How to remember your past life? Regression in past lives

At a certain stage of life, people startto think about such important issues as: "Where did man come from?", "Does each of us really have a soul?", "Did our life exist before that?" and many others.

Scientists have long hypothesized thata person lives many lives, only in different bodies. Unfortunately, that was before the last degeneration, remember a few. Therefore it is quite obvious that many are interested in how to remember the past life. Some do not believe that they existed long before the appearance in the twentieth - twenty-first to recall a past life

Journey to the past

It is believed that from the previous life in the subconsciousthe smallest details of events that occurred in a certain period remain. Today, few people study their souls, but every day they want to know themselves more and more. It is quite obvious that a person is interested in how to recall a past life, and somewhere in the depths of his subconscious believes in what existed before. Of course, there are people who refuse to believe in mysticism, personal development and esotericism, but this does not save them from the past.

It is believed that the truly internally developeda person can know his past, is able, so to speak, to travel in time. Everyone can get the required level of knowledge. For this, it is not necessary to be born unique, this is something everyone can do. The only remark and advice: to constantly train, do yourself, improve - and then everything will turn out.

Past life, what is it?

past life of a person

Today it is difficult to believe that the past is part of theman himself, and it has a place to be. It must be understood and solved. How to remember your past life? People created and developed various techniques that help achieve the desired result. Among the ways to "awaken memories" is very popular is hypnosis, but it does not always work for one hundred percent. To learn how to travel in time, it is necessary to study. This can be done both alone and with the help of friends or relatives.

In our time there is a lot of literature,containing theory and practice that could help to awaken memories of a past life. As studies show, many people drop out halfway, because they do not see any changes (results). This is completely in vain, since by one desire nothing will happen. Choosing a certain technique, a person must adhere to it and daily engage in, and the result will not take long. And it is very important to believe in what you are doing, otherwise it will be just a waste of time.

Human experience

The past life of man is the greatest mystery,which is solved on an individual basis. Only a single person is able to understand his essence and to visit at any time, to feel emotions and experience the events of those times. Being engaged, the person differently perceives an event. Some see sketches, such as sketches of the past. Others manage to go there in a dream and feel everything on themselves, as if it were yesterday. Others suddenly receive information that is piled up and becomes obvious.regression in past lives

One way or another, the memory of a past life returns,gradually or suddenly, taking a person by surprise. Sometimes people can experience events that have long happened. For example, to observe the communication of the characters as if from the side and gradually realize that one of them is the I. After a certain time people heard incomprehensible, someone else's speech, which, however, used to be their native one. Some of them understood this language, although they had never faced with its bearers before in life (real, momentary). The experience of each person is individual, and the subconscious can react quite differently to what is happening.

The method called "Rainbow"

Not everyone believes in reincarnation, but manywonder if there is a past life. Agree, who would not want to know the brightest events that took place many years ago, and even with whom? With myself! That is why the techniques and techniques were developed to help raise the mysterious veil. How to remember your past life? Try a method called "Rainbow".how to know your past life

The essence of the method is as follows: a person should lie back and relax as much as possible. If it's more comfortable sitting, please. Then you need to close your eyes, free the mind from unnecessary thoughts, the body from tension, the soul from emotions. Our goal is to achieve relaxation. There is nothing to worry about if it fails the first time, this procedure is really difficult. Agree, who can stop thinking immediately? A variety of thoughts come into my head: "What should I cook for dinner?", "When do I pay the bills?", "I forgot to drink the necessary medicines" and so on. But eventually the necessary state comes.

Breathing should be smooth, the moodelevated, but in general you must remain in absolute tranquility. The person should feel pleasure from appeasement, not forgetting to breathe. When you have reached this state, you need to start analyzing the soul. Look inside, tell yourself: "I remember my past life." Play with colors. First imagine the red, stop, pay attention to the sensations, then orange, yellow, green, blue, blue and purple. What do you see? Perhaps a person at these moments will come up with some memories or emotions, for example, joy, excitement, sadness, and so on.

Essence of techniques

If a person has decided to learn about hispast life, then he needs to remember the following. Before you begin to analyze your perception of the soul, you need to achieve complete relaxation, while not forgetting to breathe. Optimal rhythm: deep breath, delay for a few seconds and exhale. In general, this procedure should take at least 10 seconds. Also, you always need to practice in silence and comfort. Nothing should distract or annoy a person. Regression in past lives is a time-consuming and lengthy process, but do not stop halfway. You should pay attention to the sensations - they are the key to knowing the past life.

I remember my past life


The rainbow effect is based on sensations thatintersect with the most common colors. At one of them the soul must react, the memory will wake up, and pictures, sketches, pictures may appear in the head. The main thing is to concentrate, not to hurry, everything will come gradually. The "Rainbow" effect consists in analyzing colors in a certain sequence. At the end of the exercise, everything must be done the other way round. That is, start with a purple color and finish in red. At the end of the process, stretch, align, rest your breath and lean your hands against your eyes. If they rub their hands about each other, they will become hot. Applying the palms to the eyes, a person will feel the flow of energy, heat. After that they can be opened - the procedure is considered completed.

the memory of a past life

Application of techniques

To search for memories from the past, you canas much as you like, even every day. The main thing is to do it right. You can not just sit and tear your mind, trying to remember everything. In fact, it is unreal, because you do not even know what to remember ... First you need to relax, feel peace, and then set a goal. Similarly, you can not get up abruptly and go about your business. You need to rest, slowly open your eyes and slowly rise. The whole process must pass calmly, relaxed, and then the result will be.

As mentioned, there are a lot of techniques, but all of themrequire concentration. Therefore, no matter how a person chooses to recognize himself, he must learn to enter and exit from a state of relaxation. To get to your subconscious, you need to work, but it's worth it.

past lives future lives

Independent work

Note that the question: "How to know your past life?" There are three answers: independently, with the help of hypnosis and research. Consider the first case, which is absolutely available to everyone.

First you need to prepare the room (room). To do this, it is necessary to create the most favorable conditions: turn off the phone, muffle noises, put out the light and so on. If a person is better relaxed to the sound of waves, beating against the shore, or singing birds, then you should put the appropriate music. The second stage is complete relaxation (how to achieve it, described above). Concentrating, you need to mentally prepare for a journey into the past. At this point, you can imagine anything, for example, the road, railroad tracks, train, plane, car and so on. Then start your journey. Imagine that you see the door, and behind it - your past life. When you are ready, open it. Everything that a person sees at such moments is not accidental, therefore after awakening one must analyze every detail. Perhaps, after several trips, the answer will come of itself.

It is important to be patient if nothing failsTo see or, conversely, just too much, and you start to get confused, do not get upset. Practice justifies itself. Do not forget to return to the present (calmly, relaxed).


If regression in past lives fails, alwaysyou can turn to a hypnotherapist who will happily remember everything. During the session, it may be possible to learn interesting facts and details.

is there a past life

Study of metaphysical questions

Some psychologists recommend studying issues related to religion. Sometimes the past is part of the present, and, having touched on the right topic, a person can remember everything in a moment.

Tips for beginners

It is worth noting that the past life of a person is notalways consists of fairy-tale events and is like paradise. Sometimes people learn about the terrible events that happened to them before. But do not be scared - this is a bitter experience, which had to endure, which, fortunately, was left behind.memories of a past life

It is recommended to record all the memories afterawakening. Let something seem a trifle, but, perhaps, this will be the key to unraveling. Also a person should understand that memories are part of his soul, so do not treat them very critically. In addition, it is not recommended to be too zealous, it will not be possible to know yourself faster. It is worth noting that if the methodology does not work, you can consider and study other techniques, perhaps, so things will go faster. If it does not work out, try again and again until you find out everything that interests you.

Anyway, past lives, future lives - allthey do not have such a value as the present, so they do not need to get too hung up. Live for today, but keep in mind that deep down you can turn out to be a brilliant poet or an amazing actress. Memories hidden in the depths of the subconscious can dramatically change your life. And they can explain a lot. For example, fear of height, darkness, confined space and so on - most likely, they are associated with not very pleasant experiences from a previous life. After all, as the proverb says, who does not know his past, he has no future. But with the help of this knowledge you can get rid of phobias and even cure many diseases.

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