How to cook the patissons?

Patisson is a subspecies of an early ripening pumpkin. By taste, this vegetable resembles a zucchini. In order to learn more about what other vegetables are, we suggest you look into our section Vegetables. There are many recipes for how to cook the patissons: they can be fried, salted, stewed, marinated and used to make salads. They are also often stuffed with various fillings, using as a "vegetable dish." A few of the most successful recipes will be presented below.

Stuffed Patissons

In order to deliciously prepare stuffed patissons, the following ingredients will be required:

  • squash - 7-8 pieces;
  • boiled rice - 250 g;
  • any minced meat - a pound;
  • butter - 50 g;
  • carrots and onions - one piece;
  • hard cheese - 100 g;
  • spices to taste.

Cooking method

  1. take young patissons, cut off the "cap", take out the pulp with a spoon (do not throw away);
  2. fry the forcemeat in a frying pan (butter);
  3. add crushed carrots, onions and pulps of squash;
  4. Stew for 5-7 minutes and mix with rice;
  5. get the stuffing stuffed on the patissons, put on a baking sheet and put in the oven for 40 minutes, at 170-180 degrees;
  6. when the vegetables are almost ready, grate cheese on top and put into the oven for another 10 minutes.

How to cook a patisson for the winter

For those who are looking for information on how to cook the patissons for the winter, we offer the following recipes. Here is the simplest of them (salted patissons). For a portion intended for a liter jar, you will need:

  • squash - 700 g;
  • spices and herbs - dill, cherry and currant leaves, parsley and celery roots;
  • several cloves of garlic;
  • for brine - 1 liter of water and 4 tablespoons of salt.

Cooking method

  1. Put all the spices, leaves, garlic on the bottom of a liter jar, and then - squash, cut into large pieces;
  2. pour the brine (boiled) and leave the jar, covering it for 4 days;
  3. after this, the brine is drained into a bowl, filtered,wash the contents of the jar with boiling water several times, and pour again with boiled strained brine. So do a couple of times, then roll up with an iron lid.

How to cook a patisson in a frying pan

To cook the scallops in a frying pan, bothcaviar, you need to take young vegetables, cut them into cubes, and also take carrots, onions, tomatoes (in equal proportion by weight). It will also require several cloves of garlic, spices.

Cooking method

  1. first it is necessary to pass onion on vegetable oil;
  2. add grated carrots and put out;
  3. when carrots become soft, add panessons to the pan and stew until moisture evaporates;
  4. at the very end add the tomato puree (separate the tomatoes from the skin and grate), spices, salt to taste, chopped garlic and simmer for another 10 minutes.

The caviar is ready for use, if desired, it can be beaten with a blender until a homogeneous consistency is obtained, then the caviar will be "as from a shop".

You can also cook patissons fried like zucchini: simply cut them into slices, salt, roll in batter or flour and fry from both sides in oil until golden brown.

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