How to paint the ceiling

Before starting work, read the instructions on the can of paint. Stir the paint thoroughly until a uniform, slightly thick mass. Pour the required amount into the tray.

The first layer is applied on the prepared surface with a roller, so as not to touch the nearby walls. After these strips on the edges of the ceiling can be painted with a brush. The second layer is applied only after the first one has dried. If you ignore this rule, the paint can swell and crumble after drying. The following layers are perpendicular to the previous one.

If you need not only to paint the ceiling, but also you need to build a greenhouse, then Ia. The water emulsion is made on a water basis, therefore it is perfectly absorbed and “smeared” on the ceiling. Surplus will still remain in the tray, here you can not be afraid to overdo it. This is the whole secret of how to paint a ceiling with water-based paint with a roller. Do not forget to wet it more often.

When everything is ready, you can arm yourself with brushes and carefully paint the corners and joints with the wall.In order not to fall on the wall, you can use masking tape, which will be not only a limiter, but also a guide if you are going to process part of the wall. At this stage one should be especially attentive. The fact is that brushes are not painted as evenly as a roller, so do not collect excess paint in the pile, it is better to dip it once more, but do everything without strips characteristic of brushes.

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