How to connect the modem to the computer?

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How to connect the modem to the computer?

A modem is an external device thatconnects to a computer, laptop or tablet via a USB port and serves to access the Internet. The output to the global network is carried out through the usual SIM card, which is inserted inside the device. Today we will look at how to connect a modem.

How to connect USB-modem to computer

  1. Turn on the computer and wait for the operating system to fully boot.
  2. Remove the cap from the modem and connect the device to the USB connector (there are models of the device with a retractable connector).
  3. After connecting, you need to wait a while for the computer to recognize the device and go to the automatic software configuration process.
  4. As soon as all the necessary work processes are completed, the computer will inform you of the connection of the new device.
  5. Then go to the "Start" menu, the "Computer" section andselect the "AutoRun" program. (Depending on the operating system and the brand of the modem, the autoplay dialog box may pop up. In this case, click on the "Run" button).
  6. Next, the program prompts you to choose the language in which the installation will take place. Click on "Language Selection", click on "Russian" and then click "Ok".
  7. Next, another window will pop out. Click "Next".
  8. Next, you will need to tick the appropriate box to confirm the license agreement.
  9. Click the "Agree" button to install the program.
  10. Then you will need to choose the locationfile. To do this, click "Browse" and select the folder to download the file. (By default, all downloaded programs are installed on the "C" drive in the "Program Files" folder.) If you do not need the installation location, you can skip this item by clicking on the "Next" button).
  11. In the next step, if you wish, you can putcheck boxes in the "Place in the Start menu" and "Place a shortcut on the desktop." This means that the program icon will be located both in the Start menu and in the form of a shortcut on the desktop.
  12. Click on the "Ok" button and wait for the end of the installation.
  13. When you receive a message that the program has been installed, click the Exit button.
  14. Next, the computer in the automatic mode will continue to work on installing the necessary drivers.

How to set up a modem

The next step after connecting the device is setting up the device to access the Internet.

  1. Click on the shortcut of the installation program that is on the desktop. Or go to the program through the "Start" menu.
  2. Then click the "Connect" button.
  3. An important step is testing the connection. To do this, enter the address of any site in the browser line. Fast page loading means good communication. But take note of the fact that in the evenings because of the large number of network users the speed may fall. Morning and night are the times of the "fast" Internet.
  4. At the end of the session, go to the program menu and click "Disconnect" and only then disconnect the device from the computer.
  5. It is not recommended to change the device settings.

The described technology for connecting and configuring the modem is universal for the device of any mobile operator.

If you have any problems with connecting or modem setup, please read the instructions that came with the device. Or call the technical support and describe the problem.

When you buy a sim card, the SIM card is usuallyprovided in the kit. Do not forget to ask the specialist about the current tariff plan and consult about the conditions of other Internet tariffs (unlimited Internet and fixed-rate). If you want to switch to a different tariff, you can do it right away. The truth for this is that you need your passport, since the SIM card will need to be registered.

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