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How to hurt yourself personally

Have you noticed how sometimes dark entities appear in a person?
I observe them while working with people, for example, I show a person how he / she personally hurts herself, and in response he gives out, such, you know, a malicious chuckle .. It's terribly done.

Due to the fact that I have the opportunity to look in both directions - I can recognize them. And also show the person who is in it and controls. I ask: "You hurt now, why do you laugh, why are you mocking?" Disconnecting a person from a malicious entity is not easy. It's like .. offer to lose your temper and look at everything from the outside. And then accept and love yourself like that.

For those to whom the freedom to express oneself and the will of one’s own soul is more precious than all the benefits and advantages of comfort, this way out of the power of darkness is realized. And then they restore their own power and it is difficult to manipulate them.

But while this chuckle is heard - a person considers himself a hero, able to rule the world and point to the "guilty".
How else can you recognize these entities?
Let's watch for ourselves. More than ever relevant in the light of all world events.
If a person can not answer the question "What am I feeling right now?"(access to inner feelings is blocked, inner truth is muffled and shut up, the voice of conscience is asleep).

If a person stubbornly repeats "I can not!" (withdrawal of own responsibility, refusal to admit to myself the message "I do not want", that is, unwillingness to change anything).

If a person demonstrates, bulges his spirituality(he tries with all his might to show how he leads the Vedic lifestyle, wears only white clothes, "pups" with his correctness and around-the-clock goodness).

If a person says nothing about himself(it does not hide behind its statements and sayings, hangs up moral and instructive pictures on social networks about kindness and beauty, and never speaks its own examples on this subject).

If a person cannot apologize(not acknowledging one’s wrongfulness, convictionthat all others "still have a lot of work on themselves", continues to "otmazyvat" themselves to the full).

If a person does not protect their inner space(he does not notice when he is “attacked”, when he is rude, humiliated, beaten with words, forced, commanded, that is, “swallows” all this, ignores).

If a person spits on the sensations of his own body(does not hear moods, does not notice lumps in the throat, does not read internal signals; breaks his leg when he does not understand what is going wrong; he gets sick from neglecting and boycotting his own body; shows hatred and dislike for his body).

If a person responds to malice in anger(does not want to learn to transform negative feelings in himself, to be responsible for his reactions, to stop evil within himself and to stop the war).
If a person looks at the outside world with all his eyes and tries to live there (neglecting his inner world, lack of himself at home, a crime against his own soul, illusion is more important than truth).

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