Hyperactive child. How to be?

Hyperactive child

If your child is too active, does not want to be obedient, to heed the advice of loved ones and even caregivers, then you shouldn’t scream “guard” prematurely, let's try to figure out how you can agree with the child.
No need to scold and punish the child. Constant flogging, scolding and punishment provoke in the children of low self-esteem, aggressiveness, stubbornness and lies. Be patient - you will cope with the hyperactivity of the child to adolescence.

how to deal with a hyperactive childIf your child literally spends all day on his head, not a minute without action and games, then it is quite possible that he is deprived of attention and is trying to make up for the loss in this way. This is due to the specifics of the child’s brain and perception of reality.

An eternally active child who cannot curb his emotions even for a moment, falls into disfavor of adults - relatives, educators and teachers. These kids will be very difficult.

The main negative consequences of this:

  • fidgets often provoke conflicts with their peers;
  • they are often outcasts in a team, since they cannot find understanding and a common language with others;
  • such a category of children first does, and then thinks, what a situation will lead to. It may be dangerous.

Signs of excessive activity:

  1. the child cannot sit quietly, strives to reach out and touch everything. Palms and feet in constant motion. Now and then he gets distracted, instantly rushes from one case to another, without completing what he has begun;
  2. the child is not ready to wait for his turn, interferes with conducting classes, wedges himself into the games of others, loses his things;
  3. at the age of 3-4 years, the child is not able to calmly listen to the fairy tale, and by the age of 6-7 he becomes very impatient If this is about your child, then come with him to a consultation with a child psychologist.

Determine the diagnosis, and based on it, treatment can only be performed by a doctor-neurologist. In addition, the child will need to work with a psychologist, which, as a rule, gives a good result. The improvement of the state is largely preceded by a calm and welcoming atmosphere in the family.what to do if the child is hyperactive

We recommend using the following techniques:

  1. Praise the child, in those moments when he deserved, emphasizing his merits.
  2. Encourage your child for activities that require perseverance and diligence - drawing, coloring, reading and other forms of leisure.
  3. Play word games: “Yes or No”, “Edible and non-edible” and others.
  4. Develop a common line of education of the child with relatives and caregivers.
  5. Stroll together more often in the fresh air so that it consumes more energy.
  6. During the rehabilitation period, avoid psychotic places and activities. You should not go to the hypermarkets with your child, do not attend noisy celebrations and events. Do not shout at the child, do not abuse the words "no" and "no", but moving away from permissiveness.

You should not punish the child for the smallest mistake, disobedience, distraction of attention and lack of response to your warnings. No need to compare the child with other children - it hurts him. Compare the child only with himself. By sticking to this course together with other relatives and caregivers, you can make a joint contribution and save the child from hyperactivity.

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