How to make a bath bomb

August 22, 2013

Bombs for a bath with their own handsNow all natural and hand-made, including natural cosmetics, are popular. In addition to the pleasure of the work done, in this case also the advantage is the usefulness of self-made cosmetics, because no matter how hard cosmetic companies try to produce natural products, they cannot be compared with homemade products made exclusively from natural ingredients.

Bath bombs are a relatively new cosmetic that, however, immediately caught on in our bathrooms. Fragrant and useful bombs for baths allow you to get real pleasure from taking a bath. After a hard day of work, it is so nice to relax in a fragrant bath and effervescent bombs only increase the relaxing effect. At the same time such nice hand-made things can be an excellent gift for a loved one and for an employee.

How to make a bath bombs

The recipe for homemade bath bombs is very simple and does not require any complex components. In this case, the recipe can be modified depending on your own preferences and the presence of certain components. For example, milk powder can be replaced with rice starch, add your favorite essential oils, sea salt, dried herbs, and more.
For the manufacture of bombs for the bathroom will need:

  • Soda - 4 tablespoons
  • Powdered milk - 1 tablespoon
  • Citric acid - 2 tablespoons
  • Sea salt - 1 tablespoon
  • Basic vegetable oil - 2 tablespoons
  • Essential oils - 10 drops (you can take two 5 drops each)
  • Dried heather flowers (or any other dried flowers)

Manufacturing technology

  1. how to make a bath bomb
  2. First you need to sift the soda to remove the lumps from it. Citric acid, sea salt and powdered milk (or cream powder) is poured into sifted soda. Also grinded sea salt is added.
  3. All dry ingredients are well mixed. If desired, or the absence of any component, you can replace it with powdered sugar or cornstarch, for example.
  4. Base oil (peach, almond,olive or any other) in a separate container (preferably ceramic or glass) mixed with essential oils and a few drops of vitamin A and E.
  5. The resulting oil mixture is added to the mixed dry ingredients and thoroughly mixed with gloved hands.
  6. The resulting mass should not be too crumbly and dry, and if this happened, then it can be moistened with water from the dispenser and mix quickly. Water needs a little (literally a couple of clicks of the sprayer), and the mixture should not start to sizzle. It is considered that the mass is sufficiently moist, if it does not crumble when compressed in a fist.
  7. When the mass has reached the desired degree of moisture, it can be laid out in forms. As molds, you can use both special molds for bombs and other suitable products: cases from “Kinders Surprise”, round balls from candies, children's plastic pasochka, baking dishes, etc. The main thing that the form was rather rigid and not bent.

    bath bombs recipes

  8. Heather dried flowers are placed on the bottom of the mold (or rose petals, ground oatmeal, coffee beans, etc.) and begin to spread the mass for the bombs using a teaspoon.Put the mass in layers, carefully tamping each.
  9. Completed forms are left to dry at room temperature overnight (preferably in a dry place). After that, the bomb must be removed from the form (very carefully, so as not to damage) and leave for another day for complete drying.


  • If the bathroom bomb will not be used immediately, then it should be stored in a plastic bag or in food wrap to avoid evaporation of essential oils and to maintain the desired level of moisture.
  • It happens that immediately after taking out of shape the bombs are dramatically increasing in size or, on the contrary, are flattened.
  • This suggests that mistakes were made, namely: in the room where the bombs were dried, there was increased humidity, for example, food was prepared with a large amount of steam or the kettle often and often boiled. Also, perhaps too much oil or water has been added.
  • If you can see that the bomb swells up in front of your eyes, then you don’t need to get it out of shape, but rather wrap it in a tight plastic bag and place it in the refrigerator.
  • If the humidity in the room is large and there are no other options, you can try to make bombs without water, using alcohol or more oils.

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