How to make a snowman from threads

December 18, 2012

How to make a snowman from threads


Since childhood, we associate winter with the New Year and the Christmas tree, with snow and skiing and sledding, as well as with snowmen. Both children and adults love to sculpt these snowmen, it's so much fun. But not always the onset of winter is marked by fallen snow, and it has to wait for a long time. In this case, the snowman can be made from scrap materials, and your winter mood will enter your house anyway. You can make such a craft from different materials. You can make a snowman out of fluffy pom-poms, cotton wool, or sew fabric and fill it with soft filler, you can make it out of papier-mâché, cardboard, etc. In this article we will explain how to make a snowman from threads.

The technology by which the snowman is made is quite simple: you first need to make thread balls of yarn on glue that are wound around inflatable balls, and then make a snowman from these blanks and decorate it.

Snowman made of thread

For work, you will need threads (it is better to take cotton threads or viscose), balloons of small diameter, PVA glue (small bottle of 120-150 grams) and a large gypsy needle.

  1. The threads will need to be soaked in glue, but in order for this work to be clean and faster, you can pierce a hole at the level of glue or slightly lower in a plastic tube of glue into the gypsy needle and thread it through soak with glue evenly and quickly, and your hands will be clean. It is better to remove the needle from the thread so that it does not get lost.
  2. Balloons need to be inflated, and they must be of a different size - for the head and hands are smaller, for the torso is bigger.
  3. Inflated balls wrapped with glue. The threads must be wound in different directions and rather thickly, so that after drying the balls keep their shape well and do not warp during the drying of the glue. So you need to wrap all the balls and leave them until the glue dries. For PVA glue, the drying time is usually five hours. Check whether the balls are dry or not, you can touch them - if they are completely solid, then the glue is dry.
  4. If the glue is completely dry, then you can burst the balls inside the blanks - they are pierced with a needle or pin with a sharp movement and pull out the remnants of the ball through the holes in the workpiece.

    How to make a snowman from threads

  5. The blanks are ready to go.In this case, they are made of white thread and will remain so, but you can optionally paint it with spray paint of silver or other color.
  6. The blanks are glued together, and the gluing points are pressed into each other a little to keep the parts better. Now you can start creating the face of the snowman and his decoration. Here everyone can act by virtue of their imagination. A snowman's nose can be made of cardboard, paper, carrots, or you can mold it out of solid orange clay. As a peephole, you can use beads, buttons, and cheeks are better to paint with blush. As the mouth can be a part made of corrugated paper or cardboard, thread or fabric. You can wrap the neck of a snowman with a scarf, and give him a broom in his hands.

Video workshop

Previously, on the street snowmen buckets adorned as hats, but for the home this option is not suitable. If you want the snowman to be dressed in a headdress, then you can select him for this child's cap or cap, or even make a real cylinder for him from paper.

Making such a snowman does not take much time, but it’s going to give the sea to both children and adults a lot of pleasure and take it to a winter fairy tale.

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