How to make decorative curtains

May 30, 2011
Home improvement

Decorative curtainsDecorative curtains are used mainly not for curtain windows, but for dividing and decorating rooms. There are many options for making decorative curtains, you can choose options for the living room and children's room, for the kitchen, and even for the bathroom.

This article offers the option of making bright and fun curtains that will surely please the children or decorate the room during the holiday.

For the manufacture of these carnival curtains you will need: a meter-long wooden cornice with a diameter of 1-2 cm, acrylic light green or salad paint, wire, chenille and wool threads, a shiny spray, a spoke with a diameter of 4.5 mm and two loops to fix the cornice with a diameter of 12 mm and 25 mm long. The chenille thread is a thread woven from a simple base and a fluffy pile. These shaggy threads, as well as regular wool threads, can be bought in handicraft shops.

Decorative curtains do it yourself

  1. First, let's work on the eaves: paint the wooden base with green acrylic paint. It is better to buy spray paint, it can be applied more evenly than usual. After drying the first layer of paint, put another layer.
  2. We cover the work surface with newspapers, lay the cornice on them and process it with spray with sparkles. After the sequins have dried, turn the cornice to the other side and cover it with sequins.
  3. We cut 25 black woolen threads of the base with a length of 2 meters. Wraps of the same length are wrapped with a chenille thread of different colors and wrapped around the knitting needles - thus we get a multicolored spiral. From the same chenille threads we make small pomoponchiki. The spiral wires and pompons are alternately strung on a warp thread, alternating colors.
  4. We end the end of each thread around the wooden cornice and fasten it with a strong knot. Having retreated 2 centimeters from the edge towards the middle, we screw the hinges into the cornice and fix it on the wall.

To decorate these curtains, you can use any decorative elements: beads and fluffy tassels, Lurex and golden ribbons.To create a festive effect, you can hang a multi-colored garland over your curtains with your own hands. If the curtain is used to divide the room, then it is better to fix the cornice to the ceiling.

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