How to rest in April 2018

In April, spring is fully in its right. This is evidenced not only by the revived vegetation, but by the flooded singing of birds. During this period, people's hearts are filled with positive and optimism, so it is no coincidence that Russian citizens are interested in how we rest in April 2018.


Weekends and holidays

Unfortunately, at this wonderful time, the Russians will not be able to use the weekend on a holiday. Public holidays this month simply do not exist. Only Saturdays and Sundays will remain free from work, except for one day. The fact is that the Ministry of Labor decided to arrange a holiday for the Russians and to make a long weekend for the May holidays. For this purpose, it was decided to make 28.05.18 - Saturday working day, so that Monday - 30.04.18 to make a day off. Such a transfer allows you to combine the 04/29/18, 04/30/18 and 05/01/18, 05/02/18 in a single long weekend. Such a shift will not affect the total number of holidays in April. In general, in April in Russia the following picture will be formed:

Calendar days: 30
Saturday and Sunday: 9
Weekend: 9
Working days: 21
Transfer: 1

It is worth noting that this will be the case during the five-day working week. However, there are enterprises and educational institutions where work does not stop on Saturdays. In this case, in April, only four days will be spent on vacation. Workers of such organizations will work 26 days.

Rest time also depends on the number of working hours per week. If you work in an enterprise where a 48-hour mode is set per week, then in April you will have to spend 168 hours to work. If your work week is 36 hours, then the number of working hours will be 151 hours. Even less will have to work at 24 hour working week - 100 hours.

How to rest in April 2018

Non-state holidays

The absence of public holidays in April does not mean that Russians will have no reason to have fun. You can start laughing right from the first day of the month. April 1 is the funniest day in our country. During it, everyone tries to play each other as best he can. Probably, there is no person in our country who at least once did not “fall for such a bait.”Odessa is still the capital of laughter and humor. Every year, on April 1, gay booths and clownery are held on which thousands of spectators gather.

04/07/18 year will celebrate Health Day. The holiday has an international character, which means the importance of maintaining excellent well-being not only in our country, but throughout the world. The purpose of the holiday is to promote a healthy lifestyle and attract public attention to the most pressing health problems. Currently, the most discussed topic is the availability of quality medicine.

04/12/18 will be devoted to our aviation and astronautics. Despite the fact that the first launch of a satellite and a man into space took place in the last century, the Russians still feel pride in our space program. Now an international space station is operating in the orbit of our planet, which continues the traditions of the discoverers of space. In our country, great importance is attached to the aerospace industry. It is no coincidence that the upcoming expedition to Mars is on the agenda.

04/15/18 - On this day, the entire public of our country will discuss the importance of environmental knowledge.It is no secret that our planet every year becomes less and less suitable for life. Human waste causes irreparable damage to all life on Earth. Without developing an effective strategy in this area, the future of the next generations is impossible.

04/18/18 - This date refers to the military glory of Russia. This day is marked by the victory of the Russian troops on the Ice Battle. This event is one of the decisive in the history of our state, as it laid the foundations of independence.

04.22.18 - the whole world and Russia, including, will celebrate - Earth Day. This date draws our attention to the fact that everything in our world has borders. You can not endlessly use the natural resources of the Earth. It is necessary to treat everything with care. This applies to water resources, natural resources, forests, etc. Saving elementary things, such as electricity, water, paper, etc., can save our planet from the harmful effects of man.

In addition to these days in April, a large number of professional holidays are celebrated:

  • 04/01/18 - professional day of geologists;
  • 04.04.18 - webmasters celebrate their day;
  • 04/06/18 - employees of the investigating authorities accept congratulations;
  • 04/08/18 - employees of military registration and enlistment offices are honored;
  • 04/10/18 - Day of the air defense soldiers;
  • 04/13/18 - remember patrons and benefactors;
  • 04/15/18 - experts of the electronic warfare of the RF Armed Forces and cultural workers celebrate their day;
  • 04/16/18 - circus workers celebrate their professional holiday;
  • 04/17/18 - Congratulations to former employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs;
  • 04/18/18 - day of radio amateurs;
  • 04.19.18 - professional day of workers in the printing industry and scrap processing industry;
  • 04/20/18 - the day of donors;
  • 04/21/18 - congratulations to chief accountants;
  • 04/25/18 - a holiday of all secretaries;
  • 04/27/18 - notaries, parliamentarians and employees of special forces of the Internal Troops of the Ministry of Internal Affairs celebrate their day;
  • 04/28/18 - professional holiday of workers of labor protection and chemical safety;
  • 04/29/18 - dancers celebrate;
  • 04/30/18 - veterinarians and fire brigade employees will receive congratulations.

How to rest in April 2018. Weekends and holidays, calendar

Religious holidays

During this period, some of the most important Orthodox holidays in Russia fall:

04/01/18 - Palm Sunday - this date is timed to the arrival of Jesus Christ to Jerusalem. More than 2 thousand years ago, Jesus, together with the apostles, appeared in this city and was recognized as the Messiah.The Jews laid flowers, palm branches and clothes on his path, hoping for deliverance from sins, slavery and death. On this day, willows are consecrated in all Orthodox churches as a reminder of those solemn days.

04/01/18 - 04/07/17 - The Great Week of Great Lent - these days the greatest restrictions for all Christians are taking place. Together with meat, milk, eggs, the use of any food of animal origin, as well as any food that has been heat treated, is prohibited. Dry eating is practiced on Holy Week - raw food of plant origin without oil. Nuts, dried fruits, honey, fresh vegetables and fruits are allowed.

04/07/18 - The Annunciation. On this day many centuries ago, the Virgin Mary learned about the immaculate conception of Jesus Christ. At present, on the Annunciation, solemn divine services are held in all Orthodox churches, which remind the believers of what happened more than two thousand years ago. On this day, the tradition to release doves into the sky has been preserved. It is believed that they can fly to the guardian angels and tell them about the actions of believers.

04/08/18 - Easter. The main holiday of all Christians, which is dedicated to the resurrection of Jesus Christ, after he was crucified.On this day, an all-night vigil service is held in churches, at the end of which they light cakes, Krashenkas, and other food. After vigil, Great Lent ends and believers can eat food without restriction.

04/17/18 - Radonitsa. This is a special day in the Orthodox religion to commemorate the deceased relatives. This holiday is made to rejoice and believe that eternal life will come.

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