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In search of his face. One on one with dermatology

One on one with dermatology

Posted by: Ada Condemotivational speaker, founder of the project on the conscious management of life WomanUR.

It is terrible to feel that you are alone with your problem. Moreover, you are the only one who has this problem.

It is to such a conclusion come those who are faced with


dermatitis, a disorder that manifests itself in the need to comb and cleanse your skin.





At first,it is necessary to guard, if the urge to comb the skin arise regularly and you can not resist them. Some describe this condition as a trance.

Secondly,a bad sign if this habit affects other areas of your life. You cancel meetings, you have difficulty communicating - you are afraid that the “evidence” is noticeable to others; You are ashamed to go out in clothes that reveal those parts of your body that you tend to injure.

The third sign:You already tried to stop, but each time you returned to this habit. Someone manages to abstain for several weeks, someone only a few hours, after which the obsessive picking of the skin returns.

If you recognize yourself in these symptoms, you can breathe a sigh of relief: your strange behavior has a name and an explanation. And you're not alone with this disorder. Of the one hundred people, about five are affected. Since we tend to keep such habits a secret, the statistics are very understated.

Most often, the face, the shoulders and what is usually available for restless hands are subjected to “attacks”. To hide the consequences, suffering from dermatology, wears "masking" clothes or uses abundant makeup. But the destructive impact on life is not easy to hide.



Why is it so hard to stop?

Dermatillomania refers to compulsive disorders that cause difficulties with controlling impulses, which cause you to comb or brush your skin. Understand: this is not a lack of will or a bad habit, so it is useless to shame and call for reasonable action. Support and understanding will create an environment in which it will be much easier to handle.

Why are you doing it?By combing your skin, you try to ease anxiety or relieve stress, concentrate or try to satisfy the need for some kind of emotion.

Dermatillomania is a way to adapt to your reality and cope with daily experiences.



Is it possible to beat dermatology?

Definitely. To do this, you need to be patient, perseverance, take responsibility into your own hands and look for a way.

Depending on the degree, it may be enough for you to read this article and start tracking and “stop” impulses. But many will need much more time, because you need to work with deep-seated causes and train yourself to react differently to stress and cope with anxiety.



How to help yourself?

After the first video about dermatology, I received an unexpectedly large number of letters asking me to continue this topic. Information on how to overcome this obsessive behavior is very small. But there are enough ways to help myself, and I will share some of them.


Those who for the most part injure their faces and use a mirror for this, must consciously limit their stay in a room alone with their reflection.If you tend to indulge in your unconscious actions in the bathroom, buy a timer and set it for as many minutes as you think necessary. As soon as the bell rang - get out of the bathroom.


Very good way -control the urge and close your eyes for a short time, breathe deeply, speak words of support and thereby reconfigure your condition.

Many well helps and motivates the emphasis on "success". Hang a small calendar for a month in the place where you usually find yourself behind the usual "occupation." And if you manage to live a day without resorting to the familiar way of psycho-emotional discharge, put a tick or a smiley.

There are technologies that help track hand movements (special electronic bracelets and applications to them), and behavioral modeling techniques.


The main thing is to look for information, ask for support and remember that dermatology is not an indicator of your “abnormality”. This is a behavior that you can correct.

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