How to make a tail?

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How to make a tail?

The tail is one of the most beloved female hairstyles. It can be so different that it perfectly fits into any situation, whether it be a home or a social reception. It all depends on what kind of tail you want to make. We bring to your attention several different options for how to make a tail. Choose any you like and go!

Simple tail

To create simple tails, you will need clean hair, gel or hair wax and a strong elastic band.

  • If the hair is unruly, then before making the tail, straighten them with iron.
  • Gently comb the hair on the back of the neck, removing them from the face. We try to comb it smoothly to avoid the formation of "roosters".
  • Choose the height of the tail. It can be as close to the neck as possible, to be at medium altitude or to be very high.
  • We fix the tail with a strong rubber band.
  • Strands that are knocked out of the hairstyle, we lay with a wax (or gel) for the hair. The tail itself can be sprinkled with varnish for fixation.
  • If you want to hide the rubber band, then select one thin strand from the tail, gently wrap the tail around it and fasten the end of the strand under the tail with a hairpin or invisibility.
  • If you want curls, then the hair in the tail can be gently curled with a curling rod.

This is a great option for hairstyles for The hair looks neat and beautiful, but does not interfere. But it's early to end our conversation. A very multifaceted tail hair, how to make more complex tails - that's what we're talking about right now.

Ponytail with fleece

Very stylish and beautiful tail. To create it you need clean hair. Comb your hair back, on the vertex, select a few lower strands (literally 2-3 middle strands) and make a haircut. From above, hide them with your outer combed locks. Next, comb all the other hair and collect all the strands in one medium or high tail, which is fixed with an elastic band. You will have a tail that looks like the one we described above. But it will look different, thanks to the volume on the top, which is created with the help of nachetsa.

Tail on the side

This tail looks beautiful with curls, sodivide your hair into strands of 5 cm and make light, flowing, large curls. Then, choosing the direction of the tail either to the right or to the left, collect the curls in the low lateral tail and fasten with an elastic band. Pull the tail forward on your shoulder. If desired, you can hide the elastic under the strand of hair (as it is done - see above). At the end, drizzle the hair with a spray. All! A beautiful romantic hairstyle-tail is ready!

Tail like Paris Hilton

How to make a tail in the Paris Hilton style? To make such a tail, you need to sprinkle the hairs of hair with a volumetric varnish, after that - dry it with a hair dryer, while twisting strands of hair. Next, you need to collect the hair back and fix the tail at the neck level. The bangs can be fastened to the side with an elegant barrette.

Casual chic

To create a slightly disheveled, but stylish tail, you do not need to overdo it with sloppiness. It must be attractive.

First you need to make a part, a bit shiftedfrom the center. You can also make a zigzag parting. Then we collect hair back and fasten on the neck, the tail should not be tightened, it needs to be made more freely. Pull the tail, for fixing you can use a few extra elastics, besides the main one.

Tail for the evening

If you are going to a party, to an event,on which you want to shine in all its glory, then you can make a tall tail. In combination with a deep neckline it will emphasize your femininity, a beautiful neck bend and an oval face. However, there is one small remark: if you have a high forehead and no bangs, then it is better to refuse such a haircut. Otherwise, you will look "bald", which, as you know, is not quite beautiful. If the forehead is high, but the bangs are, then the tail can be made, and bangs laid separately. How to make a tail for the evening?

This tail is clearly demonstrated by Tyra Banks. So, how is Tyra's tail made? Spray the hair with a volumetric varnish, dry it. If the hair is curled or disobedient in individual strands, then you need to use hair straightening agents. This tail should be perfectly smooth and straight. Then take the strands from the top of the head and scratch them to get the volume. After creating the comb, comb the hair up and fasten them in the high tail (above the ears), tighten with a rubber band. Keep your hair out of the way so that your hair is smooth. After this, sprinkle the tail with a shine for the hair. On the holiday, you can fasten a bright barrette over the elastic band, which is in harmony with other decorations.

Very high tail

Such a hairstyle is able to throw off you for several years, but it definitely should not be chosen by women with a broad forehead or a hair growth line in the form of a triangle on the forehead.

To make such a tail, you need to processhair with mousse or spray for volume, then - dry with a hair dryer. After that, the hair should be collected on the vertex and gently combed to avoid "roosters". Then the hair should be secured with an elastic band, sprinkle with hairspray and top with a tape.

Elegant low tail

Such a tail, like Emily Blunt, is easy to do. It looks best on curly hair, so if you have straight hair, you can turn them into large curls. Then all the hair should be divided into upper and lower. The upper hair should be fixed with a hair elastic, and the lower ones should be slightly combed with a narrow tooth. The tail can be tied with a beautiful ribbon.

Tails and braids

Youth, but also look very impressivetails in combination with braids. How to make a tail with a scythe? There are countless variants, but it is difficult to understand by their verbal description. We advise to understand the video - how to make a tail with braids, and within the framework of this article we will offer several variants of such tails.

  • Twist the hair on the crown in the French braid, then at the neck level, fasten it with an elastic band. The remaining hair will form a tail. It can be left straight or curled.
  • Similarly, you can make a tail on its side, if you initially braid the braid on its side.
  • You can make a bezel from the braid on the line of hair growth, starting from the forehead and ending with the area behind the ears, the rest of the hair - to collect in the tail.
  • Make a high tail, and some of the strands in it are braided into simple neat braids.

There are many more options, and you cancome up with your new ones. We told you several different ways of how to make a tail. Experiment, try, look for your hair and be always beautiful!

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