replaced every 2-4 months. The cost of the humidifier - 200-220 USD

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

Comparison of the possibilities of popular modifications of ultrasonic devices:

Detailed overview of the three humidifiers (Ballu UHB-550E, Air-O-Swiss 7135, Bork H-510):

The choice of household equipment should proceed from a comprehensive assessment of the characteristics of the appliance itself and individual needs. In any case, the acquisition of an ultrasonic humidifier is the right step towards a healthy microclimate.

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