Invitations for a date, a movie, a restaurant, a walk

Good day! You liked the girl, and you think how best to invite her on the first date, so that she definitely did not refuse? Or have you been dating for some time and want something new? Or maybe you are a fan of originality and romance and try to make each date unusual? To invite a girl on a date, you can choose a good poem. These are themed invitation poems collected on our website. We are sure that in this section you will surely find a suitable option for you and your chosen one. Welcome!

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Romantic date invite

Where can I invite you for a date?

Do you want us to go to the park!

There will be no more parting

The heart burns with fire!

Old linden will meet us in the park,

The smell of honey will give,

Well, the birch will tell us quietly:

"How good are you in a pair."

In the park, nature is in full swing,

In the park, love settled,

If you want, I will invite you there,

To soul had fun?

I invite you today to the bar,

I invite you not to dance,

I invite you to the music of gentle guitars

I'm in a colorful gypsy tent!

There is passion and freedom that makes the soul drunk,

There is fun, and wild belts,

There, love will heal all that hurts you,

And all the people there are just without a mask.

I invite you, do not be afraid, come soon,

Swim in the smoke and herbs

And the souls of drunken rains will cover us

On the green, blooming afternoon!

Will you come to see me?

At the very first, early?

On the most gentle, light?

On warm and greetings?

Do not worry, everything will be affectionate,

The date will be a fairy tale

We will be cozy together

We will meet the morning with you

And from the first dawn star,

We will become closer with you.

You only come on a date ...

At the very first, early ...

Let's meet today at the lantern?

It is bright, like the sun, like a dawn!

And nothing that will be evening or night,

I know for sure - can the lantern help us.

I know for sure - he sees us, he is alive,

He will give us his beautiful light!

And we can kiss under it!

I know you want you, and of course I do too!

Let's meet today at the lantern?

After all, it will be very romantic!

He will shine like a sea lighthouse

It will be a great date!

I invite you to a date in the field,

There will and heaven, and there is no grief there,

There the nightingale will sing his songs,

Soul free from happiness sings.

I invite you to the thicket of the forest,

I spell love spells there,

Do not you really get out, do not run away,

And I will kiss you with passion.

I invite you to my heart,

Look - because the door has long been open,

Come in - you can even now without knocking.

After all, I without you, not life, but torment.

Invitations to date a girl in verse

Appreciate all your efforts,
To make it easier for me to breathe,
I want us to go on a date
I promise I won't bother you.
So many feelings, and maybe recognition,
And I want to talk about us,
Enough of our standby mode
Maybe time to open a new page?

Good afternoon, maybe nights
I'm writing to you now
I will try, in short,
Much time will not borrow.
I have long wanted with you,
For arm around walking,
Finally gathered courage
And I want to say now:
You are wonderful, beauty,
I fell in love with my head,
You will go? - answer me clearly
On a date with me.

I promise to do what you want
I promise to be always with you,
I promise - in the morning or at night,
Support you with your hand.
And everything can start with a date,
I promise - you will appreciate my efforts
I will be in a relationship with the head,
I promise I'm forever yours.

I like you for a long time
Today I decided to invite you to the movies,
I beg you, you do not refuse me,
Come to our place by seven.
I'll wait for you, let it rain or snow,
To meet with you, for me there is no interference
I appreciate this so much
Today, the main words will tell you.

For you, I always want to be the best
I'll get an asterisk from the sky for you,
Without you, like a fish without water,
Come back, sweetheart, to seven.
Though not a poet, he composed a poem for you,
I promise to turn your life into sheer pleasure,
I find a scarlet flower for you
And today on a date I will give.

On the first date I invite you,
I worry like a boy, which I don’t know myself
Romantic evening I will give you,
And the main words to you, good, I will say.
I ask you very much, come,
In no case plans do not change,
You will remember the first date forever,
I will make every effort to this.

Invitations in verse girl in the movie

We are learning with you on the same course,
What are you keen on, I know
I'm so comfortable with you, well,
The arrow of Cupid pierced hotly.
After the lectures, I invite you to the cinema,
This film has been talked about for a long time,
Let's sit side by side, and in the dark,
I will gently hold your pen in my hand.

I am without you, like the sun without rays
And like a flower without aroma,
A few hours to chat a day
For me, I say honestly, is not enough.
Girl, my love,
I breathe you, I just adore you,
And at the evening session at seven o'clock,
In the movie, I invite you.

How nice that you have me
I can't imagine how I used to live without you
The fire burns brighter in my heart
Every day love for you is getting hotter.
Today, the film is good, I invite,
At seven o'clock at the tetra I expect
Tickets bought for the last row,
We can kiss the entire session in a row.

In the dark we retire, there will be sweet popcorn,
And enjoy each other, sitting next to each other, we,
The real war will unfold on the screen.
I want to hold your hand in the cinema.
Make a choice in the picture to fit you,
On a date with my beloved, I will be glad in the dark
On the ground for kisses, just sit quietly,
And we will reward each other with a positive date.

In the hall twilight will fall, we will be enveloped by comfort,
Enjoy the darkness, will you go to the movies with me?
The screen will take us, to a beautiful world without worries,
Where there is only You and I, and my love lives.
Agree, do not pull, my feelings do not ruin,
There will be a reason to relax, to have a great movie,
After, we can repeat, more often spend time,
Get together and watch, sit in warm chairs.

I would like on a date to visit a movie with you,
Tell a big secret about your desire,
You can safely, do not be afraid, go into the darkness with me,
We will enjoy the movie, and buffets to visit.
Stroll around the world where fantasies live,
And I hope that a beautiful film will be served on the wall,
Agree, come together, rest and sit,
Foreign film look, in the fairy tale of the door we will open.

Let's go to the cinema, I invite, the magic session promise,
Last row, I'll be glad to go to the cinema with you,
Some kind of film is American, but they say that “kinchik” is cool,
I want to like you to make a date.
You want colas, corn - everything will be cool, very tasty,
Honey, you can choose how you want to relax together
We need to get ready quickly, to be in the cinema,
Fun evening to spend and gain impressions.

SMS invitations to the girl on the first date

Do not take it for arrogance, there is a desire
I want to tell you without vulgarity
Don't you want to go on a date? -
I promise I won't bother you.

The first date is like a breath of air,
I express myself in feelings, not really a connoisseur,
Therefore, I wish, and just invite,
Everything will be very cool, I promise sincerely.

Sorry to be on SMS
What do I suddenly got to you,
But it seems that I want you,
And on a date, today I call.

Well, please reply to SMS,
It will be a cool, clear day of miracles,
On a date I invite you,
And in our place I expect.

I want to be next to you,
About everything in the world immediately forget
And appreciate you more than anyone,
And on a date for the first time to invite.

I sit, write and heart in anticipation,
Will you go on a date with me? -
And I want to hear in response, "YES"
Will you please me today?

You will be in the spotlight
I will come to you with care,
And I want to on the first date,
You met me in my mind.

I'm bursting with love and expectation
And I invite you to walk on a date,
Let this day be remembered for us
After all, we will go for a walk only the first time.

Let my SMS not be bored
I am waiting for you a modest response
On a date, waiting, inviting,
Personally, I will come a hundred percent.

Invitations in verse girl in a restaurant

You and I have not seen almost forever,
I was on a business trip for two days
I look forward to it, my love, I meet,
I invite you to our restaurant today.
I missed you very much
It's difficult for me to live without you even a day
I will fulfill all your desires exactly
Only, you dear, believe me.

I miss you and miss you
And I'm a little jealous of you,
Though recently you know
I want you to be with me all my life.
For you I want to give the whole world,
I'll try to surprise you with something
In the restaurant today I invite loving,
A romantic dinner is waiting for you.

I just adore you
I call my favorite girl
For me you are the light in the window,
Though a little capricious.
I love you so cute
I miss you every minute
I invite you to the restaurant today,
Evening romantic promise.

I invite you to the restaurant, to have a great evening,
I'm your naughty romantic, agree-come,
All cherished desire, I undertake to fulfill,
Otherwise, there is no point in inviting a date.
Candles, evening, aromas - delicious cuisine on the table,
Maybe I will drop compressed, only thanks to you,
The feelings of the heart are breaking and therefore I write,
In the restaurant I expect and at the meeting I will say everything.

We are ripe for serious meetings,
In the restaurant I want to lure you,
“I agree” - I expect such a phrase
I invite you to a date with me.
This evening will be only ours,
You will give romance with your presence,
There will be food and supplies on the table,
The restaurant is waiting for you a date.

“Romantik”, a pleasant evening, candles are shining on the table,
And in the hands of my flowers, all that is missing is a dream.
I ordered a restaurant, and you are drunk forever,
I will sit to the end, look at the front door.
Anything you want to order, invite musicians,
Just come, honey, spend the evening with me.
We will eat, have fun and finish the evening in dance,
This is my dream - together, you and me!

Inviting a man for a date

All thoughts are about you,

The soul languishes in anticipation.

My dear, come to me,

Have a passionate date!

Invitation to walk

Outside the weather is beautiful

Although with you at any time of the year

I'm good to walk the streets,

Baby, shall we go for a walk with you?

The texts of the invitation to a date in prose in your own words

Probably there is nothing better in the world than ordinary sympathy for the person you like. When you look at a loved one, then you just want to forget everything for a moment, and just try to enjoy life with him. That is why you should not be afraid to invite someone who has sunk into your soul so much. And therefore, having listened to this advice, I just want to invite a girl on this happy day. And even if you do not agree, I still will, until the very last end, hope that you will be able to reply to me in return. I will always keep your image in my heart. And so I will try to never let you go anywhere, in the hope that you will love me. After all, it is necessary to hope. And all because without this we can not live in this world. So answer me in return.

In the world for me there is no dearer person than you. When I see you, then it becomes so warm and pleasant for me that I just don’t know how to convey all my feelings.And even if you do not look in my direction, in any case I will be ready to wait for you always. I would like so much to go on a date with you in order to survive together those very happy moments that only a person can survive. And may you always remain just as beautiful. But, the main thing is that you never forget that the main beauty is in our soul. Take note of this, and try to follow it, no matter how difficult it is. And I will always be ready to support you. And my love with you will last a lifetime. And all because you so much sunk into my soul, I really hope that this is a long time.

Many people have not learned to appreciate what they have at the moment. But those who managed to do this can stay happy. I always liked you. It was enough for me only one look at you to start enjoying life again. And I'm really glad that you began to reciprocate to me. And now I especially want to invite you on a date. I so want to go back through the park with you, hold hands, and talk about anything. I think that there is no better place around the world than these very minor moments.I'm going to carry this love in my heart all my life. And if you need something from me, know that I will always be ready to come to your aid. May you be happy with me dear! Let's try to go on dates as often as possible, and make our life brighter and more beautiful. Hope we can do it.

Why so many young people can not decide who they really like. They try to find a person who will be more in tune with them. But, I love only one girl. I know that for her I am also important, and therefore it makes me even better. We have known my beloved since childhood. Then we just played together in the sandbox, and did not even realize that we could have a relationship in the future. And then everything turned so unexpectedly and quickly that I didn’t have time to notice anything. But now I am so glad that everything turned out exactly as it happened. And now I want so much to invite you on a date. I hope that you can understand me, and accept all that I can give you, even if it will be quite a bit. In any case, you need to learn how to do it, since it is very important.And now let's just enjoy the fact that we can be together with you.

Many scientists claim that love simply does not exist in this life. They say that this is all a brain reaction. But, we can still experience exactly those feelings that make us so happy. I have been dating my girlfriend for quite some time. And only now I finally understood how much I was glad that I have it. I even could not imagine that we had everything to develop in this way. Next to her, I can experience those feelings that I can not feel at all with others. I would like so much to always have this way. But, know, as if life has not turned, I will still try to do everything possible for you. If you need help, just contact me. And now, let's just go on a date. And may it be our best.

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