How to get a loan to a pensioner?

February 19, 2018
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Among the elderly population, a demanded bank product is considered a loan for pensioners. The loan amount in this case ranges from 250-900 dollars. The maximum amount is 2 thousand dollars. To obtain such a loan, you must fill out an application.

How to get a loan to a pensioner?

Pros and cons of loans for pensioners

There are several positive and negative aspects of loan processing for pensioners: 1. age criterion, 2. getting an online decision on disbursing funds; 3. simple application form. Just to fill in, there are several fields in which personal information should be indicated, 4. sending an application to several creditors, which increases the chances of making a positive decision on this issue, 5. having personal financial managers who leave home for retirees to make this transaction,


Since the loan for pensioners is issued in a small amount, therefore, the loan is also small monthly payment.These loans, as a rule, are drawn up by elderly people to meet their needs, both household and medical. However, the main condition for lending is the age of the pensioner. This criterion should not exceed 69 years. This loan can be made by both working and non-working people of old age. The amount that is loaned depends on the amount of the pension. For working pensioners, this limit is much higher. But for this it will be necessary to provide the employee to the bank with a certificate of income from the place of work. If the pension, it turns out, at the place of residence, then you can not present a pension certificate.

How to get a loan to a pensioner?

In addition, you must have: 1. registration, 2. two contact persons with telephones, 3. the presence of a landline telephone at the place of actual residence; otherwise, you will need to provide 2-3 contact persons with fixed telephones. Registration in Kiev from will remove one of the issues of obtaining a loan.

How to get a loan to a pensioner?

List of documents

Of the required documents that are needed to get a loan for pensioners, it is: - a passport, - a certificate of assignment of an identification number, - a pension certificate.Of the optional documents, this is: 1. marriage certificate, 2. certificate of divorce, 3. certificate of income for retirees who work, 4. certificate of death of the spouse. In some cases, representatives of the bank may require other documents.

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