How to communicate with a man in order that he always had an interest

Relations between men and women have always been verydifficult, because it is difficult to find a common language for completely different people. And with the fact that the male and female psyche are different, no one will argue. No wonder now there is such a mass of anecdotes devoted to mutual understanding of the sexes. Yes there is far to go - to take at least phrases about women's logic or about man's habits (for example, lying on the couch with a beer in his hand, while the wife fusses around, doing a lot of household chores). In this article I want to talk about how to communicate correctly with a man: what you need to do to be heard, and what mistakes in communicating with members of the opposite sex should be avoided.

how to communicate with a man

The main rule

It is worth saying that advice on this topic can begive a great variety. And yet you can not reinvent the wheel, but learn all the important information, so to speak, from the source. Yes, it's the guy who can talk about how to communicate with a man properly. It is necessary to ask about it only. After all, how many people, so many opinions, and therefore, there is no universal "recipe". But there is one thing: you can do this only if the relationship with this person is already very strong and trustworthy. At the first stages of dating, asking such questions is not recommended, it is better to observe the general rules of decency when communicating. But when the relationship reaches a certain stage, one must always speak openly and directly with one's beloved in order not to do something that he does not like or tuj annoying. By the way, the young man should do the same.

Commonplace politeness

So, how to communicate with a man? First of all, we note that no one has yet canceled the politeness. Guys are the same people, and they also require a good attitude to themselves. Do not forget to say "thank you", "please", etc. All requests and comments should be correct. A special category of the issue is quarrels. Anything happens, and the heat of passion is provided here (where even without this?), However, in the moments of clarifying the relationship, you do not need to pour all the dirt on the guy, then you'll have to regret it. Remember the mutual respect and the rules of decency (even if it is quite difficult to do this).

how to communicate with a man to tame him


Young ladies who are interested in howcorrectly communicate with a man, the following recommendation is useful: you need to know how to formulate your requests to him. So, guys do not like arrogant and narcissistic individuals who believe that the whole world revolves around them. All requests should again be based on courtesy. Forget about the orderly tone - he is not a servant or a runaway boy. Remember about male pride - no normal "man" will not tolerate that about him wiped his feet. The strongest weapon of women is her weakness. Helpless look, self-doubt, a timid question: "Could you (could not you) ...?" - will do their part. And a representative of the strong half of humanity already feels like a superhero ...

Topics for conversation

Many girls wonder: "How to communicate with a man so that he always had an interest?" The answer to the indecency is simple: to be interesting to him. This requires a lot to read, develop in different industries. Gone are the days when an intelligent woman was considered a black sheep. Today, a lady just needs to be educated, for a modern man badly needs a highly intelligent life companion. Thus, to be able to hold the attention of representatives of the opposite sex for a long time, it will be necessary to try hard. However, it is not necessary to "shine with the mind" at every opportunity, it is best just to be able to competently support the conversation. If the knowledge in this or that area is very weak, absent or based on rumors, it is better to keep quiet so as not to speak out frank nonsense and not expose yourself as a fool. But there is one thing: some guys are just afraid of smart girls, because they themselves are not very developed. Therefore, in this way you can not only tie a young man to yourself, but also be terribly scared off. What to do? Look closely at the object of his sympathy, listen to his speech, pay attention to manners. All these little things are able to tell a lot.

how to communicate with a man so that he always had an interest


Very important advice for those who do not know how toto communicate with a man to tame a handsome man: do not make scandals and fights. Guys do not like it terribly! A sad look and a quietly rolled tear will act much stronger than yelling and hysterics. In addition, every woman should remember that men can not stand when their brains "rinse", especially if the cause is stupidity, not worthy of attention. Arrange scenes, because the guy did not call or talked to another girl in social networks or live, - a huge stupidity. If the quarrel is ripe, say everything directly, without hinting or trying to force it to think of everything yourself. After all, what seems important to us, men often seem like a trifle. In general, the best course of events is a frank conversation, without shouting and moralizing. To leave, slamming the door, it is very easy. It's much harder to stay, listen, understand and accept.


We go further, figuring out how to communicate with men. You must give them freedom. The guy does not need to send SMS every 10 minutes, he does not need to call the whole day either (unless the young man does it himself or likes it). Understand: people need a little rest from each other. And yes, he must have his own space. And hiking with friends on football or in a cafe. Try to turn this negative relationship into a plus: let him miss you! This does not mean that you need to pretend that his adventures do not matter to you. No, just let it go ...

 how to communicate with a man scorpion


What else can you tell women who want tounderstand how to communicate with men correctly? Do not control them. Guys do not like terribly when a woman takes on the role of mother and wants to know when and where her lover was, what he did and what he ate. This is some kind of continuation of the rule of freedom, but with little reservations. There is even an old joke that a man, like a dog, should be kept on a medium-length leash: not too short so that he does not try to gnaw it, but not too long to run around the corner.


Also it is possible to recommend to girls whowant to know how to competently communicate with men, the following: you must always be in a good mood. Of course, there can sometimes be exceptions, but the displeased expression of a lady's face can not just upset a man, but also adjust it negatively. Well, think for yourself, who is interested in hindering Tsarevna Nesmeyanu? Another thing is when a girl smiles, laughs, and sometimes even fools around (from time to time you can afford this behavior). All this will cause the guy only pleasant impressions and a corresponding positive reaction.

how to communicate with a male lion

Listen and hear

Who does not know that women love with their ears? This truth is as old as the world. How often, pouting, we declare that the guys do not hear us. And what are they? But they also want to be listened to. And thus also have heard. Do not ignore the beloved's stories about how the day went. Especially it is necessary to gather strength and listen to a young man when he talks about his hobby: hunting, fishing, football ... And if the girl will let know that she is interested, ask questions or make a competent remark, a man in general will come to full delight and will look at it in a completely different way.

Zodiac signs

About how women should communicate with men - representatives of different signs of the zodiac, it is worth talking to communicate with a man aquarius

  1. Aries. By their nature, these men are energetic, restless and always in motion. To evoke interest in his person, you need to be a well-read and highly educated lady.
  2. How to communicate with a male Taurus? This is a very interesting question. So, these people are open, emotional and sincere. This they will require and from communication with the girl. In such a relationship, it is better for a lady to remain herself and remember that Taurus love honesty and devotion.
  3. Twins. Representatives of this sign are by nature free and not too serious. From communicating with the Gemini, a woman should not expect much. Lack of commitment and minimum requirements - this is the key to successful relationships.
  4. Cancers. They are people of strong spirit and great will. To impress a representative of this sign of the Zodiac, one must be lenient towards his weaknesses, and also be benevolent.
  5. How to communicate with a male Lion? Here the name of the character of the zodiac circle speaks for itself. So, these are people who love themselves enough, besides they are leaders by nature. Communicate with such a person you need maximum on an equal footing and in no case put yourself at least a little higher. Lions are very fond of praise and do not tolerate betrayal. If you follow these simple rules, communication with Leo will be a pleasure.
  6. The Virgin. Representatives of this sign are hardworking, have a cold calculating mind. They will be interested in those ladies who are well educated, have moved up the career ladder (reached a certain level in the work activity). Also the Virgin love praise.
  7. The next sign is Libra. What do you need to remember in this case? How to communicate with a man? Libra are people who often change their minds. At the same time they are calm, cheerful and attentive. And the lady needs to be the same. In a difficult moment for them, you need to drop everything and be close: these natures, like no other, require attention and support.
  8. Scorpio. The question of how to communicate with a Scorpio man is incredibly relevant, since these are extraordinary personalities. Often these are self-willed arrogant people. Communicate with representatives of this sign is better at ease, not provoking them to quarrel. If you know about the weak spot of such a man, do not try to use this information as a weapon directed against him - it will not lead to anything good. Scorpio can quite painfully sting, and not just a word.
  9. Sagittarius. They are very sociable men. Therefore, the lady should be ready to communicate with many of their friends and acquaintances. In this respect, the elect does not understand the prohibitions and will not accept the prohibitions. The basic rules of communicating with Sagittarius: do not open all the secrets (they do not know how to keep them to themselves) and not be imposed.
  10. Capricorn. By their nature, these are very patient and restrained personalities. In addition, they are always serious and often do not like excessive gaiety. Communicating with the representative of this sign, all the time you need to prove your reliability and fidelity. And do not forget that Capricorns require their half of understanding and sympathy.
  11. Aquarius. Equally necessary is a clue about how to communicate with a male Aquarius. These people are not arrogant, outgoing. You need to be on equal terms with them, they like it. In addition, two important points need to be remembered: you can not convince Aquarius, you should not even start; for the representatives of this sign is not important status, but the inner world of the interlocutor is of great importance.
  12. Fish. By their very nature, Pisces are very susceptible to everything that surrounds them, and they are also very vulnerable. Finding a common language with the representative of this sign is not so easy, for he does not let everyone to himself. Only by showing benevolence, sincerity, and later complete devotion, you can deserve the love of a male Pisces.

how to communicate with a man


And now let's talk about what the girl should be avoided in communicating with the guys.

  1. Do not teach. A woman should not tell a young person what to do or say is a huge mistake.
  2. Do not interrupt. A man needs to listen fully, not trying to insert his "five cents." Only after the end of the monologue can you express your opinion on this or that question.
  3. Do not criticize. It is strictly forbidden in the conversation to criticize the guy himself or his inner circle, especially his parents and friends.
  4. Do not impose. If a man at the moment can not or does not want to communicate, you do not need to insist on this.
  5. Do not exalt yourself. Girls should remember that you do not need to advertise yourself too much, even if you are an angel in the flesh. Let the guy learn about everything gradually and preferably from other people's lips. And every time to emphasize what a clever, beautiful woman, just silly.

And the last thing I want to say is: all the rules and clues are good, but you do not need to get too hung up on this. It must be remembered that in communicating with a representative of the opposite sex, you need to be as open and natural as possible, and then everything will turn out by itself, and communication will reach the level that both need.

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