How to get rid of flies in the house and apartment quickly at home

Today we will talk about such annoying insects like flies. With the onset of heat, these animals occupy our apartments, country houses. All anything, but they climb into the food, and in fact flies are the "dirtiest" creatures.

They feed on garbage cans, toilets and others in terms of hygiene dangerous places, thereby spreading the infection. The best is the use of special grids on the vents and windows. But not always such a measure can save.


In nature, there are many species of flies - this is cereal flies, the larvae of which can destroy the harvest of grain, onions, eating onions, beetroot, cherry, horseflies, able to drink blood at a time more than 70 mosquitoes and, of course, indoor.

Houseflies are so named because they cannot be found in the wild. They have chosen their place of residence in cities, towns, villages, where people live.

However, not everything is so bad.There are both special chemicals against flies, and folk methods of getting rid of them.

How to get rid of flies folk remedies

One of the tools common among summer residents is tomatoes. You can use both the leaves of this plant and potted crops. Hanging around the house or decomposing tomato leaves, you can get rid of these insects. If you grow tomatoes in pots, they can also be arranged as ornamental plants, at the same time they will scare away the flies.

The insects do not like the smell of such essential oils as lavender, eucalyptus, lemongrass, peppermint. And if in the saucer on the table to put a few buds of carnations, the flies will not come close to the table. But more effective is the essential oil of cloves.

how to get rid of flies

Has well established itself from saccharin flies. To use it, it is necessary to prepare a solution consisting of 2 g of saccharin and 25 g of honey. All this dissolves in 250 ml of water. Cut the strips of paper, wet them with the resulting solution. After the paper dries, it must be laid out around the house, in particular, on window sills.

Duct tape

If we were talking about traps, then in addition to the acquired adhesive tape in stores, you can build something similar yourself.

Let's start with the simple. Make a sugar solution, pour it into the jar.There is no need to make a lot of solution, even less than half of a jar (of any volume) is enough. Further, paper is used to make a cone — a funnel — it is placed in a jar, but so that the funnel does not touch the liquid in the bottom. All. the trap is ready, we put it on the windowsill, on the table, or in any other place.

Instead of liquid, you can put rotten fruit in a jar.

fly trap

One of the cheap and quite effective ways is adhesive tapes. To create such traps, you need to cut strips of paper from cardboard or wallpaper, suitable newspaper. Next, prepare the solution. Mix together castor oil (2 tablespoons), rosin (1 tablespoons) and 100 ml of molasses or honey. We grease strips of paper with this mixture and hang them around the house.

homemade velcro tape from flies

If you do not have the substances listed above, you can use a strong syrup of sugar, jam and honey. The pieces of paper cut into a ribbon are soaked in the syrup for a few hours, and then hanged.

An effective remedy for flies is vinegar. It is enough to prepare the vinegar solution, wipe the window, door openings with it, the table and the flies will not annoy.

Like other insects, flies prefer some plants and fly away from others.This is used when scaring flies with the help of plants.

Grass and potted flowers against flies

You can, of course, buy a plant of a flycatcher and place pots with her in the apartment, so that she would hunt flies.

plants from flies

However, it is simpler and cheaper to use not some exotic species there, but their own relatives, which grow nearby, or are grown at home in pots. One of these plants is tansy.

We collect the plant, dry and grind. We take paper, we cut it into strips, we smear with glue, we pour out a dried plant on this glue. When a strip of paper dries, we hang it around the apartment.

Another plant, which is very much, especially in the wastelands - wormwood. Her, but fresh hang beams around the house. But this, if you are not allergic to wormwood.

flies repellent plants

Well helps from flies bay leaf. But it is better to use fresh than dry. The leaves are laid out on the windowsills, table drawers.

In addition, you can prepare a concentrated tincture of bay leaf. Put 10 bay leaves into a container (jar), pour boiling water (250 ml). The day is drawn, after which we rub the window frames with the solution.

Dried lavender flowers will help get rid of the flies.Crushed flowers are scattered in small bags, which are hung in the apartment. In addition to lavender, you can add a mixture of dried clover, bay leaf and cloves.

It is believed that the best helps to get rid of the flies of basil. It is used not dried, but planted in pots.

To flies do not fly into the house, grow geraniums in pots. Hanged mint bundles also contribute to this.

And finally, cloves.

lemon with cloves

You can just put the dry buds on a plate. You can make a decoction, for which 5 g cloves boil in 250 ml of water for 15 minutes. This broth is processed windows and doors.

But more effectively acts a mixture of cloves and citrus. Cut a lemon in half, pour carnations on it. We place on the windowsills, on the tables. You can put in the cottage on the veranda.

Other methods of struggle

Traditional methods are good, but often have to resort to more drastic measures. These are various chemical preparations. These include, first of all, aerosols.

The most popular is Dichlorvos. However, it is sprayed in a fully enclosed area, and after applying after about three hours, the room must be well ventilated.It goes without saying that after processing and before airing there should not be anyone in the room.

Another remedy is powdered dust.

dust packing

Like aerosols, it is just as dangerous, so it can be used only with the observance of precautionary measures.

But perhaps the most inexpensive and less dangerous is shallow. It is used not only against flies, but also other insects. One chalk is enough on average to 30 square meters. m. of living space.

packaging of the drug "mashenka"

Effective is the spray "GET". Moreover, the drug is harmless for both humans and pets.

Another remedy that comes in pellets is FLAYBITE. Pellets are laid out in places where the flies. The action lasts up to three months. It is also harmless to humans.

Well, the last is a fumigator.

flies fumigator

It is a special adapter that plugs into a regular outlet. Into this adapter is inserted either a plate or a liquid, which, when heated, begin to produce a specific odor that scares away flies. It is valid for 15 minutes after switching on. Action for a person is not only imperceptible, but also safe. Therefore, it is intended for direct use while in the room.

When the help of relevant services is needed

Usually with harmful insects can be controlled in the home. However, sometimes there are still moments when you have to ask for help in special services. This is mainly due to the fact that insects divorced so much that the usual methods do not work on them.

If you yourself get rid of flies, the result - only scaring. The result of the work of pest control is the complete destruction of insects. Already more powerful and highly concentrated insecticidal preparations are used here. All surfaces are treated without exception, i.e. the whole room is full.


The main thing is not only that after the disinsection the flies do not reappear, the main thing is that they do not appear at all. And this is prevention.

What you need to do first. To begin with, that would not be accumulated garbage. It is a favorite place for flies.

Mosquito nets

Second, in summer it is hot and the windows often have to be kept open. So that no one flies through them into the apartment, it is necessary to hang mosquito nets, to ensure that they are intact.

Each apartment in the kitchen has ventilation holes. They must be closed to insects.Moreover, cockroaches can penetrate through such openings.

On the table should not remain leftovers, and the more rotting fruits and vegetables. Dishes should be washed after meals, and not accumulate in the sink.

It is necessary to regularly air the room. And if a fly appeared in the room, it must be destroyed before it laid eggs.

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