How to give gifts?

Every year we give gifts to variousholidays, family and friends. Of course, most difficulties arise when choosing a particular thing, which we will hand in the form of congratulations. But is this the most important thing? Do we know how to properly give gifts and decorate them before handing them over? Do we know how to react to donated items? All these questions are especially relevant to the presents at work, as in the home environment we will still be forgiven for some mistakes. Fortunately, there is etiquette, which presupposes certain rules, which we will describe in the following.

Gift selection

As for the work, here without a doubt,various presents for the holidays, will create a friendly atmosphere. There are various gifts in the stores that you can give to one or another colleague, only you can choose, but it should be noted that the item should not be too expensive or personal, otherwise it will embarrass the birthday person. Relevant will be gifts such as candles, diaries, books, figurines, magnets, tickets to the theater or to a concert, etc.

Do not worry if the giftinsignificant, first of all it is necessary to pay attention to the colleague. You can also add a greeting card and flowers to the gift. As for the authorities, individually, colleagues should not congratulate the boss. You can collect money from all and give something, but symbolic. In addition, in such cases, packaging should not overshadow the gift itself.

How to present a gift

The way of registration and presenting a gift plays a very important role. Therefore, we list a few rules:

  • The gift is presented in the left hand, and the right hand remains free for embraces or handshakes.
  • You can not give gifts in a narrow corridor. First, they take off their clothes and take off their outer clothing, adjust their hair and make-up, and then they enter the room where the celebration takes place, and they give a present.
  • Congratulatory speech should be with humor, but inIt should be remembered failures or human weaknesses, as too many compliments is not expected in such a greeting. Such a speech should be as short as possible.
  • If the gift is big in size, then it is necessary to deal with its delivery by a certain firm.
  • You can not justify yourself for a gift. Such phrases as: "That's all that was enough for money", "I wanted another gift, but did not find it," etc. not appropriate.
  • You can not ask about whether you liked the gift.
  • The gift should be packed, and presented without a gift bag.
  • Flowers should be better packed in transparent paper. If a bouquet is presented to a woman, then it is given by a man, if a man is a woman.

As you can see, the rules are fairly simple and understandable. In addition, it does not take long to learn them, and your gift will be best presented.

Reaction to gift

Let's say you are given gifts, usually we give themdebug, but it's only relevant in cases where there are too many people, for example, at a wedding. In this case, a separate table is allocated, where gifts with signatures are placed. This situation can occur at the birth day, just in this case it is worthwhile to postpone the gift and express its gratitude.

If there are not so many people at the festival, then we have time to give everyone a little attention:

  • The gift should be opened immediately in the presence of the congratulator and show your joy;
  • Such phrases are inadmissible: "I thought you would give me another gift," "I already have such a thing," "I wanted to buy such a thing, but there was no time," "I saw this thing in one or another store," "It's probably so expensive "," Do not buy a gift ".
  • You can not express your dissatisfaction with a gift.
  • You can not compare guest gifts or disclose them in front of others.
  • Flowers immediately put in a vase, it is desirable to remove the packaging.
  • You can not tell in the presence of guests who and what he gave.

Now you know how to give gifts and take them regardless of the situation, so that you do not put yourself in an embarrassing position as a congratulator and at the same time yourself.

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