How to paint wallpaper

September 29, 2011
Renovation of apartments

How to paint wallpaperWall-paper for painting gives more opportunities when finishing walls, because with their help you can create interesting color and texture solutions. In this version of wall covering, spending will be slightly more than when sticking ordinary wallpaper. After all, you will have to buy special wallpaper for painting, and the paint itself, but if decoration is more important to you, then you can safely choose this option.

Many consider wallpaper for painting to be a disadvantageous option, because you immediately have to pay for paint, wallpaper, and more work, but then you can repaint such walls repeatedly, changing the color of the walls, and, therefore, the interior every year, and without works The main thing when sticking wallpaper for painting and their further coloring is to comply with the technology, and then such walls will please you with their appearance for a long time.

First you need to choose a special wallpaper for painting, because ordinary paper or even vinyl wallpaper will not withstand this procedure - after painting, they will not bear the weight of paint and will be covered with bubbles or completely disappear from the wall.

There are several types of wallpaper designed specifically for further coloring:

  • Paper - very dense wallpaper to overlap the defects and irregularities of the walls;
  • Flizelinovye (vinyl) - wallpaper based on non-woven, on the outside of which applied foamed vinyl;
  • Glass fiber wallpaper made using fiberglass. They are usually applied drawing, which manifests itself well after applying paint. Since this pattern is embossed, after staining inside the wallpaper there can be light streaks, which gives them an additional decorative effect.

Usually, the color of the wallpaper for coloring is white or light neutral shades, but those who like experimentation can search for paintings with intense color to get the original, although somewhat unexpected, shade.

Wallpaper coloring technology

For the work will need: acrylic, latex or water-based paint of a suitable color, paint foam roller and paint tape.

The choice of paint should be dictated by the type of wallpaper for painting. If you chose paper or non-woven wallpaper, then it is better to buy water-based paint,It is easier and more suitable for relatively light wallpaper. In if you bought glass wall paper, then you can paint them with latex or acrylic paint. Especially experts recommend the use of latex dispersion paint, which is not only environmentally friendly, but also better suited for use in residential areas. In addition, it is practical because it washes water.

how to paint the wallpaper in the apartmentThe choice of paint depends on the appearance of the walls after painting - the treated wallpaper may appear silky, dull or glossy. The paint also affects the permeability of the wallpaper, that is, whether it will be washable or not. Typically, wallpaper for painting withstand from five to fifteen layers of paint, and some types of glass wall and more, while they retain their performance characteristics. Despite these properties, it is better not to risk and repaint the wallpaper more than ten times.

The technology of painting the wallpaper does not differ from the principles of painting ordinary surfaces, that is, the selected paint is applied to a prepared flat and dry surface using a roller.

Before you start painting the wallpaper for the first time, you should try to do it on a small piece of wallpaper - so you will see how the wallpaper reacts to the selected paint, as well as what shade it turns out.
It is important to ensure that no air bubbles form on the wallpaper, and if this does happen, you should cut the bubble and gently smooth it out, and then apply paint.

If you paint the wallpaper again (usually it is possible to make non-woven and glass wall paper), you must first clean the surface of the wall from dust, dirt and roughness of the old paint layer (you can use a stiff brush), and then degrease the surface. Then, if necessary, glue the appropriate wallpaper with a suitable glue (PVA can be used) and putty the irregularities and cracks.

Paint should be applied only on a dry surface. If the wallpaper is painted for the first time, then immediately after pasting the walls with wallpaper, you should not immediately grab the brush, but rather wait until the walls are completely dry. It is enough to give the wallpaper a day to dry.

Paint is applied to the wallpaper with a foam roller, and in hard-to-reach places (for example, near plinths, baguettes and in the corners) you can use a brush. Paint should be applied evenly. And for this you should not take a long roll with a roller in the same place. For example, latex paint dries pretty quickly,and therefore if all the time to return to painting the same place, you can tear off the already dried paint.

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