How to make a bunny costume for a girl with her own hands

Usually rabbits dress up boys for New Year's EveChristmas trees for toddlers, now very often even in the garden are asked to bring a bunny costume for the girl. This option, by the way, is quite universal, beautiful and easy to create, if you intend to perform it yourself. Variants can be different: from the simplest, which can be easily done in half an hour-hour, to realistic, sewn from artificial fur. Choose what suits you and your beloved princess.

costume bunny for a girl

What colors to use?

If you decide to buy or make your ownNew Year costume bunny, determine what it will be a shade. The traditional variant is an exceptionally white outfit, although for the girl it is quite possible to use elements from pink fabric, for example, the inner part of the ears, the mitten, the decor. Also a combination of white and gray is suitable. Often such costumes of hares can be found on sale. In addition, it is appropriate to decorate the orange and green shades in the form of carrots. They will add brightness and will look contrasted and spectacular on a white background. As you can see, even in the color scheme there is a choice.

bunny suit

Bunny costume with your own hands: the simplest version

If you have not enough time to make a dress(for example, you need to fulfill it for tomorrow or the next few days), use the following combination: buy or make the ears themselves that are dressed on the head (this is fast) and choose the ready clothes of the right color. In order for you to get a beautiful bunny costume for a girl, you can put on your child a dressy white dress, socks and shoes. If there is no white dress, make an outfit of a blouse or turtleneck, shorts or skirts. To the detail of the bottom, you can sew a small tail made of a fur pompon from the cap. The main thing is that he does not interfere with the child to sit. To do this, mount it slightly above the "fifth point".

As you can see, to make New Year costume even fromavailable in the wardrobe of the child of things is not difficult. It is enough to supplement the attire with ears, you can also decorate with tinsel (pink or silver) or fur trim. Time does not take much, and experience in sewing does not require.

Bunny Costume for a Girl: Parts

If you prepare for the holiday in advance, then you can make a dress or sew more spectacular, and not quickly. Below is a list of elements from which it can consist:

  • overalls with a hood with ears;
  • dress;
  • skirt and blouse;
  • Turtleneck and shorts or pants;
  • Socks, golfs with fur trim along the top edge;
  • fur gaiters;
  • Gloves or gloves (can be without fingers) also with fur trim;
  • ears, a mask or a cap in the form of a hare's face;
  • vest or bolero.

In a word, there are a lot of options. The choice depends on your imagination and possibilities. If you do not know how to sew a bunny costume or its individual elements, either study the recommendations, or buy the finished parts. Selecting the outfit, take into account the age of the child, as well as the temperature in the room where the holiday will be held.New Year's Bunny CostumeIf the matinee is hot, do not "pack" the baby in fleece overalls, and vice versa - if it's cold, do not dress up in a light lace dress. Provide a vest or a cloak.

What will be required

If you decide to sew a bunny costume with your own hands or make individual outfits, you will need the following:

  • base and finish material;
  • ready-made patterns or taken measurements, paper, pencil, eraser for building templates;
  • scissors;
  • pins;
  • a piece of chalk;
  • thread with a needle;
  • sewing machine.

The list is small, but most importantly - you need time, desire to sew and minimal skills in this area.

bunny costume for the new year

Which material to choose

That the bunny costume for New Year's Eve was well-seated onchild and corresponded to the temperature of the room where the festive event will take place, it is important to choose the right fabric for the base. For a hot room, the following are suitable:

  • atlas;
  • guipure;
  • grid;
  • crepe-satin;
  • other lightweight tissues.

If the event is cool (or at least not above 20 degrees), you can use:

  • fleece;
  • plush;
  • artificial fur.

The latter can be taken as an addendum tolightweight fabrics for decoration, but at twenty-odd degrees, even just in a fur waistcoat or cape, not to mention the overalls, the child will be uncomfortable. Be sure to take into account not only the beauty of the attire, but also its convenience.

How to make ears

No New Year's costume bunny will not be so, unless you put on your baby ears. You can buy or make them yourself. There are several options:

  • cut out of paper in one piece with a rim or even a mask;
  • to make out of white fabric on the basis of a cardboard frame (also with a rim or on an elastic band);
  • sew a full cap with ears and a muzzle or a hood, if it is appropriate in a suit.

 how to sew a bunny costume

The latter option is more suitable for warmcostume, since the fleece cap-muzzle will not always look appropriate with a thin transparent guipure or gentle satin dress. But the simple to make ears on the rim, as in the next photo, will look good with any outfit.

bunny suit

Step-by-step instruction for beginners

To perform a costume quickly, work like this:

  1. To make the ears, as in the previous illustration, take a plastic rim for the hair, white paper, cardboard or felt.
  2. Cut two ears and paint the middle of the inner sides with a pink color.
  3. Fasten the blanks on the rim with glue orwire. By the way, if you do not have a thick white material for your ears, you can make it out of any (fleece, satin), only you have to sew the workpieces from two parts, and inside you put at least a wire, and even better corrugated (you can dark, brown - any) cardboard .
  4. Prepare a white T-shirt and trousers.

bunny suit

5. From the pink material, cut a circle or tummy tails and sew, as shown in the photo below.

bunny suit

6. From cotton wool or fur, make a tail and sew it with white thread to the panties.

bunny suit

All is ready. Fast and easy.

bunny suit

As you can see, you can make a bunny costume for a girl in different ways, combining ready-made items from the child's existing wardrobe with homemade details.

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