How to play the guitar?

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How to play the guitar?

Guitar is the most popular tool. Almost every person has ever dreamed of learning how to play the guitar, but someone did not have time, some were lazy, others decided for themselves that it was very difficult and it was necessary to study hard and long. A person who plays the guitar is always open to any company. But before you become the soul of the company you need to learn the basics of playing the guitar.

If you decide to learn how to play the guitarprofessionally, then you have a direct road to music school. There you will be able to master the guitar playing skills from "A" to "I", understand how to play guitar chords, learn how to read tabs, notes, etc. Experienced teachers will teach you musical notation and the basic rules of playing the instrument. After completing a full course of study, you can get a diploma about the end of the music school. If your data is excellent, then you will have the opportunity to perform on stage with the band or solo.

How to learn to play the guitar

Learning to play the guitar is not difficult at all. If you have a guitar and a strong desire, even the absence of a musical ear can not prevent. To train your hearing, singing will help you later. Include your favorite songs and sing, since playing a guitar song is not only nice, but also useful! This will develop your hearing and voice. A person who plays the guitar, and at the same time possesses good vocal data, always captures the views of enthusiastic spectators.


Place the guitar on your knees in front of you. In which direction the neck will look depends on whether you are right-handed or left-handed. If you are a right-hander, then the neck looks to the left, if it's left-handed, then vice versa. Right under the strings on the neck there are metal platinum. The distance between the platinum is called "harmony." Counting frets begins at the very end of the neck. The easiest chords are located on the first four frets.


How to play guitar chords? To begin with, let's analyze a simple chord. This chord is called La Minor (Am). Usually it is with this chord that beginners begin to master the game on the guitar. Fingers are usually denoted by numbers. 1 is the index finger, 2 is the middle finger, 3 is the ring finger, and 4 is the little finger. The thumb is less mobile than the others and is designated with the letter "B". The A-Minor Chord is played with three fingers. The index finger should lie on the second string of the first fret, the nameless finger is on the third string of the second fret, and the middle finger presses the fourth string of the second fret. The order of the strings starts from the bottom. It is very important that the fingers that hold the strings do not come into contact with the free strings. Do not be discouraged if for the first time you can not get the desired sound. Virtually all newcomers do not get to extract the chord immediately. The skill is acquired only through long training and work on yourself. The A-Minor Chord is used in most musical compositions, the chord has a beautiful and clear sound.

For the future guitarist, you just need to remember the basic chords and their names. Having mastered the main chords, you will immediately have the opportunity to play more than 80% of the songs.


In order to make a bar, you need to straightenThe index finger and on a certain fret clamp all the strings. The rest of the fingers are positioned as needed to extract the selected chord. Learning to make a barre, you can extract any chord. To feel the difference, play the A-Minor chord, using your index finger on any fret. You will immediately feel the difference.

There are several tricks

The string is used behind the fret

To make the sound as clear as possible andbeautiful, the string should be pressed directly behind the metal platinum fret, which you need. If you keep your finger beyond this metal partition, the sound will get worse and lose its beauty. The string will touch the platinum, and the vibration of the string will give out a terrible rattle.

The fingers should be bent

Despite the fact that when playing the guitar fingersThey are in a stressed state, they must remain semicircular. Straightening your fingers, you increase the load on them and worsen the published sound. Most beginners keep their fingers in a straight line. Their hand is quickly tired and the sound is spoiled.

The thumb should not be bent

Usually, the thumb is approximately at the same level as the index finger. It is very important that the thumb "B" is on the reverse side of the neck.

Do not tighten the strings very much

Many people think that when playing the guitar, strength is important,with which you need to compress the strings. In fact, the main thing is to be careful. The cushions of the newbie's fingers are not prepared for playing the guitar. If you compress the strings with force, you can get pads of fingers, divided into two parts by a thick strip of strings. In this case, the pads become rough and coarse.

How to play the guitar with a fight

After you have learned how to take a chord, you canUse the most common method of playing the guitar - "game of battle." When playing the fight, the fingers of the right hand strike lightly on the strings. At this time, the fingers of the left hand rearrange the chords. The simplest "battle" is played with the help of one finger of the right hand. How is this done? The finger of the right hand should be held two times on the strings up, then two times down. And so on until the end of the song. The most difficult is the support of the rhythm and continuous play during the rearrangement of the chords. Later you can try to play by brute force.

How to play songs on the guitar

To learn how to play guitar songs shouldstart with the simplest. On the Internet, you can now easily find chords for any song, see how to play the guitar. Video clips are huge. Evaluate your strengths and pick up a song that you would like to start with. See what chords are used in this song. Take each of these chords. After you have managed to take all the chords of the chosen composition, start to alternate them as they go in the song. The main task is to learn how to quickly and unmistakably rearrange the chords so that the fingers immediately fall into the right place and press the strings on the appropriate frets. After working out the tasks, you can safely play the melody of the chosen composition.

Video Guitar Lessons

Lessons dedicated to even the most complex techniquesGuitar games are now available to every Internet user. Video lessons are the most worthy alternative to a music school. They have a number of advantages.

  • Free schedule. You can play the guitar at any time convenient for you.
  • Possibility to study at home for free.
  • The choice of the complexity of classes.
  • Professional teachers and even rock scene stars.

Find videos devoted to different techniques of playing games onThe guitar is very simple. These videos are on the site and various file sharing. It is just necessary to enter into the search query "video lessons of playing the guitar."

If you decide to learn how to play professionallyon the guitar, then this article does not suit you. This article is devoted to newcomers in this matter and covers only the initial lessons of playing the guitar. For professional guitar playing, you need a long time to study, learn a musical instrument, teach scales and constantly train, performing hundreds of exercises.

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