How to knit a female cardigan with knitting needles: the most fashionable models of female cardigans 2018 do-it-yourself with original patterns and photo ideas

on 26.04.2017

Cardigan has become an indispensable thing in the wardrobe of women. This universal thing is suitable for any occasion of life, be it a publication or a gathering at the fireplace. It can rightly be attributed to the basic wardrobe. There are many styles and variations of its combination with other clothes. And for needlewomen who know how to knit, we prepared interesting patterns of fashionable cardigans.

The main thing in the article

The most fashionable models of women's cardigans 2018

Choosing a cardigan, focus oncolor rangenew season:

  • brown,
  • nude
  • emerald,
  • sky blue
  • the black,
  • red,
  • white.

Models choose so that they look harmonious. Choose things to fit.Remember, even if you buy an oversized cut cardigan, this does not mean that you can take several sizes larger.

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What do you need for knitting a cardigan with your own hands?

If you are tired of shopping and you are not in the mood to buy online, you can alwaystie cardiganon their own.

  • For knitting you will need yarn, knitting needles, pattern and free time. For each model there is a certain amount of yarn. Usually in the schemes indicate how much is needed. Therefore, pay attention to what is written in the annex to the schemes.
  • Yarnshould be of good quality, because the appearance of the product depends on it. Pay attention to the composition. Be guided by the options specified in the diagram. An experienced sales assistant can tell you which yarn is more suitable for the cardigan, based on the model and the season to which the thing is oriented.
  • Selection of needlesalso plays an important role. Usually in the scheme indicate which spokes are preferable for a particular model. And if not specified, you can always use the advice of a sales assistant in the store.
  • Schemeneed to understand.If you do not really understand them, you can use the video master class, and for beginners there are diagrams of simple cardigans.

How to knit a female cardigan with needles for beginners: a version with garter stitch

If you are just learning to knit, then you need to start with a simple option. Try to knit a garter stitch cardigan. You will spend less time and experience. Having filled your hand, you can knit cardigans in a more complex technique.

You will need:

  • silk yarn - 400 g rosewood color;
  • yarn preferably 60% mohair, 40% silk - 160 g light gray;
  • circular needles number 3.5 and 4;
  • hook number 3;
  • 6 buttons.


Cardigan knits PW in 2 yarns, mohair and silk to armored with a single cloth.

  • Type on the spokes number 3.5 232 P, 110 - back and 61 - on the shelves. Knit 10 cm and stretch the label along the side lines, starting with 1 IL after 61 P and after 171.
  • Continue with other knitting needles. Through each 40 row, make 6 button holes.
  • Reduce 6 times at the same time 1 P on both sides every 10th row.
  • Make armholesafter 59.5 cm, set aside 54 external F on both sides from the bar. Tie back on medium 96 P.
  • Close 3 P and reduce in every 2nd row 7 P to make 76 P.
  • For bevelsshoulders through 23.5 cm from the separation on both sides close 5 П and in each 2nd row close 5 P. After 25 cm from the separation close 46 P. Of these, 38 П is the neckline. And 4 remain on the shoulder line.
  • Knitleft shelf54 deferred P. Along the right edge, make an armhole, as in the back.
  • For cutoutin 59.5 cm along the left edge of the plank, shorten 1 P in each 4th row 5 times. Knit the right shelf symmetrically left.
  • For sleevesget on the needles number 3.5 50 P. DI knit 7.5 cm. And then change the knitting needles and turn down each 10 and 12 row of 1 P.
  • Through 39 cm on each side, lock 3 P, and in each 2nd row, shorten by 3. Close the remaining 18 P through 53.5 cm.
  • Make shoulder seams. Crochet the edges and neck. Connect all parts and sew buttons.

Photo ideas knitted women's cardigans

A cardigan is a versatile item in a wardrobe that is suitable for both bad weather and sunny. Having come to us from the 50s, it still remains a popular thing and wins the hearts of fashionistas with its practicality. And designers delight us with new interesting models every season.

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Original patterns for women's cardigan knitting

The easiest knitting option is a garter stitch.But there are more complex techniques, they contain a variety of patterns. Patterns are simple and complex. It all depends on the ability to understand the scheme and your experience.

Types of patterns:

  • Braidsbraids
  • Honeycombhoneycomb
  • Openwork braidsopenwork braids
  • Zigzag
  • Tracery patternopenwork pattern
  • Braid patternkosi pattern
  • Leavesleaves
  • Chesschess
  • Diamondsirombi
  • Fantasyfantasy
  • Japanese patternJapanese patterns
  • Pearlpearl
  • Raised.embossed

All these patterns are in their own original and unusual. Each of them will bring a highlight in your product. The main thing - you need to properly perform the technique of knitting.

Tie a female cardigan with knitting needles: diagrams describing the stages of work

In order to make it possible for you to knit a cardigan yourself, we have prepared interesting models for you.

For this model you will need:

  • wool thread - 13 skeins of light gray;
  • Knitting needles number 5 and 6;

with shalev

Cardigan knitted face smooth. For gum - 1 LP, 1 PI. Knit according to the scheme. The density of knitting must match the given. 18 P LH with the needles number 6 is 10 cm, 29 P - braids are 11 cm.

  • For backresttake the needles number 5 and get 101 P. Make 2 rows of elastic and go to the other needles. Do kosu on average 29 loops, when the length of the product will be 42 cm.
  • For the right shelftype on the needles No. 5 51 P, make 2 rows with an elastic and go to the other needles.
  • When the shelf is 14 cm, make a braid according to the scheme.
  • For a V-shaped cut, cut every 6th row through 50 cm by 2 P until 22 P. remain.
  • Left shelfdo the same as the right one.
  • For sleevesyou will need 47 P on the needles number 5, make 2 rows of elastic and use other needles.
  • After 10 cm, take 1 P each 3, 2 row. Then reduce 2 P in each 4 row 3 times. Should remain 37 P.
  • Connect the parts with a mattress stitch.

For a cardigan with bat sleeves, you will need:

  • polyacrylon-wool thread - 700 g of red color;
  • needles number 7.mouse

The cardigan is knitted with LH knitting No. 7 with pearl and relief Y, which is repeated from the 1st to the 24th row.


  • For backrestyou need 55 P, make 4 cm pearl Y, and then relief.
  • From the 16th row, add 1 P to each side 36 times.
  • When the product is 51 cm, make the armholes and continue to knit straight.
  • Make bevels in 15 cm short rows.
  • After 76 cm, close the average 11 P for the neck.
  • Make 1 row of 54 P for the shoulders on each side.
  • For shelvesyou need to knit 4 cm pearl Y, and dialed 16 P continue to relief U.
  • Add in each 2nd row of 1 P from the right edge. Mirror make another shelf.
  • For sleevesyou need 37 P. Knit with pearl Y, adding in every 4th row 1 P 3 times.
  • After 20 cm, loops are free to close according to the pattern.Second sleeveknit the same way.
  • Pin the wetted parts on the pattern. Connect when they are dry.

For a delicate striped cardigan with patch pockets, you will need:

  • acrylic thread - 800 g pink, 300 g yellow and 200 g beige;
  • circular needles No. 9, 100 cm long;
  • 4 beige buttons with a diameter of 3 cm.


Cardigan fit PV. In each row 1 P remove, and knit the last side.

Knit back and shelves:

  • 67 rows in pink
  • 28 rows - yellow,
  • 28 - beige;
  • 22 - pink.

Sleeves knit:

  • 51 row - pink,
  • 28 rows - yellow,
  • 28 - beige;
  • 10 - in the pink color.

  • For backrestneed 52 P. After 54 cm make armholes.
  • For the left shelfput on 28 P. After 54 cm, make armholes.
  • rightshelfmakeholesbuttons.
  • sleevesnecessary .After round uparmholes.Secondsleeveknitsame.
  • pocketsnecessary .Make apockettall .

Youth female cardigan knitting: a description of the process of mating with photos

Such a universal thing will appeal to young girls and ladies who are young in spirit.

You will need:

  • bukled yarn - 400 g of dark cherry color;
  • Knitting needles number 5 and 5.5;
  • hook number 5;
  • 1 button with a diameter of 3.5 cm.


LR and IR knit PL.

  • Backrestknit U "shishechki", wearing on the needles number 5.5 115 P.
  • After 21 cm, change the needles and make a mark.
  • From the mark through 11.5 cm, lock 7 P on each side.
  • After 23 cm knit PV, in the first row, cut 38 P.
  • Make the shoulder bevels after 10.5 cm. Close on each side of the shift Y in 1 row 5 P, and in each 2nd row 4 P 2 times.
  • After 13 cm from the change in U, close the other P.
  • Left shelfknit Y "bumps" by typing on the needles number 5,5 59 P.
  • After 21 cm, change the needles, do the armhole as in the back.
  • From the change of the needles measure 23 cm and knit PV. In the 1st row, reduce equally by 19 P.
  • The neckgo through 4 cm from the change of U. First close 4 P, then in each 2nd row 1 P.
  • Bend the shoulder line back and close the remaining P.
  • Right shelfknit symmetrically left.
  • Sleevesknit Y “nipples” by typing No. 5.5 with 87 on the knitting needles, and after 21 cm change the knitting needles.
  • 23 cm from the change of the spokes lock P.
  • Make shoulder seams, neck and the edges of the shelves crochet. Connect all the details and sew a button.

Hooded cardigan: knitting pattern

A hooded cardigan is a great option for bad weather. The hood will cover your head from the cold and protect it from the wind. We offer to tie an openwork cardigan with a crochet hook, complementing it with a hood and cuffs made on knitting needles.The scheme of mating here is quite simple, and if you read the scheme correctly, it will not be difficult for you to connect such a miracle.

You will need:

  • wool thread - 700 g dark pink color;
  • hook number 6.5;
  • circular needles number 7; 3
  • Buttons with a diameter of 2.5 cm color mallow.k1
  • For cuffsThrow 50 P on the circular needles and knit 8 cm, then close.
  • For hoodtype on the circular needles 104 P and knit LH.
  • Collect all the parts of the cardigan and sew the buttons.

Female cardigan with a pattern of large braids knitting

To give a cardigan a highlight, try to link it with the use of patterned techniques from large braids. This model is suitable for any type of figure and gives the image of femininity.

You will need:

  • cotton thread - 800 g blue and 550 g light beige;
  • Knitting needles number 5 and 5.5;
  • auxiliary needle for knitting "braid";
  • 3 buttons with a diameter of 2.5 cm.

from braid

Knit the pattern only with knitting needles No. 5.5 with a front satin stitch: faces.rays - LP, izn.ryady - IP. As for the seamy smooth surface, here - the individuals. The detachments are knitted by the individual entrepreneurs, and from the detached ones - by the PL. Knit LH, according to the scheme, always in 2 threads.

from kos11from kos111

  • For backrestneed 86 P, knit 5 cm rubber band. The length of the backrest is 68 cm. Make the gaps through 46.5 cm.
  • For left and right shelvesneed 46 P. Eraser 5 cm. For length go for backrest.
  • For sleevesNeed 38 P. Knit a 7.5 cm elastic. In the last row, add uniformly 16 P. Knit 48 cm and close.
  • Make the shoulder seams and join all the parts with a “loop in a loop” seam.

Openwork knit cardigan for a woman: pattern design

Openwork cardigan always looks feminine and sophisticated. The openwork pattern adds lightness and lightness to it. The owner of such a thing will not only enjoy its wearing, but also its creation.

You will need:

  • acrylic cotton thread - 1000 g blue;
  • needles number 5.


Knit a PV product, where IL and LR knit LP.

  • For backrestThrow 93 P, 1 cm with an elastic band, then W from leaves.
  • Through 62.5 cm close the shoulder bevels, and after 68.5 cm close the VP. Knit 3 more rows for the neck and close P.
  • For shelvesyou need 41 P, 1 cm elastic, and the remaining 68.5 cm - pattern. Link another shelf symmetrically.
  • For sleevesyou need 59 P. Knit 1 cm with an elastic band and lock P through 37 cm.
  • Connect all parts.

Long cardigan coat with knitting needles: a diagram describing the stages of knitting

A great option for warm autumn and late spring. In a cardigan coat you will look stylish and spectacular.

You will need:

  • long-nap yarn 750 g light gray;
  • Knitting needles and circular needles No. 7;
  • decorative wooden fastener.

cardigan coat

Knit LR and IL persons. Loops.

  • For backrestyou need 42 P, 3 cm knit PV, then Y "braids".
  • Through 74.5 cm close the bevels, and after 78 cm close the rest.
  • For shelvesyou need 24 P, 3 cm - PV, the remaining 75 cm - At the "Spit".
  • For sleevesThrow 26 P, knit 3 cm PV, and the remaining 53.5 cm At the "spit".
  • Make shoulder seams, connect the parts of the cardigan and sew a decorative clasp.

Women's knit cardigan with a shawl collar

A women's cardigan with a shawl collar is an indispensable thing for those who like to cover their necks.For such a cardigan you will need:

  • wool yarn - 550 g gray or mohair yarn 500 g gray;
  • Knitting needles number 5 and 10.


LR knit PL, and IL - IP.

25-04-2017 20-17-24

Voluminous embossed cardigans with knitting needles with photos and patterns for knitting

The volumetric embossed cardigan is suitable for slim girls. The image will be trendy in combination with jeans or shorts, and with a long skirt or dress.

For the embossed cardigan you will need:

  • Merino wool yarn - 450 g bluish-green, 250 g turquoise, 150 g beige and cream, 100 g light brown;
  • polyamide yarn - 250 g blue-green;
  • Knitting needles number 6;
  • circular needles number 6;
  • 5 buttons.



  • For backrestneed 105 P turquoise thread, gum 4 cm.
  • After 48 cm close P for armholes, and after 70 cm for shoulder bevels.After 1 row close 19 P for the neck, and after 73.5 - the rest.
  • Pocketsknit a height of 17 cm LH of 23 P.
  • For shelvesThrow 52 P, 4 cm - with a rubber band, the remaining 73.5 cm - according to the diagrams of U. In the second shelf make holes for buttons with intervals of 7 cm.
  • For sleevesyou need 80 P, 15 cm knit PV, lock P through 46.5 cm.
  • For collarThrow on circular knitting needles 90 P and knit a PV of 20 cm. Connect all parts and sew buttons.

For a volumetric cardigan you will need:

  • wool thread - 1000 g of gray color;
  • circular needles number 12 with a length of 80 and 120 cm.


Cardigan fit in a single canvas.

  • For the left shelf and sleevesThrow 25 P on the circular needles. Make a 10 cm elastic.
  • At a height of 20 cm from the gum, increase each 4 row of 1 crossed facial P.
  • After 40 cm, throw on the sleeve 80 P and knit the PV.
  • After 17 cm from the beginning of the sleeves, flip over П to the auxiliary needles.
  • Right shelf and sleevetie symmetrically.
  • Dial 9 P for the neck and grab 139 P from the sleeves.
  • After 34 cm, reduce, focusing on the back.
  • After 66 cm, knit a rubber band of 10 cm and close P.
  • For pocketsneed 15 P to knit the main U 14 cm
  • Moisten all the parts and let them dry, then put them together.

Female cardigan knitted with raglan

A cardigan, knitted in raglan technique will be excellent options for women with broad shoulders. It will visually reduce your shoulders.

You will need:

  • Alpaca yarn - 400 g in amber color;
  • Knitting needles number 6;
  • circular needles number 6;
  • hook number 3;
  • 6 transparent buttons with a diameter of 2.1 cm.


LR and IR knit PV PL. Knit double thread on the needles number 6.

25-04-2017 20-34-20

Models of female cardigans with needles for full

Owners of magnificent forms should not refuse the basic clothes of wardrobe. We have prepared versions of models that will highlight your strengths and hide weaknesses.

For this model you will need:

  • polyacrylic garnet thread - 650 g;
  • Knitting needles number 5 and 5.5;
  • circular needles number 5;
  • 7 buttons.

for full

  • For backrestuse needles No. 5.5 86 P, tie 2 cm with an elastic band for the strap. Then go to the other working needles and knit U.
  • After 42.5 cm, close P for proym 1 time for 3 P, then every 2nd row 1 time for 2 P and 2 times for 1 P.
  • Through 66.5 cm make shoulder bevels. And after 72.5 cm, close the 30 middle P for the neck. Through 74.5 cm close the rest.
  • For shelvesuse needles No. 5 52 P, make a plank like on a back and go to other needles. Knit - 1 KP, 42 P openwork Y, 8 P elastic, and 1 KP for the strap. Make a cut and bevel as on the back. Through 68 cm close for a mouth.
  • Another shelfknit symmetrically first.
  • For sleevesdab the knitting needles number 5 46 n and tie 20 cm at the strap, go to the other knitting needles and continue to knit with openwork y.
  • After 25.5 cm round the sleeve 1 time 3 P, in each 2nd row 3 P 5 times and 2 P 3 times. Then after 33.5 cm from the bar the rest.
  • For beltput needles on No. 5,5 13 P and knit with a band of 160 cm.
  • At the edge of the neckline, throw on the needles No. 5,5 80 P and knit U planks. After 8 cm make a hole for the buttons, closing the 6th and 7th P. Then, after 7 cm, close and re-insert. Knit the collar with a height of 25 cm. Collect all the pieces and sew.

We give the raglan scheme, which can be considered universal, both for slim and for full ones. In addition, it is sufficient to simply link, guided by the scheme. For the second version of the cardigan youwill need:

  • polyacrylic yarn - 300 g burgundy or woolen yarn 400 g ruby ​​color;
  • needles number 6.


Video workshops on knitting women's cardigans with needles

In this article you will find a cardigan for every taste and for any occasion. Make them easy enough, using the instructions, tips and diagrams. You only need time and good mood for making a cardigan with your own hands.

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How to knit a female cardigan with knitting needles: the most fashionable models of female cardigans 2018 do-it-yourself with original patterns and photo ideas 99

How to knit a female cardigan with knitting needles: the most fashionable models of female cardigans 2018 do-it-yourself with original patterns and photo ideas 53

How to knit a female cardigan with knitting needles: the most fashionable models of female cardigans 2018 do-it-yourself with original patterns and photo ideas 28

How to knit a female cardigan with knitting needles: the most fashionable models of female cardigans 2018 do-it-yourself with original patterns and photo ideas 53