How to lay the table for the New 2018

The New Year is a family holiday, which means the housewives will have to receive many guests, thinking through the many nuances of table setting. The symbol of the year 2018 will be a yellow earthen dog, which means this color prevails in the decor. However, this is not the only serving nuance. How to set the table for the New 2018 to surprise the guests and take care of the practicality of their experiments?

How to lay the New Year's table in 2018: priority colors

For starters, the hostess will have to decide on the appropriate color solutions. Trying to learn how to set the New Year's table in 2018, in order to please an earthen dog, one should pay attention to the following colors in the decor:

  • yellow and gold;
  • all shades of brown and burgundy;
  • red and white;
  • dark green shades.

New Year's table

The earthen dog is a specific patron. The fact is that this animal is close to any natural shades found in nature. That is why preference is given to green, blue, yellow, white, but it is better to refuse acid colors when decorating the table.

The first and most important thing is the right choice of tablecloth, because it is the “face” of the entire table. It is best to give preference to mustard or brown shades. Napkins and tablecloths are better to choose from fabrics, from natural materials. Here fit brocade, silk, wool and linen. Napkins should contrast with the color of the tablecloth, stand out against this background, but not stand out from the general harmonious mood.

New Year's table

In 2018, it is better not to indulge in the excesses in decorating the table. The yellow earthen dog is a modest animal, so it likes the same restrained, in some places even ascetic design. If the hostess wants to add more color to the festive entourage, then in the middle of the table should establish a basket with multi-colored buds or fruits. But the patterns on the fabrics or plates are not welcome: in order to correctly beat the mood of the New 2018, you should choose plain colors without large screaming patterns.

Choosing the perfect dishes

How to set the table for the new 2018 year, taking into account the symbol of the holiday? Earthen dog is a meat eater, and that is why preference should be given to dishes with meat content.Which ones will look best on the New Year's table?

New Year's table

  1. Meat and sausage cuts, canapes or sandwiches.
  2. Salads with chicken and beef.
  3. As a main dish, it is better to choose steaks or meat in French.
  4. The presence on the table of desserts is welcomed, but it is better to choose low-fat and light pastries, ignoring the huge cakes in several tiers.

From alcohol, preference is given to home wines, mulled wine, tinctures. But strong drinks are best removed from the festive table, since these delights do not fit into the mood of the holiday.

The main rule in the decoration of the holiday table - an emphasis on the abundance of meat dishes and comfort. Everything in a festive atmosphere should be reminiscent of comfort, because an earthen dog is considered a pet, which primarily values ​​convenience.

New Year's table

The table should not be too austere, so it must be present and appetizers, and salads, and desserts. Not indifferent ground dog for fruits and vegetables, which are recommended to be beautifully placed in a bowl, standing in the middle. Expensive dishes in such cases come to nothing, and simple cutlery, clean and beautiful, will look best.

It is important not only to prepare the right dishes, but also to properly serve the table. To this end, it is recommended to choose simple, but meanwhile beautiful crockery of rounded shapes. It is better to avoid sharp corners of plates and salad bowls, since they are completely not close to the character of the hostess of the celebration. No need to put on the table the extra dishes: there must be a place only for the desired items. Ideal on such a table will look colored plates, but in the same range. You can also give preference to white cutlery.

New Year's table

Ideas for festive table decoration

Which table to lay on the new 2018 year, and which colors to give preference to - each housewife must solve these serious issues on their own. And yet, you can describe several suitable options for the design of the festive table, which fully fit into the concept of celebration. What ideas for decoration will be relevant here?

New Year's table

  1. In the center of the round table should be set a bowl of fruit, and around it a few tapers in modestly decorated candlesticks. Ideally, the number of candles should match the number of guests. The table itself should be covered with a beige, green or brown tablecloth.Next to each chair is placed a plate to match the tablecloth, entwined with a ribbon of contrasting, for example, white color.
  2. The classic of the genre is a combination of red and white, because these colors are not only close to an earthen dog, but also perfectly fit into the concept of celebration. The tablecloth should be red, but the plates are white without large decor. A wicker basket with cones is set in the middle of the table, and on either side of it there are small containers with an aromatic mixture of red rose petals. Around the cutlery you can wrap a silk ribbon of red or gold color.
  3. You can decorate the holiday table and a small artificial Christmas tree. It is installed in the middle of the table, while decorations should repeat the concept of the design of the main Christmas tree. Next to each plate should be placed this spruce branch.
  4. In the middle of the table you can set miniature figurines of Santa Claus and the symbol of the year. They can be entwined with a garland, and the cutlery is tied with a rain in the main color of the decor. To make the table look even more festive, each plate should be placed in the center of a large spruce wreath. In this case, the tablecloth should be white or beige, so that the entire design does not seem too coarse or flashy.

The symbol of 2018 is different modesty, and therefore it is better to discard thoughts about decorating the table with expensive elements, and give preference to wooden or glass elements. Candles in modest candlesticks, fir branches and cones, pieces of cloth or ribbon in the color of the tablecloth are best suited for decoration.

New Year's table

When decorating a festive table, it is better to choose 2-3 primary colors and no more, otherwise the whole idea will seem overly bright, screaming.

Another element that can be safely included in the decor is Christmas toys. But you should choose toys of small sizes without sharp corners and suitable colors. Here yellow, red, green, white New Year's toys will look perfect. You can put them in a transparent bowl, which is better to put in the middle of the table. You can also scatter a few toys on the table next to the fir branches. In this case, the mood of the holiday will not leave anyone indifferent.

New Year's table

The symbol of 2018 values ​​comfort and cosiness the most. Therefore, on the back of the chairs it is better to lay blankets, and glasses should be filled with homemade warm wine. Every guest should feel at home tonight, feeling a surge of positive energy.A properly decorated table will not only create the right mood for the celebration, but also help bring the warmth that is needed on a cold winter night into the house.

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