How yes you can direct the picture on the ribbon inside the board. Kansas stil in interior - rule the picture from lenti

Picture by Lenti at Technikata in Kansas

Many of the choir know that with the help of a technician on Oriental Kansas, you can direct diversity from complex flowering, and you can distinguish between ornaments and accessories. In actuality, tozi view of brodia se Namira in szdazavaneto a beautiful picture from Lenti.

An exemplary example of catastrophic will be presented by the Mystorian class on a simple, but effective composition in a style that can be used to decorate a pack or a pleasant gift for your favorite chow.

How do you send the panel "Rosie" from Lenti to Kansas appliances

Prepare all necessary materials from materialism, from koito we need:

  • frame;
  • plastna tkan for substrate;
  • shading of a pandelka from pinky nuance and greens;
  • lepila PVA;
  • lepila;
  • carving with needle;
  • svesh;
  • knives

Rosettes are broader depending on the size of the frame chosen, odd numbers are chosen.

For yes, send a rose to tryaba and cut a pandeckat for electing a nuance in a square. Those sa sgnati in triangle, ruling in the evening fixed For the unimaginable color of the imam, the need from the seed taki billet Parvite two ventures on the bloom of the rag and the end of the addition from the tip of the kischa under the rights of the ygl and fix it on the ground. Szberet rozata with sculpted or with rezba with needle. Take a clear picture when you produce it in a color.

Lead from the square of the square, try to squeeze into a triangle, take pride of the country and even transcend to the center.

On the panel, you can flow in with a bloom with help on self-guning a pistol or yes it is unbelievable. The trace of the sheet will add celera on the basis of the beginning, you can decorate the composition with a decorative ribbon.

Tozi is simple, you can start by sending a sweet and gentle picture.

Boyadisvana, brodirano from the pandelki

Drug Beginning for the Beautiful Picture from Lenti e Broderiata. When the basin is made of basal flowers, it is mainly used as a cathode, with the shading of the pandelka with different widths and colors, and special needles with a wide lid.

How yes Brodiram picture from the panel

For yes, you will paint a beautiful picture, firstly tryaba and decide parsela, yes you can choose the right skits and prehvrlita takanta. Chesto kato is based on a crawl of a boydisan plot, the coitot trail of a clue of a brodirani elementi. Tazi snapshot of the knee cato is tri-dimensional image.

They will now take over as a basis for work for those who begin to wander around lenti all the way through rosi. Imagining beginnings and brodirata tovah color in the basin of equipment, the proposal and fill it with a little difficult.

Lenti and this will be prepared in advance, work will be done: izmyvane, akto te stagnati, good wiped out, izgori stolen, ae e necessary. For the sake of all brodier rose material, it is necessary and important because of the small size of the basalt, and the next, followed, and section, is the section and recording of the needle. After we start, we can and brodir flowering with a difference in size, from small fry to thicken rose.

Spreading instructions on a photo clearly shows how to create an image, but it is quite simple.

Leaving it sewn up pravia shev on a wide green belt. You can cut it from the tape, fuck it and shyat it on the plane.

Tozi nachin, izglezhda simple izrabovvat ed.All are one from the description of the method for broderie, you deserve special attention, it is unique, and the picture is cassette refined. In detail, the development of the tezi technology, you can yes, you will assemble the true meaning!

Video collection from the material for the congress on the pictures on lenti in various techniques

The show itself is one of the most frequent reasons for using a picture on a picture. A video compilation can be seen in detail as you do this work, somehow and others begin with a new product in the described technique, which will serve as a kato for you.

Broderia - one of the most popular type of broderia. Masters cuddle the most incredible and beautiful woman. That of the crawl distinguish between Sheva and Broderia or crust. That's right, for the most beautiful pictures from tape. This rule is governed by the influence on tenderness and natural beauty. The meeting is fairly simple, and the celiac process is interpreted for a long time, t'yo kato, kogato kontsi at the end.

Story on broderia

In ancient times, the broderie model from the Lenti plat is not izdlezhdat dnes. Qualify a worker from being driven in, and the weeping is damp.In a manner that has been developed by the Takane of the pandelka, poyvikha in a segashny si look. Samata izkustvoto, pupil crumpled, get thanksgiving to Francis stole Louis of the XV century. But even before that, it was a charm and an intriguing picture of cassette. Ratse mu moje da congress miracle.

Parvi stapki

For yes, work out of a special special needle with a meadow (depending on the density of matter, you can have a brace or tunic) and a panel on different colors. Those mogat yes from satin or koprina. Kato is the basis of good and will choose in the same way, but Elastically Takan: Leno, Jeans, Koprin, Kadif. Sponsored results, finding material from the interlocking structure. For example, it is necessary to start a study (they may be 8–10 cm in diameter) or a special frame. Ima devices are stand-up, convenient for installation on the hearth or on the masat.

Tnka Ivitsa t'kan of preminiva prez iglata with an attached otvorche. Lentata is a rattle, and she collapses in her, freely and without curses. Preliminary tryabva and all here is tilted. A trace of a comrade, for a good deal, put a healthy, tryaba, and punch the iglat of a prez him at a distance of two to three centimeters from the beginning and the next, and izgtelit iglat to iglat on iglat.Sega build the edge. Ground package.

Color lentii, from koprin, sa suitable for Brodirae on the picture of the panel and for the decoration on the tree. Those sa a lot of comfort, do not grease all the security. Forests are subject to izmivane on satin or mori, osven not ce separate. Those mogat yes vydat brodirani almost every dam. Hardly apply tile from organza. Image is obemno and gentle. Latin and voennite lenti now add a picture. It is necessary to give an end for broderia. Those to decorate or fix the color of flowers from the old country to the product.


Nay-chesto, for yes brodirate picture from the pandelki, please call right shev. Ty se izplnyava kakto trace. Tankan cross punching a needle from a sinner country, stretching a ribbon on a prednat country and a trace of Comrade Reklam. Such as, for example, the leaves are received from flowering or stabilized by them. Dzhinzhat on the shev mozhe da varir depending on the design.

A friend of great love Bod se naricha Japanese. Characteristics of mu, che lastae, tryabva, and preamivu prete si. Ima and others, for example, the contour of the zakopchalka. From crawling on the bowls for flowering. Call the rule with the core and other elements.

Elect a picture

Interesting is a lesson of e brodraneto on picture by cassette - try and fill in, select kato. Honor qualify workers from the creeping color motifs, landscapes, images for sweet home pets. Aco, do not insist on owning your abilities, or else you can help, for example, from special debiting for brodirans. Draw a picture of a braid cardboard or charter, try to place a note on a needle with a needle. The trace of the contour on the image of this prehkvrlyat varkh takant. The model has been chosen effec- Try and direct the contours of the mekas, so that they can’t see the trail of the adventure.

How yes brodirame flowering

Nai-dobryyat beginnings and brodirate picture from the panel for the beginnings of e model. Show the sequence on the Shevovet and the colors on the need for ivitsi boards. From the special techniques, koito capitals add-on, we can and we will change for example a pink payajina.

Tsvett se wade, as a trace. Pull pet a shevah radially. The next tov, from the center to the predmestate, preserve the tape above and below. The notion of an elementary composition is corrected by separating the elements and the trace of the combo in mrezhat.

You can choose the picture from the panel with the different colors of the rosé.For the basin of the ribbon from satin e sgunata under the rights of the law. The stolen ones are surrounded by the mountain and the gigi trees in the entrance area. Dzhinzhinat mu tryabva even from pet to centimeter centimeter. The following is a tryaba and hold two edges on the tape with a piece and a piece and a single piece from them. As a result, Tova is in the middle of a branch in Rosat. For this is not the color of the decay, it is imperative that it is fixed in the base with two briks. Those tryba preminat prez sredatu mu. Chiselled lasciviousness and the treatment of lepila or izgoreni with kibrit. Taka tkanta nyama da pfti.

Shevovete tryabva and se izvrshvat attentively. Lentata, who loomed together for nothing, tried and tested. Togawa brodería is now very beautiful. Parviyat, koito izpnnyava flowering. Ako te sa united and eat, break away from a single friend from the sinful country. But so far between brodyranite obadi nadvishava chetiri centimeter, e kindly and lather tape and yes you can put it right. The next to follow is the listat. It turns out that it is just a hell of a lot of pictures on flowering, lenti mogat and bees, moltsi and much more rule.

For yes, this is a fixation of a chevt, a ribbon of a rag, or yes it is sewn with a clue of a tant, or a country is barred from a sinner for a fee.In the latter case, send a clean cycle and set the iglat under the chevée for broderie. You can decorate with a munist, a paieti and a mist. Tezi elementi ne bedat much important addition. Effortlessly draw drawings and Shevova.

For the qualifications of an employee and ford the picture from the panel, it is also difficult. Worked enchanting, catching and chasing a little time. Ignonkite niz-deknite spite kato true flowering, leki peperudi, birds. Takawa picture is not just the most beautiful interior for the apartment, but also serve and kato is a wonderful gift for close friends.

The chowk of the vinagi was looking for and adorn yourself with b and miasto with b on prebivan, beautiful neche. At various points, start by decorating, somehow and decorate the elements with a constant increase. Nay-ezdavl e ezdavaneto picture. Those of battle and the bliss of battle in the back are for a fee, made from the minster of Broderia, and shevni kontsi and pandedelki Razbira this, for the modern decoration. Edna from ancient zayayat, now reckoning for decorating the picture from the pandelki, in the style on Kanzash. Tozi Nachin on the decorator on the interior and two from the earth on the curse word, namely Japan.You can imagine the beautiful color from the shade of the pandelka. Naturally, worked with flowering, in the technician in Kansas, the best part of the haircut is Japanese geisha. But with the flow of time, because of the flowering of Kanzash, it became a lot like a goal.

Izviznzhzh, kogato skills and opita on the comfort of the horat and cross all imagination, for the decoration and interior of the panel, in the picture taken from, write down in kanzashi technology.

Unbelievable panels, they are now governed by the concurrence of the theater, not the attribute on the interior itself, but also the unbearable gift for special occasions.

Delicate picture with flowering

Maystorskata Klas on Takava picture is presented in the gentle nuance, behind which is the necessary material:

  • darvena frame;
  • paid for bydisvane;
  • shade of the pandelka, appropriately nuance, mogat and bjdat takyva, as in the Tostin of the Moststrasi class;
  • zavrshen tichinki;
  • dantela eats golden shade;
  • decorative material for the decoration;
  • knives;
  • lepila;
  • gust cardboard;
  • Machove or Grouse.

Takawa Maistorska Klas for the beginnings of the congress flowering from the point of the venture list. Nie kat che tags lenti. You will cut the ribbon into a square and I will add it, preminet it, shown on the photo. Diagonally shuffle the details. Kink tryabva even e on vrha. Dolen rъb, they sing the ogons of the way, but not that they conquer.Wake up and fuck the wreck. Togawa is more like a nap with ogn. Petal, sharp form, ready.

Sega, stick to the edge with a twisted venture. In practice, the rules of the rule of preliminaries of the child, itself in the edges, from the people of the flame to the flame on the history, not from the very beginning, but also from the cialatum, have a fraction of the length. And in the highlands of this region. Grab a snapshot, showing all the action for starters.

For directing flowering on a layer of a layer, you need from a sheet of pastel, tinged pastels. For just one color imash is the need from the element axis for light nuance and axis for parchet.

Cuts off from the braid cardboard, small cart. On her trybva and sculpt, predivi vsichko, 8 parchets from Golyamo vendelistche, followed podrazhdane, for elementi and the last, tov sa enough malka parchet. Seredinka is decorated for your price, with a tread mark or with crystal.

Takiva color on the shade of the panel, and the need from 4 parchets, for yes decorate the panel beautifully.

If you bloom with flowering, you can send your own properties to the end, without so separating a lot of time. Take off the twenties and four tables with the curved shape from lek pandelka. And then take off the bezhovoto core and direct the dvandadeset twist the blanks. Prepare some tits in a srtsovinat on a full color in a vkkvame.Zavarshen product, smeared with sculpted and porsete with paieti, for beauty.

Nashata of the Maystorsk class is open, to a pic from the pandelka, sega tryaba and send ppki. Take off the shade from the pandelka, the two points of the venereal registry and the gie will come to rest. From polzvazviki green and gold ribbon, izryamvame triolnitsi from wide countries.

Entry to the gold element from two countries is half full and followed by the country. Imam view of funii. Put in it two zalepeni venedististchet. Zlatniyat Plik se turned into a smaragden triangle. And the seat, kadeto sa svrzani, singing with fire.

Sharpen the outline of the venereal report, a green and light green shade, try and send a triett and petneveshtet parchet in a perfect way. Sharpen the venerealistchet uc zlatis tsvyat prizdavat bro from trinadeset parchet. Schemes for tihnoto formirane yes gata video clip or high in text.

The following is the work of work, in order to decorate our panel for our beginners in Kansas. At the main part of the framework lep leko paid. In the central part there is a serrated tmen oval from a krpa. On the back of a temnata is average, a gold cable is attached.

Decorate the photo, as you can see in the photo on the Mystoran class or get a unique spray.The trail is enriched, poddazhaneeto and zapupvaneto flowering from the shade of the pandelki gi decorate with a minist. Kogato lepiloto e is completely dry, the picture is now worthy of the scenery behind the house and interior. You can be proud of yourself and you will be sent from you. This is a matter of great importance.

Already through the mystery of the mystery, it is more useful when you look at the picture. Ako veche ste were izmysli color schemes and places in the picture, somewhere else, the view, look at the view of the picture, which is just a crawl. In the edge of the kraischat, in the process to work, maybe the situation, when it’s rattle and put color in another friend's plain on the panel. Use a lep-up for an instant crystal-crystal. From here and there in 2.5 minutes. Present time and present time for your details, from just one picture to another.

Shot a bouquet from Rosa

Tozi Misstorski klas for production on the panel on Kansash can teach you how to properly design the flowering of lenti and let us put it on the picture. Take away the product, take away from the owner of the house, and decorate it in the modern space, in the style of Provence. Imame need from takiw accessori:

  • cadre obrch;
  • paid for bydisvane;
  • lenti from satheniani weaver;
  • needle with carving;
  • lepila;
  • gust cardboard;
  • knives;
  • zlatna dantel;
  • pinch

For our panel imate need from the gray rose from the pandelki. The Maistorsky class is designed for beginners in the history of Kansas.

Put the platnoto in the medium on the frame, serve the kato basis. You can yes, put a note on the head, or on a pinch, put it on the backrest and fix it.

Shien on all roses and tehnite leaf, maybe se chi in chaotic red, read your taste and imagination. But in the margins at work, the image is unique and original, directed from you. On the ground, on the back of the board, on a photo, a sheet of paper, and just togawa, they will feed the roses. At the practice of extreme wisdom sezdava vase. Entry is based on a diagonal wound around the size of the vase from the cardboard and on the crooked side with suitable material. Decorate Wazat, at your discretion, we can do it, beautiful pandels or dantel, golden on color. Wazat e zalepena a bouquet of roses. In case of a chance, send an essing order to the front panel, which is suitable for all decorators on the interior of the building.

Follow the Kato nauchte track for a picture at a technician's job in Kansas, some kind of a crack on a basic job.

Predict everything to Riswame from the pdeldelki.For our needs we need from 10.5 cm to a ribbon, 8 parchets and 11.5 cm to a brood. Do not behold cjm exactly with bass kaseti, gleam at your discretion. Resolve yourself as a flowering seeker, send, kill or not. Stolen on segmente sa iplneni machove. Sega zaprochete yes formira ppki.

Zaponne with Ogvane on the tape from the cleared country and I will punch with shchift. Snapshot shows correct actions. Newly fixed to the fixed fixation from the end, which is shanked on a certain layer.

The trail of Comrade will fire the gorn part of the tape and I will direct it to the office. They corrected with nishka. In the edges of the painted area, there is a case, a pink butche, which is shown on the picture.

Sega draw pandelkite with the venture list. In the evening, the gornat of the island will be 0.7 cm wide, a trace of a coherent one will disappear from the pin. From now on, plug the plug into the ribbon and try with the fib. Take away manipulations from the other country. You will come across nishkite and gi on the dinoto, you will start koteto gi trail.
Vsichki left the venereal registry all ruled by the beginning, as described in grief in the text. Ako seeks a rose and e-coli similar to the original, togawa, call out the pandels for a picture, some of the colors from one and ellip tsvyat.Zavrsheni pjpki, decorate with a beautiful munista. Leaving itself and inject the list of photos, and the rose is not ready.

Mestorstvoto, one right rule behind the panel, neither will we direct the correcting of the book as it is. Essentially, they are prepared by lenti, a niche with a needle, knives and a thread.

I disassemble, listate more bluntly from the shade of the pandelka, distinguish nuance on the emerald. But at the warehouse, you can use nylon fabric or organza, you can use it to crawl the material. Experience with each other in the forest and work, and the next with the creep.

Imame's need is from a leaf from a spike, in the koito dolnata part is twisted around a niche. You will land a ribbon, a scab 5 up to 5. without this and a flop, a ribbon e of it from ogun.

Tova, Koeto Imash, se ogáva two pti. The trail of Comrade will be stolen from the central part of the valley. Sega, tazi chastis, tryabva yes migata. You will assure you that the needle is full of tape on a tape.

Track the kato, send the Shevovets, giggle the accordion, the footprint will end at the end, and you will hug the sheet around the sheet.

The trail of the work of the svarshenat and the straightening of the workpiece on the plane. And togawa vizhte, che with you here.

They understand the very two Mistorsky class itself, with coit yahme in congress and send their faces, beautiful picture on tape in kanzashi style.For Tova, the direction is different, flowering, somehow, and a venerealisttchet for tyah, the congress of the day, on the basis of Kansas, Koito and the United States. But tovah is not a borderline, imam and many other options on the venture list, as a result of the work of the lenti, and then decorate the panelite. Takiva picture is not sa, those sa, like a cu sa, draw from a pandelka. Begin to marry a needle, in a kind way, let us take a single simple Mystoranian class, there will be no need for a goal for the color of the panel. Takiva worked in goals in the Internet, and the correct version was intended for you. You can Dori and send your own ideas for ideas on the picture.

The drawings are not the picture itself, but also small pictures, which completely correspond to the quality of your image. And I’m kind of like that, because of your friends. Those are truly rewarded with their talent as technicians in Kansas.

For example, a stee could have convinced you, what a profession is like is not difficult, because it’s a matter of practice. Trace kato direct nyakolko kanti Kanzash blooming from the venerealistchet, you can do better and more orient in the direction in the color of the bouquet. In the margins, the technology for the production of e puddles is on the list.The trail of the catastrophe was assimilated, now you can yes, and you can use it and work extensively.

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