How to make a wooden vase

April 10, 2011
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Wooden vaseUnusual wooden vase will give your interior the necessary zest and attract the attention of guests at home, because the material for this vase is used rather unusual - plywood. And still in this vase single flowers or branches will look good.

To make a wooden vase with your own hands, you will need plywood with a thickness of 9 mm and dimensions of 25x50 cm. A glass test tube of suitable sizes is used to install the flower, and you can use acrylic paints for decorative works to paint the vase.

From the tools you will need: jigsaw for cutting plywood parts, drill and a set of hole saws, sandpaper, a sharp knife and glue gun.

DIY wooden vase

  1. To begin, we prepare a template of vase details. On paper we draw arbitrary outlines of the figure, it is better if the bottom of the vase is flat, so it will be more stable. Cut a paper template and outline its outlines on a sheet of plywood, you need to make 2 parts. We cut them out with a jigsaw and process the edges of the blanks with emery paper.On each plywood part we draw an axial line, and then on both sides of it we plot two more lines at a distance equal to half the diameter of the selected tube. From the top of the part, retreat 2 cm less than the length of the glass tube and draw a horizontal line. On the received rectangle we saw out a cut for a test tube. To do this, first make vertical cuts, and form a horizontal line as follows: turn the jigsaw blade, make another vertical cut and remove a thin plywood strip with a universal knife. The rest of the plywood is sawn off with a jigsaw. Another way is to form a rectangular groove: in the corners of a rectangle, with a drill, holes of such diameter are drilled so that the jigsaw blade can be turned without effort.
  2. One of the formed plywood parts of a wooden vase is cut with a jigsaw along the center line into two equal halves.

    vase with hands of wood

  3. From the remnants of plywood, we cut a plywood ring with a drill and attachments with circular saws with a diameter of 5 and 2.5 cm. It is necessary to process its outer and inner edges with sandpaper to remove burrs and irregularities.
  4. We glue one whole blank and two halves of a vase perpendicular to each other with a glue gun. Then glue a plywood ring to the middle of the top of the vase. After the glue dries, it is necessary to paint the vase with acrylic paints in solid colors and apply some pattern. After drying a wooden vase can be varnished. The last step in making a wooden vase is inserting a glass tube into the groove of a vase.

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